Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Happy Holidays

Just a quick message to wish Happy Holidays from the FS team to all our contributors, fans and casual players.  We hope you are all warm, well and well-fed.  We'll be back with more fun soon.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Stuff and Things

Time for more updates on the changes as well as some news.  While Nuku's big announcements have gone out, there's been a bunch of other updates that have occurred as well to go over.

Artemis: Now we're getting to the meatiest stuff with the first set of engulf scenes for a modded Artemis (masturbation only) active.  It currently is set to appear with an intro for the 'first time', but a regular one will be added later.
David + Sven: There's now a walk-in scene as well as a new sex menu option for David to have fun with Sven if you allow them to pair up. - Wahn
Start Menu: The option for graphics has been added to the start-up menu.
Sierrasaur: A rocky critter on the Dry Plains with some special loss mechanics referred to as the 'bound state'. - Blue Bishop
Pewter Consort: A strange, metallic creature with no face save its maw roaming the Capitol Bldg area.  It also has some 'bound state' mechanics. - Blue Bishop
Hayato: More scenes, with fellatio and anal options added as well as a second variation for vaginal sex.  NOTE: A patch to keep the sex menu open is pending activation and should be live in a few hours.
Red Oni: After rescuing Hayato to the library (or driving him off), some Red Oni start appearing.  There's no significant win/loss scenes yet - this is mostly groundwork to accompany Hayato's update.

Also some news.  With the holidays coming up, I'll be away again for about a week starting early next week, though I'll keep chugging away at stuff off and on during that time.  If necessary, I can pass along important bug fixes through the others.  If you've got a Writer for Hire request, I can work on it while away.  I'll also add a little extra to those currently waiting as a holiday gift and thank you for their patience during the holidays.
EDIT - Dec 22, 8pm: My home's been without power since around 12:30am today and it's expected to be out for the next couple of days.  I'm well enough, all things considered, but I'll have a cold few days before hopefully flying out to visit family for the holidays.
EDIT - Dec 24, 7am: Power just came on about a half-hour ago, leaving to travel in 15 min.  Fingers crossed it stays on for my frozen roommate and kitty.

Writer For Hire update:
  • Vanessa/Meredith (0/6) - Stripes
  • Brutus (0/14) - Stripes/Wahn
  • Leonard/Artemis updates (6.5/12) - Stripes
  • Hayato (3/3) - Stripes

Monday, December 16, 2013

Saving, old and new.

To avoid confusion with folks who try to use 'save' and then come back the next day to their browser, expecting it to be there, save now routes to the saveword system.

But for people playing the downloaded edition, who wants the old save functionality, you got it! Type oldsave.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

My Holiday Gift to You!

You've been asking for this FOREVER, and now you got it!

When you do saveword, a file is created that contains nothing... except.. your INVENTORY!

Yes indeed. Your inventory is now saved to file. When you do a 'load game', that inventory is restored.

Yes, it works between versions.

Yes, you're welcome. Enjoy!

Monday, December 2, 2013

Update Report

We're overdue for another content report, as there's been more added to the game than just the graphics updates.  Since I'm back from MFF (had a great time) and getting back into the swing of things, it's time to report on what we've got for you guys.

Settings/Cheat Menu: This menu's been expanded with a few updates.  There's now an option for:
- Booster Feats: Cheat to gain an extra feat slot of both types.
- Vore/UB Settings: Options to adjust your desired levels for vore and ub scenes.  These are not fully implemented across the game, but exist and will be applied soon.
Feats: Three new feats have been added to expand your range of options.
- Dominant: In opposition to Submissive, this feat rewards your victory with a morale, xp or libido increase.  In the future, it may be used to open up more dominant scenes or make those outcomes more likely.
- Always A Pussy: Another gender control feat, this one ensures you always have a pussy, restricting your gender to F/H.
- Always Cocky: Similar to the above, it ensures you always have a cock, restricting your gender to M/H.
-  Size limits have also slightly been adjusted for Modest Organs and the Preferred feats.
Horny Doctor: A new player loss scene in the form of a kinky examination.
Hyena Gang: Gang members WS scene for the gang bitch, if More WS is set.

Blue Bishop:
Cute Chinchilla Girl: Given a complete overhaul to her content, she's also been renamed to just 'Chinchilla' and moved to the Dry Plains.
EDIT: Elf: Given an overhaul to player loss and endings, she's also been renamed to 'Wood Elf'.

Eric: Content's been added between him and the Felinoid and some adjustments were made to his content with David.
Captive Breeding: This Underground Lab event now contains a male breeding captive option that may appear.
Shemale Smooth Collie: Victory sex is now optional.

Christy: Added by a fan, a count is now given on the number of clutches the trapped dragoness has had.
Lilith: There's a conversation option to discuss your offspring with the succubus, thereby getting a count on them.

Bonus Hours:
As we've only got two bonus hours last month, I'll continue by adding more from the previously suggested list.

Writer For Hire update:
  • Leonard/Artemis updates (1.5/6) - Stripes
  • Hayato (0/3) - Stripes
  • Vanessa/Meredith (0/6) - Stripes

Saturday, November 30, 2013

More Pictures

The talented Anymouse was not only kind enough to give permission to use his art in the game, but even went through the effort to crop and touch them up for just the occasion. What an awesome fellow they are! Enjoy the artwork, and if you have some FS art you want tossed in the game, drop me a line.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Graphic Mode

You can now toggle graphics on and off by just typing graphics. Enjoy!

To remind, if you want to add art to the game, drop us a line, we want to hear about it!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Graphics Update

That didn't take very long! Graphics now supported in monsters, places, and just about anything you could look at. Again, this will only display for people playing the downloaded version. Quixe, the Inform web interperter, does not know how to show them pretty pictures.

Relatedly, if you want your pictures(You have to have drawn them or paid to have them drawn) to be in the game, send them on over to with where you think they would fit in and a message saying that you are legally entitled to, and are giving permission for us to use the picture in the game.

Graphics, sweet sweet graphics!

I've put in a really basic graphic engine into the game.

That's the good news. The bad news, it will not function when playing in your browser. Only folks that download the game and run there will see them. If you can locate an inform 7 plugin that allows that sort of functionality, let us know! Currently, there's a splash screen when starting the game, and one for Sandra. The support allows for graphics when looking at things, but not when you run into a monster. I'll be added that soon.

