Thursday, September 8, 2016

Engine Fix

What's better than a new engine? Sometimes the old one. I found the old one and reinstalled it, so you can properly the game. It should work without issues. If not, lemme know. I do read all comments.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Game Updates & Bonus Hours

Hello everyone, this is Wahn with an update of the new content that has been added to Flexible Survival in the last 8 weeks. Besides this, I would like to invite everyone to vote on an upcoming Forum Poll for my current batch of 5 bonus hours. 

Alexandra: Good Alexandra can now be told about and meet the G-Shep Squad out in the city.
Blanche: She now has an additional cowgirl position sex scene.
Misc: Various fixes and tweaks have been applied.
Vore: A new hard vore scene for the herm dolphin has been added.


Ares: There is now a menu where you want to take Ares on a walk – besides the “regular” route to the park, you can take him now to the mall, meeting a new npc there – Danny the mall rat. This comes with an option of pretty public sexy fun.
Anthony: The anteater owner of the farm has a new quest for you, complete with now a sex menu for more varied reward sex. Currently he can orally please or fuck the player, with more scenes to be added in the future.
Carl + Eric: We now have more variation in the sexy time scenes between the two friends (cboy Eric x Carl)
Felinoid + Eric: Eric will now sometimes ride the felinoid on his own initiative (after you approve them meeting and fucking)
Furling: The furling now has a sex menu with anal options.
Garth, the razorback boar: There are additional events between Garth and the teen wolf Andy in the forest (making the event chain “Razorback Fury”, followed by “Boar Payback” and after that “Canine Indecision”), in which you can see them interact and influence the outcome in the last one. Also, two new oral sex scenes for Garth (after fighting him).
Naiad: The naiad now has a sex menu with anal options.
New Pictures: There are new images in the game for Brutus (character art and him fucking David), Diego (regular and femDiego), Eric, as well as some scene illustrations of Rane and Eric’s content
Orc Slave Hunt: The contest for capturing new slaves finally got concluded – with taking on a wolfpack and the option to grab an alpha wolf as yours. Those who win the contest get Urik as a slave npc.
Ryousei and Rane: The proud tiger can now get to meet a certain blue-skinned demon, who promptly invites him to a few bottles of sake. All of which leaves you able to play some tricks on the two of them, fairly naughty ones too.
Satyr Frat Party – for the ladies: New sex menu options with a sorority girl and a satyress, both vaginal and anal.

Boar Events: My thanks for helping out in fixing a little coding error with the razorback boar's events.

Writer For Hire:
Stripes - TBD
Wahn - Demon Prince Quest (0,5/10)
Wahn - Bonus Hours (0/5) – Check out the Poll on the forum!