Tuesday, April 30, 2013

More Stuff

We've got another batch of stuff ready for you guys aside from the content that came out around the same time as Dragonpalooza, to which a few more bits have been added.

Bouncy Castle: The alternate escape path through the western parapets has been completed, giving you two choices to take once you've successfully found the vixen.

Underground Labs:
I've completed my work on the bonus hours project for renovating the area under Trevor labs by adding some additions and needed adjustments.  I know Wahn and others have got some more ideas and plans in the works for this area, so expect other additions here over time.
- Corrupted Spawner: A partially-infected female reduced to a creature of lust and breeding for the monstrosities locked in the underground lab.  While it's only got a pair of scenes and no endings, there's room to do a lot more with this one.
- Flesh Blob: A shifting creature of flesh.  This thing is a much more deeply transformed creature than most.  I don't expect it to be to everyone's tastes, but it was one of those ideas I needed to see through to the end.
- Alternate Entrance: I've also (hopefully) added a means for players to still get into the sealed area if  the main section of Trevor Labs is otherwise closed.
- Tentacle Horror:  This creature has been (temporarily) promoted to level 8, though that will likely climb more once the area is better populated.

From GentlemanB:
- Sugar Glider: A sweet new female critter added to the State Fair area.
- Fire Sprite: This critter's been given a new drop item, the glowing ember.

Writer For Hire update:
  • Leonard/Artemis (0/11)
  • Icarus (0/6)

Saturday, April 27, 2013


Stripes and Blue Bishop wave to you in greetings as you approach the door to leave the library.  "Welcome to Dragonpalooza, everyone!  Here's your flyer and a complimentary bottle of lube," the tiger says with a happy smile.  He's got a hat with a plush wyvern on it.
"You'll be needing that," the blue dragon adds, adjusting his commemorative Dragonpalooza t-shirt (depicting a rather anatomically-suspect sexual scene between a person and a Yamato Dragon).
"Yes indeedy-doo.  The dragons out there have gotten really active and are up to a whole lot more kinky fun.  This guy's done gone crazy again and has added a lot more to all the dragons roaming around out there," Stripes adds, patting his friend on the back.
"Well, I'd already done the feral sea dragons, so they've only gotten some added polish and a touch-up to react if you've got multiple genitals.  It's the Yamato dragons and the wyverns that have gotten a complete overhaul, both males and females."
"That's right, you lucky dog - voracious male wyverns can now be encountered," the tiger tells you, the wyvern on his hat flopping around excitedly.  You notice that the wyvern on the hat is indeed both male and excited.
"And, if you get tough enough, at level 20, you'll stop just running from the wyverns and start fighting them.  You crazy, overconfident madman," Blue Bishop says while giving your shoulder a firm punch.
"We've also got some new feats associated with this release which will allow you to access even more, stranger and kinkier scenes.  The FSDs, the Yamatos and the wyverns all have new 'Touched by Madness' scenes you can get if you have that feat..."
"Which you can select as a fun feat after the 'Strange Serpent' event is resolved (regardless of outcome)..."
The tiger interrupts again, adding "That event's found in the sewers.  Or your can get it right away if you're playing in Forgotten/Hard mode."
"I was just going to say that," the dragon growls, swatting at the other fellow.  "The other one you get by being stuffed too often by the male Yamatos.  That's called 'Twi..'"
The feline swats back.  "You're forgetting that the rules for oversized balls have also been adjusted, taking player size and internal balls into account."
"I didn't forget.  You didn't give me a chance to get to that," the dragon says.
As the two continue arguing and things descend into a slap fight, you slip out the door.  You're unsure if you're quite ready to face what's out there, but that hasn't stopped you before.  You flip through the pamphlet you were given and, after reading some of it, double-check to make sure you've still got that lube.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Content and Delays

Despite the lack of announcements about it, there's been a lot of new content coming in under the radar.  With all my computer troubles, I kept putting off an announcement while trying to get one last addition made, but forgot there was already a lot already there.  Here's a quick list of all the new stuff that's come out.

Feline Gymnast: SomeFur has come along and created this kitty for the Campus area.
Friendship Pony: With April Fool's past, these parody ponies have been confined to the State Fair.
Drop Items: The City Sprites and Mental Mice now have drop items.

Karen: More expansion upon her quest once freed from Rex.
Jennifer: New conversation and sex scene adjustments once the player's the team manager.
Helen/Xerxes: Sex scene adjustments for their awesome version, including a new 69 option.
Fran├žois: New cooking mechanic where he'll convert ingredients into new, interesting and even potentially useful culinary delights.  The first set of these recipes is active and there's more to come.
Kara: A sex scene with the submissive hyena for Hyena players.
Felix: Accessible via Thomas the Centaur, this new NPC has a lot of conversation and sex options.