Hope you like the look of it, it's the tip of the iceberg, as it were.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Official Announcement

Official Zephyr Announcement - Lupine Relocation Program

We here are Zephyr have been working hard to help you cope with the world in these uncertain times.  To assist with this, we have performed a lupine relocation program, transporting several of the wolves spread out across the city into more confined districts of the city to make you feel safer.  We are quite pleased with the results of our campaign, having relocated four separate wolf strains.
In unrelated news, several other creatures have been seen migrating across the city.  Our experts tell us that this poses no significant threat increase to survivors.  They have also concluded that it is completely unrelated to the lupine relocation program that has taken place.  As such, Zephyr will not be held responsible for those inconvenienced or infected by the movements of these creatures or their appearance in new unexpected parts of the city.  To avoid such difficulties, it is recommended you visit the Zephyr office to purchase addition supplies and equipment as needed.

Relocation Program: The most noticeable change is the relocation of several creatures into new areas.  A new area, the Urban Forest, has been created to house most of the moved critters, though a few others have found different homes.
Plush Lion: Some player victory scenes have been added to this critter.
Coleen: Sex scenes have been added for when she's human... at a price.
Candy: Sex menu with new scenes.
Herm Hyena: A Matriarchal appearance has been added to this infection and the matriarch challenge fixed.  Also added is a WS creature victory scene.
Scavenging: You'll now sometimes be offered sex to get supplies.  The Haggler feat working for both this and the charisma check.
Brutus + Demon Brute: Missing anal scene now added.
New Event: A new background event, Wild Kingdom, has been added to the HRD.
Messy Pig: Random WS add-on to creature victory.
Centaur Stallion:  A oral+WS creature victory outcome's been added.
Cougar: Random chance of WS or oral foreplay scene during creature victory.

Hellerhound cleanup: Wahn's tackled sprucing up the text and scenes for a lot of this older content, including elements like the Gryphons Plot event, the Zoo area, the Feral Cheetah,

Blue Bishop:
Goblin: Updated with improved scenes.
Starter Monsters: BB's extracted the game's first creatures into their own files, making them easier to work on and improve in the future.

As well, I'll be this upcoming MFF should any of the fans care to meet up with me and chat or share their opinions on the game.  Just message me via the forums.

Writer For Hire update:
  • Leonard/Artemis updates (0/6) - Stripes
  • Hayato (0/3) - Stripes

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Eggies and More

Time to get caught up again on all those updates that've happened.

Egg-Impregnation: While not fully implemented, all the groundwork to allow monsters (typically reptiles and avians) to impregnate female players with eggs instead of live young has been added to the game.  If oviposition's not your thing, you're able to turn this off right away in the start-up menu.  If you're really into it and want more, you might be able to find someone who knows a thing or two about pregnancy to help you out.
Plush Lion: I've added a new vore loss scene to this stuffed kitty.
Meredith: TF sequence for transforming her + dialog updates for related NPCs.  Aside from one Easter egg, there's no post-TF sex content yet.
Wrestling Wolf: Beat him a few times and you can now claim M/M victory sex with the muscled wolf.
Demon Brute: Players with Brutus as their active companion will now be able to sometimes catch the demons before they escape so victory sex can be claimed.
Electric Prod: This weapon's been updated and renovated into a combat item with charges.

Eric & Felinoid: There's now content pairing these two up for fun times.
Soldier Content: Wahn's done some restructuring of his various soldier content and prep work for more expansion.  I expect he's got more in the works for you all.
Power Plant and Underwater Zone: These two areas have received some touch-ups to improve functionality and appearance a little
Milking: The self-milking command (milk me) has been updated to show some greater variation in its different lactation scenes.

Other fans:
Batcubus: A new critter from another fan, Blaydrex.  It was a bit buggy at first, but Wahn massaged it into shape, so it should be ready to enjoy.  Presently located in the main Outside area, but may get deported soon.
Minotaur: This critter's gotten some rewrites from a fan called Maleek.
Gargoyle: Also gotten some touch-ups from a fan called Shae.
Tigertaur: A player victory nursing scene, also by Shae.
Sam: Again by Shae, a game-over option to surrender to Rick if you turn over Sam to him back at the Mini-Lab.  Requires one of low humanity/high libido/Kinky/Submissive.

Writer For Hire update:
  • Leonard/Artemis updates (0/6) - Stripes
  • Hayato (0/3) - Stripes
  • Goblin Fun (1.5/3) - Blue Bishop

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Responses to Bonus Hours Query

I've replied to a lot of individual posts in the existing thread, but also have some comments that are more general that I may as well go over in a post here.
- New content versus improving content: While there are several voices stating (often repeatedly) that improving is what's wanted/needed, there's also plenty of requests and suggestions for wholly new things in there as well.  Any commissions for new stuff are quite welcome as always and contributors are always encouraged to add new stuff.  I will be the current bonus hours for improvements this month, but other stuff may crop up.
- Human survivors: The game takes plance an undisclosed time after the initial outbreak - anywhere from a few weeks to a couple of months.  At this point, true humans are extremely rare in the city and no one, including the player, is actually uninfected.  With the possible exception of Dr. Matt in his environment suit, absolutely everyone within the confines of the city has active nanites in them, even if they aren't showing physical symptoms.  This is why the most readily available source of unchanged humans are from the soldiers, who are newer arrivals to the city.  As of yet untransformed humans, in general, are quite prone to transformation once they're hit by an active infection source for their latent nanites to key themselves to.  That said, there are a few human NPCs for you to enjoy in the game who won't get transformed, such as Wahn's collection of soldiers, Jennifer and a few others.
- Player infecting humans: As interesting at these possibilities can be, it is a writer's nightmare, especially if that victim's going to stick around in any capacity.  How does one write an infection/tf scene when the player can be any of over two hundred forms, including several which are supposed to be 'unique' or 'magically induced' or a jumble of infections?  Sam and Larissa both represent different attempts to provide at least some choice even if the player isn't directly the vector for the infection.
- Monster attacks:  Because of the low source of 'uninfected' victims, some of the critters out there are getting more desperate (i.e. attacking wildly) in their search for mates or victims to infect.  The player sees numerous creatures, mutants and monsters while roaming the city, most of whom leave the player alone.  The player also regularly sees sex and even orgies in the streets, but it would be pointless to mention it over and over again.  Generally speaking, those random creatures you fight are those whose lusts exceed their good sense and snap, becoming focused on the player to satisfy them or be their mate.
- Weak creatures: At the early stage of the game, weak but fast breeding and/or rapid infecting creatures make up the bulk of the infected population.  Other critters are starting to appear as the game progresses, their numbers starting to grow as they convert some of the weaker ones and breed up their own numbers.  This is the vague reasoning behind the level progression in monster encounters.  And remember, as more creatures become available, the chance of meeting something gets split between more and more creatures, making the weaker ones appear less frequently.
- Dom and sub NPCs: There are several NPCs out there who provide either one or the other of these roles, as well as a rare few who can be switched over.  While doing switches like this are possible in some cases, in others it's more difficult, usually due to their interconnection to other content.  It also means making up a whole new set of content and scenes to deal with this alternate path that will, in many cases, invalidate the existing character arc.  In the case of commissioned characters, there is the additional fact that the person who paid for the original content wanted what was given and may not be interested in seeing something they invested in being changed in such a manner.
- Black Equinoid Camp: This was a donation request from someone, and while I have more ideas and plans, I'll be spreading the bonus hours around to other things right now.  Certainly willing to continue it if others are willing to chip in for it or the original commissioner wants to see it progress.
- The Stables/Onyx: As has been pointed out, a lot of bonus time's already gone to these.  And while I may take bonus time in the future for them, it's time for other stuff to get a turn.
- Main Storyline: Not this time, but I am overdue to get back to that.
- Grant/Hyena Gang: I have a partially finished project that been shelved for the longest time.  An attempt to raise funds for it went nowhere, though I may petition again in the future to progress this gang's storyline.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Serpentine Shenanigans

'Ello, me bawdy li'le cherubs! Blue Bishop here.

After various medical and personal delays, today I finally have a couple updates lined up for you, first off:

Snake: The Snake critter has received a fairly substantive scene overhaul, replacing his prior, non-vore scene (The vore scene in question remaining otherwise untouched).

His selection isn't nearly as expansive as other monsters out there, but the voracious beast should now feel more in line with expectations of content delivery. It also has a fairly modest selection of scenes for players with Touched by Madness.

Additionally. While the snake's infection strain doesn't interact with the player's genital state in terms of scale, male/herm players will find that it should affect how many they have. Finally, the snake (And by extension the Naga) are now added to the Internal List.

Ah, which brings us to our other, much more substantive content update:

  • Neutral Demeanour has been added as an option to the dragon's Request menu. In this state, Doran will decide whether he'll be on top or on bottom purely by random, and his intensity will trend inward, ensuring that the player never encounters any of these scenes' more extreme variants. In the future, this demeanour will offer special scenes exclusive to it.
  • He has received two additional Submissive scenes, which puts this demeanour more on par with his domineering state. These scenes also introduce a (Right now fairly minor) mechanic, that slightly affects all existing submissive scenes, available to players at max intensity.
  • Additionally, the menu for player-domineering sex has been altered into a traditional format. While less organic-looking, it's much more compact from a coding standpoint (Which is of some merit considering that Doran is now the largest NPC in the game, in terms of file volume). Neither of these two prior additions affect Doran's one-off "Victor" scenes.
  • An additional submenu has opened up in Doran's Roleplay menu, revealing a new session for players. This session has two different core scenes, based on player choice.

And that's all from me for now, enjoy!

Friday, November 1, 2013

Bonus Polling

It's the start of a new month and so it's time for determining the bonus hours again.  We've got 6 bonus hours from this past month thanks to player generosity.

This time, we'll be trying something a little different though.  I'd like you all to suggest ideas on what those hours can be put towards and I will pick from among the suggestions.  Aside from making additions to existing content in the form of NPC/critter/pet scenes, alt attacks and so on, six hours are enough to make a good-sized new critter or NPC with a few options for fun.  If you'd like, you can make your request aimed at a specific element of the game, geared towards a given orientation or perhaps a special kink/fetish you desire.  I'll choose from among the suggestions in a week's time.

NOTE: I have been reading your comments as they've been coming in, but will avoid responding individually for the moment.  I do want to continue receiving options and ideas from the group, so keep them coming.  Many of them are quite interesting and several good possibilities have come up.  This has also provided good insight into the game and where players view improvements could be made.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

New Artwork + Flash Game

Got some new artwork for Elijah, this time drawn by Gene Lightfoot. It's in pretty high resolution, so I'd suggest opening it in its own tab/window and zooming a bit. I've also made it into a dress-up flash game, which you can download and play here. (You will of course need the free Adobe Flash Player to run these)

Also, got a new higher resolution version of the Dress-Up Soldier flash game with David online. Click here to grab that.

New Scenes and Stuff

We're already back with another update, this time mostly focusing on a bunch of added scenes to existing critters.  Before that though, we've also got...

More Alt UB: Two new UB scenes have been added to the mix, on a one-time and then another recurring one.  They'll start to pop up once you've done UB a few times.
Voodoo Gecko: There's a new player loss scene for females with large cunts or the UB ability.  Also added is a proper player victory menu with new scenes to pick from.
Tentacle Horror: Another scene variation for the MPreg path's been added to give additional variety.
Fruit Bat: Player victory with a menu of options has been added to the game.
Fluffy Owl: Now sometimes drops distilled milk, giving you another source for this tit-amplifying item.
Ashen Breeder: A new player loss variation's been added for male/herm players.
Bird of Paradise: M/F player victory's been added, though you've got to beat her a few times to have a chance of getting it.
Centaur Mare: An F/F player loss scene's been added.

Blue Bishop:
Mismatched Chimera: An anal sex scene has been added as a potential player loss outcome for this unusual creature.

Writer For Hire update:
  • More Meredith (0/7.25) - Stripes
  • M/M Victory Scenes (0/6) - Stripes
  • Goblin Fun (0/3) - Blue Bishop

Friday, October 25, 2013


We've got a lot of content in this announcement, with a broad range of kinky fun, so we'll get right to it with...

Alt UB: A mod you can pick up for the Vore Predator ability from Dr. Medea, it will allow you to sometimes unbirth your foes into your unoccupied womb.  As a reminder, you can pick up that initial feat from the Inner Predator event or by volunteering after the Hospital Quest is done.  As with regular vore, it is habit-forming, so the more you do it, the more likely it'll happen again.
Meredith: This new NPC can be rescued through Vanessa after she's given you a child.  At present, only the rescue and basic stuff for her exists, but more is planned and coming soon.
Tentacle Horror: This creature and its groping tentacles are now willing to play with MPreg males.
Nanite Collector: This device can now be upgraded by Snow to make it either lighter or more powerful.
Cheetah: The Cheetah's been renamed to Feral Cheetah to help avoid conflicts, though no content modifications as of yet.

Amy: The horny husky's subject to more attention from the other rescued NPC's, this time with Icarus (both forms) and Snow taking an interest in her.

Writer For Hire update:
  • More Voodoo Gecko (0/3) - Stripes
  • Tentacle Horror (2.5/3) - Stripes
  • UB or other stuff (5/6) - Stripes
  • More Meredith (0/7.25) - Stripes
  • Goblin Fun (0/3) - Blue Bishop

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Flexible Survival - Mall

It was asked just earlier today, whatever happened to that book that was being worked on, set in the FS universe? Here it is! Sorry for the delay in getting it into eager hands. Like the Zoo book, sales of it will contribute towards daily bonus hours.