Wild Womb: A new perk to have your children go feral rather than accompany you.
Anime Club: A new event for the Campus which includes a tentacular, one-time critter.
Zephyr: Discounted prices at the Zephyr store on all items.
Description Tweak: Your description will now be adjusted if you have internal/external balls.
Trevor Labs: The first few events for expanding the area under Trevor Labs have been added.  More to come.

I've still not been able to fully resolve my issues in the wake of my computer's death, but I will be using my laptop as a backup for actual compiling attempts.  This will require some added finagling, but I've got a few updates all partially done, so I hope to start getting caught up soon.

Writer For Hire update:
  • Bouncy Castle (6.5/9)
  • Leonard/Artemis (0/11)
  • Bonus Hours - Secure Area (3.5/13)

Thursday, April 18, 2013


For those visiting the ask a question page, a note, it's for settings and theme questions, not game tips, complaints, or suggestions. The forum is the place for that.

If you have flexible survival setting or theme questions, come on over: http://ask.flexiblesurvival.com/

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Ask Flexible Questions

Ever had a FS theme question burning in your mind? Get your answers: http://ask.flexiblesurvival.com/

Fan Comic 4

And we arrive at the end, with a new pet.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Fan Comic 3

It continues:

Another Tiger Update

Here's another update on my status.  The new computer is complete and the wrestling with Windows 7 has been going slow.  There's been a few hurdles getting Inform 7 to run and compile the program, so I'll need to try tackling that again tomorrow before I can resume actual work.  My plan is to try dealing with that again this evening and, if successful, I can get back to writing.  For those with requests, I apologize for the unforeseen delays this has caused.

EDIT: Update 7am 4/16 - Finally gotten the current version of the game to compile.  I can now try incorporating my recent work back into it and starting new work.  Updates from me should resume over the next few days.

EDIT 2: Update 10:30pm 4/16 - Spoke too soon.  Something strange is still going on and I'm not sure how to correct it at this point.  I'll have to try using my old laptop for FS work for the moment.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Fan Comic

Done by the talented Syinx, with more to come.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Tiger Status Update

Recent RL has been keeping me from working on FS as directly as I have been, but I am hoping this will settle down soon.  I was set to work on FS all day today, but a power outage early this morning killed my computer stone dead.  I am partway through construction of my new PC (i.e. getting my friend to make it).  This unfortunately means some more delays as I get my system reconstituted and files transferred from drives.  I'll try to post an update of the new additions soon.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Bonus Hours - March

Due to some awesome people donating as the month was closing out, you've all earned a whopping 13 bonus hours.  Since that's a big pile to work on, Wahn and I have decided to tag team on it.  Depending on what's chosen, we'll split the task accordingly.  We've picked stuff that can be made into larger projects or have unlimited scope.

- Under Trevor Labs: Expanding the area under Trevor Labs with more content, critters and other kinky stuff to make it into a proper hunting area.
- Grant/Matriarch Quest: A quest from Grant which will eventually provide access to the ex-Matriarch for sex.
- Hospital Quest 2: Doing work on advancing the main storyline if you chose to side with Dr. Mouse.
- Hellhound Quest: A quest to undertake after you've gained the Hellhound curse.
- Tyrone: Another human survivor like yourself you can have an extended series of contacts with, your relationship with him growing over time depending on your actions.
- Victory/Defeat Scenes: More/improved scenes for existing critters.
- NPC Scenes: More/improved scenes for existing NPCs.

Writer For Hire update:
  • Bouncy Castle (4.5/9)
  • Jennifer (0/6)
  • Thomas (Wahn) (0/5)
  • Leonard/Artemis (0/11)
  • Anime Babe/Campus (3/6)
  • Bonus Hours - voting now (0/13)

Monday, April 1, 2013

Lots of Stuff

We've got another big batch of content to announce.

From Stripes: 
Icarus: He's up and ready to go with plenty of scenes of your little prey birdie who likes it rough.
Vore: 'Safe Appetite' feat added (requires 'Iron Stomach') to keep you from becoming infected when you consume your prey.  Also, several more vore scenes have been added.
Alexandra: Added a scene between the Doberwoman and Sarah.  It'll randomly show up in the bunker if they've both had a few litters of pups.
Bouncy Castle: Some significant remodelling of the layout, especially of the second floor in anticipation of additional content to come.
Sam: More dracovixentaur content, additional sex scenes.  There will also be a sex menu to choose how you want to play with her after she's advanced past a certain point.
Something Special: There's a new critter running around for you all to enjoy.  Just go looking around and you should come across it soon enough.  I went all out on this one.  There's loads of little details to it.

From Wahn: 
Demon Brute: A quest to allow you to capture one of those demons that keep getting away and turn it into your slave.

From UrsaOmega:
Feral Gryphon: This large gryphon critter can be found at the Museum.

From GentlemanB:
Fire Sprite: A new critter for the Capitol Bldg area.  Players with this infection can get a special scene with the Fire Elemental.