Shadow Beast Artwork

I've got another new illustration of a game character. Here's one of the Shadow Beasts (minus shadow-aura), as painted by Fennris on FA. (click to enlarge)

Friday, October 18, 2013

Save File Madness

A recent code tweak rendered 1/2 of your save word incompatible. You may have noticed it as some things loaded properly, and lots of other things just plain didn't. I've made an emergency patch and it's uploaded now. It adds backwards compatibility and will cleanly load old or new save files/words without a headache. Sorry for the panic, but it's all fixed now, or should be. Let us know if it gives any further worries.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Update Time

This is Wahn this time with a content update. Here's what new stuff has been added to the game since the last update:

Amy: The needy husky can now have some fun with Brutus the demon, if the player has him in tow when walking in on her masturbating in the library.
Ares: This new human dog can be taken for a walk and some 'exercise' from Mike's kennel by any dog-loving player character. 
Elijah: Elijah's interactions with his bunker-mates will now come up in small scenes when the player goes into the bunker, giving some nice little scenes and even a bit of sex to enjoy.
Fruit Bat: This fruit flavoured bat's fluttering around the beach at night in search of tasty fun. More fun to be added at a later date. - by Stripes
Nadia: The broody bird now has another development stage once she reaches 30 eggs laid/fertile pills taken, as well as having a special sex scene for avian player characters and interactions with others in the library. Additionally, there is a small quest to find and save one of her chicks (once enough are born), as the poor little thing will get lost out in the city.

Savewords: After a bit of updating, the saveword now has 3 parts and does include saving Nadia, all of Amy's interactions with the various males in the library/bunker, Zephias, Ares, Hayato and Tehuantl.
Edit: The error messing up the reciting has been found, fix is on the way.

Writer for Hire: (Info about this here on the Forum)
  • More Voodoo Gecko (1.5/3) - Stripes
  • More Vanessa (0/6) - Stripes
As you can see, Stripes doesn't have too much left on his list and I'm completely free. So if anyone wants something newly written or existing stuff expanded, just have a look at the forum Writer's List (Stripes, BlueBishop, GentlemanB and Wahn) for who's done what and contact whom you think is best suited to fulfill your wishes.

By the way, the images I've been showing here on the blog are also available on the Wiki, so if you want to see the old ones (or other fanart that is older), just check out the Files there.

Gel People

Have a look at these nice wobbly gel people painted as a commission by Rastear. Which one would you choose - the the blue gel man or pink gel woman?

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Zephias Artwork

To show everyone who this new Zephias guy is that I was commissioned for, here's a picture of him, doing what he likes to do (click to enlarge). It was drawn by the awesome HitomiKoro on Y!Gallery.

Edit: Oops, sorry if I freaked out anyone with a spider(taur) phobia with the picture, guess anyone who wants to see it will just have to click this Link.

Update Summary

Here's another quick summary of the updates added to the game in the past week and a half.

Leonard: Several more post-quest scenes have been added for matronly players.  In addition to another wandering kitty scene and another walk with Leonard, you've got a den scene connected to a second park scene.  This will introduce you to two new pride members and add another option for sex with Leonard. 
Voodoo Gecko: The shemale's dark magic can now induce the Twisted Capacity feat if she anally screws you several times.  Having the feat will also open a new variation on anal after a few anal sessions with her. 
Zephias: Some new scenes with the Spidertaur NPC have been added and will come up randomly besides the original ones in the captured soldier event. - by Wahn
Corrupted Spawner: Now properly have the fertile pill as a drop item. 
Fruit Bat: This guy's not in yet, but he's under construction as the de facto winner of this month's bonus hours.

EDIT: Also in the news, Blue Bishop's been added to the team of potential writers for hire, should you like his content and want to request more of it.  To get him, or any of the others, working on something, click the donate button and send Nuku an email about what you desire.  Going rate is $15/hour.

Writer For Hire update:
  • More Voodoo Gecko (1.5/3) - Stripes
  • More Vanessa (0/6) - Stripes
  • Dog Walking for Mike (0/2) - Wahn
  • Bonus Hours: Fruit Bat - Stripes

Thursday, October 3, 2013

David Artwork + Game

I've got something new and special today - first, here's David the soldier, as drawn by Keitaro87 on Y!Gallery: (click it and go to full view, it's a big one)

And second - I've made a flash game with him where you can play around with his clothes and body. You can get it from here.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Brutus Artwork

Some new art I want to share. This time, Lay (who previously painted Elijah) has done another good/evil painting for Brutus. Here it is, with the original on the right, cleansed Brutus on the left:

Additionally, Fortuna on FA painted an adorable picture of Felix handing out an apple to a little centaur - you'll have to go to her page to view it though (Link). Infection free, clean apple btw - in case you're worried about the little one sprouting tentacles.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Update Time

We had a bit of a memory snag while trying to cram more content into the game.  Like many of the critters in the game, we periodically bend Inform over the table and push it well past any sane limits.  This put a bit of a damper on doing FS work while it was resolved, but we're back on track again with several interesting updates for you all to enjoy.

Also, with the queue for writing projects almost clear and the end of the month coming up, now's the time to put in your requests.  I've only got a little more to do and Wahn and GentlemanB are available for requests as well.

Voodoo Gecko: Beware these mystical shemales with dark powers and perverse lusts now wandering the State Fair.  Her 7 endings are driven by whether you're 100% infected and your win/loss ratio against them.
Anime Babe: A new drop item for these girls: sticky sushi.
Horny Doctor: The Hospital now has these male and female canines running around, all eager to get up to some sexual malpractice with their patients.  There's creature victory, heat and endings to enjoy.

Amy: More scenes with your friends at the library with Elijah (both forms) and Sven now getting in on the fun.
Nadia: This new Bird of Paradise NPC can be found at the College Campus when you run into some Bird Troubles.  Written by a fan and coded by Wahn, she's got a lot of pregnancy-related mechanics which increase as you provide her with fertile pills or keep getting her pregnant.
Zephias: As a followup for subby players who got pimped out by Elijah to this spidertaur, you can now repeatedly find him carrying off a Captured Soldier to his lair in the Warehouse District.

Blue Bishop:
Doran: Vore content available for dom-Doran, activated through the request menu.  There's also another hidden interaction with him as well as various additional minor tweaks.  You can now also listen to Velos muse about him.

Writer For Hire update:
  • Leonard/Artemis (0/6) - Stripes
  • More Voodoo Gecko (0/3) - Stripes

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Zebra Artwork

Got some new artwork to share - this time it's the Alpha Zebra from the zoo, drawn by the talented Purplepardus on Furaffinity.

Here he is, in his usual domineering self, and he has something for you to take care of...

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Making the Rounds

We've got some new stuff up since my last post about updates.  Been back for a few days, but I wanted to complete the finishing touches on the material I was working on while away to add them to the pile.

Museum Rounds: Valerie will now offer to take you along with her while she makes her rounds once you've proven yourself to her by beating her riddles.  Type museum rounds to activate.  There's quite a few to see here and more ideas to be made if anyone wants to chip in for more.
Zigor: More sex scenes have been added to the second stage of your fun with him.  The earlier scenes are set to appear occasionally to add to the variety as well.
Start Menu: As per fan comments, a few tweaks and adjustments to the new startup menu system were made, primarily toggling certain options. 

Amy: Threesome fun with the player and Fang, the Felinoid or Xerxes.
Andrew+Brutus: A version of the floor show is now available with the cleansed demon.

Writer For Hire update:
  • Voodoo Gecko (0/6) - Stripes
  • Leonard/Artemis (0/6) - Stripes
  • Bonus Hrs: Horny Doctors (0/8) - Stripes
  • Bird of Paradise NPC (0/3) - Wahn

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Brief Vacation

This is just a head's up that I'll be out of town until after the week-end.  During this time, I'll have less time to work on projects, though I'll do what I can.  I hope to have at least an update to deliver upon my return.  While away, I will not be able to deal with updates and fixes, though I can email patches for any major bugs to Nuku if necessary.  The recent updates have gotten their patches though, so I don't anticipate any issues there.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Improved Start-Up

Blue Bishop and I have worked hard to redesign the game start-up system to make it both easier and more pleasing to use.  As before, it will come preset with a basic load-out.  If you want to change, it's all in a handy menu system that can be done numerically or via hyperlinks.  If you're playing using Inform7 and compiling yourself, you can even update your local version of the Default Settings/Presets.i7x file with your personal preferences.  The game intros have even been polished up a little, as it seems they gotten severely mangled at some point in the past.  Please let us know what you think of if you encounter any wierdness.

There's other content that's been added as well:
Bad Elijah: Some bondage fun with this bad boy for subby players, including a threesome with the Spidertaur.
Amy/Xerxes: Get the huskified human and your humanized dog together from some action.
Timothy/Denise: There's a subby mpreg male scene w/Timothy now available and a whole new batch of endings for being a subby mpreg male w/Timothy and/or Denise.
Doran: More content with some dialog scenes and a dominant Doran scene.
Vanessa: Complete her transformation and get on to the fun with the sexy centaur mare.

Writer For Hire update:
  • Even More Zigor (1.75/6) - Stripes
  • Museum Rounds (0/8) - Stripes
  • Voodoo Gecko (0/6) - Stripes
  • Leonard/Artemis (0/6) - Stripes

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Elven Hunter Artwork II

Got a new picture in a short while ago as a followup to the first Elven Hunter one. So here he is, after meeting a human survivor in the forest.

Drawn by the talented Aosuka, as before (go check him out for nicely affordable male artwork) And so you don't have to scroll all the way back through the blog to look at it again, here's the original picture too:

Sunday, September 1, 2013

August Bonus Hours

You guys have managed to earn 8 bonus hours for this month in donations thanks to a lot of fun requests in the past week or so.  For voting this time, we'll go for a new critter.  Since there's quite a bit of time, expect some scene variety, alt attacks, heats and/or other fancy fun to make them more interesting.  I'll probably add the winner to Larissa's list of choices as well.  Voting will be handled in the forums.

Frog (F) - A slick and sexy frog girl. Watch out for that elastic tongue of hers.
Fruit Bat (M) - A fruity bat looking for some action. He prefers M/M but swings both ways.
Gorgon (H) - A serpent-haired herm with a petrifying gaze. Expect some rock-hard action if you're turned to stone.
Glassblower (F) - A beautiful woman made of glass. She's not as delicate as she appears and has a hot cunny like molten glass.
Horny Doctor (M/F) - Horny canine doctors eager to hump some patients. Progressive hiring practices means there's both male and female versions.
Hyper Housecat (H) - A hyper herm feline looking to pounce. This big kitty's eager to get in your lap for some naughty fun.

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Content Notification

Here's some more fun stuff for you guys and there's even more to come.  We've got several interesting requests in the works.  I'll probably be busy with this stuff for a little bit, so consider tossing the others a couple of requests next week.

Larissa: A new Centaur Mare form's been added as well as taur-on-taur M/F scenes. 
Vanessa: A female Paratrooper trying to cross the Dry Plains who had the (mis)fortune to run into a Centaur Stallion.  Bring her back to the bunker for some content, but no sex quite yet. 
Zigor: The second stage of his content has been started with a particularly intense scene to lead into it.  For the moment, it will revert back to replaying the old ones after that, though new ones are coming. 
Tehuantl: She's not got another heat scene, this time with some feral action from your Felinoid companion.
Feats: A name change has been enacted, adjusting "Pure/Corrupt" to "Weak/Strong Psyche".  This was done to reduce confusion on the intended meaning of the feats.  As before, they represent how resistant you are to sanity loss.

Writer For Hire update:
  • Even More Zigor (1.75/6) - Stripes
  • More Vanessa (0/6) - Stripes
  • More Herm Gryphon (0/4) - Stripes
  • Museum Rounds (0/8) - Stripes
  • Dom Evil Elijah for sub player (0/4) - Wahn

Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Just got this new piece in from the talented Feralise over at FurAffinity. It's Septus the wolfman, scoring a touchdown out on the field. Having won the game for his team really got his blood pumping - and the anticipation of the game after-party with his wolfman mates and their cheerleaders diverted quite a bit to his crotch...

Writer For Hire Update:
The end of the month is near, so if you want to commission anything, now is the time to do it. We're just short of another bonus hour in the end of the month tally and a contribution will easily give an extra hour of writing to be voted for.

Wahn: I am currently totally free to write anything you might like - be it male, female or other - as an expansion of existing content or as something completely new. Your contributions will flow into my art fund, so there'll be an additional bit of eye-candy coming out of it somewhen in the future.

Of course Stripes as chief writer is also always ready to fulfill your wishes, plus the talented GentlemanB. Take your pick of writer, if you got any questions you can comment here or send a PM on the forum to any of us.

Friday, August 23, 2013

More Goodies

As usual, we've got some more goodies to tell you guys about.  This time it's mainly focused on increased content for some existing guys out there.

Dr. Medea: After doing a new task for her, she'll be able to manipulate your estrus cycle, turning heats off or ramping them up even more, as well as provide you with some general info about your heat status.  EDIT: Fix applied and now the pregnancy check is an option on the list instead of automatically asked for every time. 
Philip: The big pig's now able to have some sexy threesome action with Sandra that comes with a couple of variations.  He has also been given a proper infection for the transformations he induces in you and allowing proper impregnation with Piggy babies. 
Donkeyman: New M/M endings (survive/succumb) can be obtained if you have the Submissive feat resulting in an extra-subby ending where you are the fucktoy of the fucktoys. 
Doran: In response to strong feedback, Blue Bishop's expanded upon this peculiar dragon's dominant state.  There's some additional scenes as well as a new mechanic you can activate at max domination level where he'll have his way with you when he wants to.

Zigor: The suave leather wolf is back with more fun, this time out to train the player's ass to take the biggest of his toys, giving you an alternate way to earn the Twisted Capacity feat.

The queue for Writer for Hire is almost empty, making it a fine time to get those donations.  Let's see a few more to boost the bonus hours.

Writer For Hire update:
  • Even More Zigor (0/6) - Stripes
  • Centaurs (0/6) - Stripes

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Centaur Artwork

Time for some more pictures. This time I can give you Thomas, as commissioned and drawn by the talented Geir over at FurAffinity. Geir's got a Tumblr site too, you can check it out here

And here's a piece with both Felix and Thomas in it, so you can see them both side by side:

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Pets and a New Friend

We've got some new stuff for you since the last update that I wanted to advise you of.  It mainly deals with pets, but there's also a new monster/NPC added by Blue Bishop.

I ended up doing a bunch more stuff than was needed to complete the bonus hours, but that's how it goes.  This should increase your fun with the pets and allow players a little more control.
- Players are now able to initiate sex with interested pets by using the 'fuck <pet>' command.  At present, this will prompt their usual, random event scenes.  It will also reset their sex delay back to a minimum of a half-day.
- New M/M scenes with the Felinoid companion, which will be cycled through.
- A variety of Lovers Bench scenes with Brutus the Demon Brute, done by Wahn.
- The helper dog can now provide a variety of small assistances dealing with your basic survival.  Generally, they'll only pop up if you're getting into difficulty with health, hunger, thirst, etc...

Peculiar Dragon:
Out on the Dry Plains, you'll find a new creature, a Peculiar Dragon.  He's quite powerful and seems to act quite differently from the other monsters you've seen.  Should you defeat him, you'll gain access to a new NPC called Doran.  Doran's an interesting fellow with a range of conversations which will be expanded further in time.

Lastly, I may have limited opportunity to check in on FS for the next two or three days, but I'll keep an eye on things when I can.  Once I'm back, I'll be tackling the remaining work gung-ho style, so line up your requests while the queue's short.

Writer For Hire update:
  • Philip (0/3) - Stripes
  • Donkeyman sub ending (0/1) - Stripes

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Stag Artwork

Time for another artwork update. This time I can present you with Mike the stag, plus one of his 'dogs', as drawn by Darian821 on Y!Gallery:

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Content Blast

Here's another blast of hot content from us to keep you all wet and sticky with fun.

- Tweaks and repairs to both the core heat mechanics and several individual heats have been made, which should result in improved and more accurate performance.
- Characters with the MPreg feat can now go into heat, not unlike females.  Most of the critters with specific female heats now have an MPreg version.  More MPreg-heats can be added upon request, as can a means to block heats.

- The random pet sex scenes now have a minimum delay of four turns to cut down on spamming.
- The Lovers Bench at the Park has been updated to allow each pet to trigger it once.
- The equinoid warrior now has a scene at the Lovers Bench.
- There's more pet content to come from the bonus hours.  Please make suggestions for what you'd like done with the remaining time to enhance the pets.

Honey: A new random scene between her and a Queen Bee player now exists.  Expect to see it pop up if you've successfully avenged the Smashed Hive. 
Tehuantl: On top of two new scenes for you with the sexy jaguaress, Snow can also go up to visit the heat-stricken feline.  There's even threesome action available with them.  This was done by GentlemanB for a donation request.
Artemis: Two more kinky mods are now available for your rubber tigress pet, increasing your options for twisted fun with her.
Combat: The random submission during combat resulting from the Submissive feat has been moved to a new Weak-Willed flaw you can set on yourself via Trixie's menu.

The Writer for Hire queue's almost completely empty, so if you'd like to see more content added to the game, click on the donate button and let Nuku know what you've got in mind.  Every $15 gets you an hour of writing/coding by myself, or Wahn or GentlemanB if you ask for them.  A rough outline of my time-to-content rates can be found HERE.  And remember, every $100 a month in collective donations results in another bonus hour of content.

Writer For Hire update:
  • Bonus Hrs: Pet Scenes (1.5/4) - Stripes

Monday, August 5, 2013

Post Generic-Long-Weekend Update

With my long weekend coming to an end, I figured I'd pass along an update on the content we've added to the game over since the last content posting.

Zigor: Remember those Leather Wolves you've spotted in the RLD but couldn't do anything with?  Now you can by returning there later.  Zigor, the proprietor will provide some BDSM fun.  Currently open for M/M only.
Elk: The player victory scenes have been added to the Elk using the option menu, leaving him open for much more fun.
Leonard: A trio of new scenes and events triggered upon going to the gentlemanly lion's den after his main quest is done.  One's a new sequential scene, one's a one-shot special (evening/early night only) and the last one's a repeatable scene with a few variations to it. 
Honey: If you bring her back to her Smashed Hive, you can go off together track down one of the marauding bears.  If you're victorious, Honey will share the royal jelly for you, turning you into a Queen Bee.
Harold: Continuing to add more M/M fun to the unicorn bartender, he'll periodically challenge you to a drinking game to decide who gets to be on top.

Underground Lab: A dangerous new foe with mental powers has appeared, the Thought Eater.  It is encountered on your fourth visit to Cell Four.
Saveword: Amy and the Farm have been added to the saveword system.

Tehuantl: The first of her interactions with the other NPCs, you can catch her pouncing on poor, shy Sven while she's in heat.

Writer For Hire update:
  • Artemis/Leonard: (0/6.5) - Stripes
  • Honey: (5.5/6) - Stripes
  • MPreg-Heat: (0/5) - Stripes
  • Bonus Hrs: TBD (0/4) - Stripes

Thursday, August 1, 2013

July Bonus Hours

This past month's donations sees us with four hours worth of bonus hours for you guys. This time it'll be some expansions and additions on existing content to spice things up. No critters this time, given the smaller amount of hours. Thank you very much for your continued support.

You can find the poll HERE.

Here's the details on your options:
Alt Attacks - More special attacks for critters. Some simple, but at least one elaborate (and possibly sexy) one
Endings - Ending scenes for some critters lacking them and enhancing some of the shorter ones
More Scavenging Events - Adding a few more varied or unique outcomes while scavenging
New Heats - Add some more varied heats to strike infected females
New Items - Creating some more fun things for the player to find and enjoy, including a new weapon/equipment/armour among them
Pet Scenes - More interactions and random sexy fun with your companions

The poll will be up for 7 days and you're allowed up to three options. As you can alter your votes after they're made, feel free to try and persuade others towards your choices.

Writer For Hire update:
  • NPC Scenes: (12/14) - Stripes
  • Artemis/Leonard: (6.75/7.25) - Stripes
  • Honey: (0/6) - Stripes
  • More Underground Lab (0/6) - Wahn
  • Bonus Hrs: TBD (0/4) - Stripes

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Newest Updates

Here's the newest game updates of the past week:

Stuff by Stripes:
Tyr: More sex options, this time oral sex. As well, the M/M anal stuff is now progressive, eventually unlocking new options as he becomes more willing.
Leon: M/M bondage scenes with optional BDSM content. This is a warm-up for more BDSM stuff elsewhere.
Elk: Chosen for the bonus hours, this rutting male can be found in the RLD area. The player victory scenes are still to come.
Naga and Flaming Lynx: These two now have proper endings. They were written by a fan, with some editing and expansion by Stripes in a few spots.
Capitol Bldg: This area can once again be hunted for directly as an alternative to using the event. The event will eventually be phased out entirely, merged into your first visit to the area.

Stuff by GentlemanB:
Tehuantl: The lovely jaguar-woman you can bring into the upper floor of the library got updated with new and interesting sex scenes - and there are even more on the way...

Stuff by Wahn:
Viking: More content was commissioned for Sonya, the Viking you can meet on the beach - by spending a lot of time with her in after-combat-sex or knocking her up, you will draw the attention of the other Vikings, causing her father to call you out for a deadly duel. Victory will earn you Sonya's hand in marriage, to be celebrated on the Viking ship. 
Farm: Built in part with last month's bonus hours on my side, the Farm is a new area in the dry plains, kind of safe haven with NPCs (currently 5, three of whom have sex scenes) and quests (two easy ones so far). Starting point to finding your way there is the Cow Hunting event in the dry plains.
Cowboy Cuntboy: New NPC/infection for the farm (or the dry plains, if you pick a fight with him) No need to fight to get the infection though - be friendly and you can milk the NPC and get it that way too.
Shadow Beast Endings: Same as with the Naga and Lynx above, these were written by a fan (thank you!), and then (after some editing and expansion) added in to UrsaOmega's sexy feline by myself.
Amy: After some re-writing, she should now become far less immature if you give her a few days in the library to read books and learn. All her scenes got a going-over to reflect that too.

Writer for Hire Update:
  • Various NPC (12/14) - Stripes
  • Artemis/Leonard: (3.75/7.25) - Stripes
  • M/M BDSM (3/8) - Stripes
  • Bonus Hrs: Elk (4.5/6) - Stripes
As the end of the month is drawing near with its final tally for the bonus hours, if you want anything commissioned, this is the time to strike... Stripes will likely soon finish what projects he has open and I'm totally free for new ones.

The rate is 15$ for one hour of writing done on your project, either by Stripes or me. If you got any questions, contact the one you'd like to commission by PM on the forum.

Anthony Artwork

This time, I got the artwork ready at the same time as the character goes into play - here's Anthony McDermott, owner of the farm I built out of my half of last month's bonus hours (plus a lot more work, since I felt like it). Drawn by the amazing FsMaverick on FurAffinity.

Thursday, July 25, 2013


Do you guys remember that Ponies for pathfinder book I mentioned a few months back? Turns out people like it, like it enough to ask for more of it, with  more art, and more setting detail, more everything! And I live to deliver! Off to the right, you'll now see a kickstarter badge for the project, which will remain for the month of its running, hopefully to success and glory! Chip in what you can to make this project a reality.


Monday, July 22, 2013

Elven Hunter Artwork

Hi everyone, this is Wahn again with another piece of artwork for the game. Today, I present to you a nice picture of the Elven Hunter, drawn by Aosuka on Y!Gallery

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Update Batch

Sorry for the lack of news as far as game additions.  Work has been continuing along steadily, so there's still a bunch of new stuff for you all to enjoy.

Trixie Cheats: Two new options have been added to Trixie's cheat menu (iwannacheat).
- Banning Adjustment: This addition will give you the means to change whether a flag type (guy/girl/furry/etc...) is warded or not during an active game.  Due to how it's done, banning cannot be done or undone once the game's started.
- WS setting: While only minimally implemented, you can change the amount of watersports content you can run into during the game.  The default value is standard (Low WS), but you can ask for more or turn it off.  If you set your game to 'No WS' and you encounter some (without your consent), be sure to let us know so the content can be properly adjusted.

Tehuantl: The gender-shifted Jaguar Warrior now has a variety of sex scenes and fun that you can enjoy with her and more on the way.
Hayato: You can now go on a short quest to help Hayato out of the problem he's gotten himself into, and thereby gain access to some sexy fun with the muscular red oni.  Start by seeking the 'Garage Demon' in the Capitol Building area to find him.
Artemis: A new, third modification option has been added to your rubber tigress pet... wait... what?
Tyr: The first batch of new sex options has been added to the sex menu with him, increasing your choices for fun once you've beaten him a few times in a row. 
Felinoid Pet: Some reworking of his mechanics has been done to prevent some errors.  If you encounter any issues, let us know. 
Beverly: Reworked some of the dialog and browsing mechanics to prevent errors and make it more functional.

Writer For Hire update:
  • Various NPC (4.5/8) - Stripes 
  • Artemis/Leonard: (3.75/7.25) - Stripes
  • M/M BDSM (0/8) - Stripes
  • Viking Expansion (Sonya) (0/6) - Wahn
  • Bonus Hrs: Elk (0/6) - Stripes
  • Bonus Hrs: Farm (0/6) - Wahn

Monday, July 15, 2013

Felix Artwork

I've got a new piece of artwork I wanted to share. Geir over at FurAffinity made this pretty picture of Felix the centaur:

(the sketch and basic colored versions are in the fanart-section of the forum)

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Forum up! is finally back.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Eric Artwork

To continue with the artwork coming in, I now give you a picture of Eric, as seen before the whole nanite mess started up. (drawn by Keitaro87)

Here he is, going for a run:

Additional versions of the picture are available through links in my thread in the fan art section of the forum (in two of them he streaks through the street with just the shoes on)

Sunday, July 7, 2013


The forums may still be down, but we're still working away.  There's more content up for everyone to enjoy, this time from a range of requests.

Hydra: Player victory scenes and endings have been added.
Latex Wolf and Feral Wolf: Some improvements and adjustments have been made to the creature victory scenes.
Jaguar Warrior: Player victory and conversion into a female NPC.
Pit Bull: A proper set of player victory scenes have been added to this creature for both the male and female versions, written by BlueBishop.

NPCs and Pets:
Hayato: A new NPC, a red oni, has been added.  You can find him with the Garage Demon event in the Capitol Building area.  His quest will be forthcoming.
Brutus: There is now a bunch of interactions between David and your cleansed Demon Brute slave.
Alexandra: Your first two tasks for Good Alexandra are now open, helping her to establish the Police Station as a safe haven for others.
Jimmy: Following a lead from Alexandra, you'll be able to find and help this cute corgi fellow, now with oral sex scenes. 
Tyr: If you can manage to beat him three times in a row, you'll be granted access to any of his scenes you'd like (win or lose) going from then on.  New winning scenes will be added in the future.
Soldier Squad: Two new scenes added to this event to find out more about what soldiers and their husky pet have been up to.

Library: A second floor room has been added to make space for more NPCs.

Writer For Hire update:
  • Hayato (4/8) - Stripes
  • Various NPC (2.5/8) - Stripes
  • Alexandra (6/6) - Stripes
  • Artemis/Leonard: (0/7.25) - Stripes
  • Viking Expansion (Sonya) (0/6) - Wahn
  • Bonus Hrs: TBD (0/6) - Stripes
  • Bonus Hrs: TBD (0/6) - Wahn

Fire Dancer Artwork

With the forum down and all, I'll share another new piece of artwork now to give everyone something nice to look at while they wait. So here he is then - a dancing fire spirit, inspired by GentlemanB's fire sprite and drawn by the amazing Skyboy16 over at Y!Gallery.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Forum Down

It'll be back up soon, promise. Just got off the phone with Godaddy and they say it will resolve itself in 1-48 hours(yay). Sorry for the trouble.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Adam Artwork

Hi everyone, this is Wahn with another game art update.

This time I can present you with a nice drawing of Adam, the half-minotaur of Camp Bravo - who's just on his way to take a shower in this picture. Done by the awesome Kadel at Y!Gallery.

By the way, these artwork-commissions are fueled by donations going my way, so you can thank the generous people behind those for more fanart coming in.

June Bonus Hours

We want to start off by thanking you guys very much for your continued support of the game.  Your generosity has earned you a whopping 12 bonus hours during the last month.  The donations ended up evenly split between Wahn and myself, so we'll each be doing a separate poll for 6 hours.  Each poll will cover a different category of content, resulting in both a new critter and in expanded content.

As with the last poll, they will be handled in the forums.  Links are provided directly to them by clicking on the poll titles below.

New Critters - by Stripes
- Corgi - Diminutive female dog.  Fear the cuteness.
- Crystaloid - A crystal-infused humanoid herm.
- Dark Rogue - A sneaky, evil scoundrel of a woman dressed in black.
- Dragonfly - An herm insect with a fun-filled tail.
- Elk - A large male deer looking to rut.
- Erectitan - Quadrupedal big brother to the Cock Cannons.

Content Expansion - by Wahn
- Endings (for those who don't have any, or just basic ones)
- Infection Overhaul (some have no victory/defeat sex - zoo inhabitants mostly)
- Pet Expansion (Felinoid, maybe Denise+Elijah)
- Under Trevor Labs (lets populate those deep, dark corners some more - the master of the guy in cell four...)
- Sacristy Scenes (other visitors for Lilith / incubus sex)
- Build a Farm (location and cowboy infection/npc for a start)

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Newest Game Updates

Wahn here again with the game updates in the past week:

Demon Brute ("Brutus"): There is now an option to cleanse your captured demon of his inner evil and anger, making him a much nicer companion to have along. The priestesses of the Church of the Maternal Beast in the beach area will happily help you with this task, you can just ask them about it on your next visit to the confession booth. Brought to you by myself (Wahn).
Lilith: There is now a chance to walk in on the lusty succubus enjoying herself with a feral gryphon partner. Written by UrsaOmega. (to get a 20% chance for the scene as you enter, don't have sex with Lilith for a full day at least)

Hydra: This many-headed beast had been sighted in the junkyard area next to the abandoned warehouse. Brought to you by Stripes.
Jaguar Warrior: A museum exhibit about the ancient Aztecs came to life. This new anthro feline now roams the museum, prowling for intruders he can have his way with. Written by GentlemanB.
Pink Poodle: These high-class french poodle ladies can now be found in the high rise district. Also brought to you GentlemanB.

Writer for Hire Update:
  • New Critter: Hydra (6.5/9) - Stripes
  • New NPC (0/8) - Stripes
  • NPC Scenes (0/6) - Stripes
  • Alexandra (0/6) - Stripes
  • David+Brutus Interaction (5/11) - Wahn
  • Viking Expansion (Sonya) (0/6) - Wahn

Friday, June 28, 2013

Elijah Artwork

Hi everyone, this is Wahn with a new art update. The talented Lay over in Y!Gallery just finished a commission for me, which I want to share with everyone.

So let's have it then - I present Elijah, being the usual handsome good guy on the left, while his evil twin has some... different plans on the right:

(full resolution here)

In case you haven't made his acquaintance in the game yet and want to know how to meet him, hunt for the "Angel vs Demons" event in the Red Light District, then go rescue him from the Burned-Out Chapel.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Graphic Comissions

Hello everybody, I’m IMR1fley.  I do 3D modeling and animations.  I've recently started talking with Nuku about making avatars and custom animations for Flexible Survival.  I’m really excited, and can’t wait to show you all some of the things we have planned.  

However, I've hit a snag.  Due to complications with bone rigging, It’s almost impossible for me to make movable anthropomorphic characters.  Basically, anything with wings, a tail, or non human feet can’t be made just yet.  (This doesn't mean never, just while I get the program to work.)

But I still want to be able to make these for you guys and the game.  I can still make Humanoid characters with a wide array of variations.  (Genitalia [that can be whatever you want], fur, minor facial features, items, etc. etc.)  

Now, since this will be my first time actually making something for you guys, (and gals,) I thought it would be a good idea to go through a “community trial” of sorts.  I’d be willing to take 3 different commissions at less than half price.  1 male, 1 female, and 1 herm.  Those three commissions will be how you all judge my worthiness.  You will basically be going into this blind.  

The current trial price for one commission is $20.  Your commission comes with your choice of Skin/fur color, genitalia type, any three items you want, and a few other specifics.  If you have any questions, send them to Nuku, and he will forward them to me.  

However, I do have something I can show you, that way you aren't jumping into this with nothing to judge me on at all.  Here are the base body types I use for most of my models.