Friday, March 30, 2012

Parties, Rats and Fixes

Because the donator was so pleased with it, I've prepared a second variation for the new bottlenose dolphin at the beach. Those inflatable girls also out there partying it up on the beach.

And, after some delay, I have completed the Slut Rat content requested, giving you a task to complete for the bored rats at the den. To get this started, play the dart game for a while and it should start up.

Aside from this, there's some fixes and updates applied. Lots of little bugs were pointed out and resolved.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Update: Hyper Horse Tentacles...

...just not all at once.

More new stuff coming your way, folks:

Hyper: For those of you who believe in more, more, more and bigger, bigger, bigger, we have some new multi- and hyper-themed feats for you. The fun feats are from Shadowwolf94 and the combat ones are from myself.

Horse: Poor Steven finally gets some relief thanks to Shadowwolf94. Visit him at the Warehouse/Junkyard for some fun.

Tentacles: And finally last and certainly not least by any count, we have a new plant friend to be made. She's off in the High Rise District, about to get in over her head. But be warned, helping her will not be easy and there'll be lots of tentacular fun. I used a little extra time from another request to include a game ending outcome (which that commissioner wants to see more of).

Shadowwolf94 has something else coming soon. And since our list is almost empty again, there's space for people to make more donation requests. If people want more, I'll keep writing more.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Lupine / Update / New Critter

We have more new and updated content coming your way, folks.

Stripes content:
We now have improved endings for the Latex Fox and Black Equinoid. Endings created for the Drone Wasp as well. The Black Equinoid also now has the potential for victory sex. (1.0 open hours remaining)

Thanks to a donation, we now have a rudimentary 'Feral Wolf' NPC... uhh... friend... pet... guy... err... wolf. Just fight a few of the wolves and see if you can find him.

As well as a pile of minor fixes and repairs, be sure to check my previous post for the additional content listed there.

3/26 - New beach creature who's just out to have some fun. Have a look and you should find her soon enough.

Shadowwolf94 content and message:
Back again and working on improving what's already in place, Shadowwolf94's been adding to the older content. We now have new victory sex content for the Feral Wolf, Bovine and Lizard Girl. He's also branching out and has made two small events, one with a hippo having a lazy time at the zoo and a second way to find meet Lisa the mousetaur at the RLD.

As well, he wants to ask you what monsters you'd like scenes for and what kinds of scenes. Also, are there any simple (or background) events that you might like to see added? This will help him build up a list of stuff to possibly work on. Respond in this thread to let him know.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Six Hours!

An update, the six hours are being worked on, in addition to other fun content. Keep an eye out! Thanks for putting in your thoughts and votes.

Hours Complete: 3.5/6

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Updated Content + More Content

Some of the new content people have paid for recently has been completed and activated.

First up, for the guys who enjoy more gentlemanly company, Frank has been updated to accept M/M fun... though he doesn't quite know it yet. (4 of the 6 open hours remaining)

Also, we have an update to Snow and the Wild Squirrels. Several new sex scenes, including an option to run away with Snow when the lustful squirrels become too much for you both.

As well, for those who missed in because of all the excitement, there's 9 new pieces of FS artwork in my FA gallery.

Update 3/23:
- We finally have some elf woman victory sex scenes, but you'll need to be persistent to get them. (2.5 hrs of the open 6 hours remaining)
- The content for the Aussie Pub and the kangaroos has been expanded, allowing the player to return there if they go inside. The returning delay and conditions exist because the pub provides food and drink to the player.

Updates from Shadowwolf94:
- Shadowwolf94's has sent me a couple of updates that I've put into effect. There is now victory sex for the Feral Wolf (all genders) and for the Bovine lasses (and the bull for cow players).

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Six Free Hours?!

A generous soul is donating but has no idea what to get. What to do? Well, we put it to you. We got six hours, paid for. What do you want to see. If you like someone elses idea, reply to their comment stating such.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Christy Update + Artwork

I apologize for the delay in getting this out, but I was at Furnal Equinox this weekend and couldn't work on it. But now it's ready. After long months of anticipation and a push by eager fans to see it done, it's finally here! I've completed work on the update for Christy people have been awaiting. She now has:
  • new and improved sex scenes
  • a restored egg laying process
  • the option to fuck her repeatedly before meeting her
  • sex scenes for females
  • post-release sex scenes
  • reinfection to the dragon forms if you accepted initially
  • slightly improved endings for players with the dragon forms
Artwork: That's right. At Furnal Equinox, I purchased several pieces based on my creations for the game. Not quite fan art, they're still of content in the game, so links are provided below. The full set is now posted. Be sure to let me know what you think. I hope you enjoyed them.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Hard Mode v2.0 + Junkyard Update

We have implemented an update to Hard Mode which should substantially improve gameplay in this mode:
  • Weaker creatures now reliably gain levels to keep pace with the player.
  • Creatures now gain Dexterity at a slow rate for further balancing.
  • HP growth has been increased while damage growth has been reduced.
  • Monsters with variants/boss versions now improve as well.
  • Many boss variants have a greater rate of improvement.
3/14 Update:
- Feats:
The Natural Armaments and Tail Strike feats should work better, and *fingers crossed* no more errors and crashes. Squid infection bonus to Gas Cloud feat. More creature infections have been added to the valid list for Tail Strike and now shows on the Wiki.
- Junkyard: The junkyard has received a major update, with 5 new creatures and the Pit Bull moved there. The creatures will be added to the Wiki in short order. Several events were added to the junkyard as well. If you don't remember how to get there, start at the Abandoned Lot.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

More Flexible Fanart!

Art of Rhonda has been posted up on FA, and due to an awesome stumbling upon - I found this lovely little piece of art that Uniformvixen made of Rhonda. They were even kind enough to link us in the picture's description. Four thousand cookies of awesome to you!

Horray! Slut Rats for everyone!

Thanks, Uniformvixen!

Artist's (Uniformvixen's) FA: Click!

Our thanks, once more. :3

Genesis out!

Monday, March 5, 2012

More Requests Completed + Big Update

Work on the requests we've received continue steadily, with more content coming frequently. Turnaround on these requests has been good, so check back often and keep the donations coming. Here's a quick list of the recent new content I've done to date:
- Sandra and Coleen interaction (requires any variation of the fully husky Coleen)
- New bee girl pet to be found in the Park. As a free bonus, she works with the Lovers Bench event.
- Frank, a new skunk friend, in the High Rise District. Now with endings and a third sex scene. Also, there's a little more sex added to Skunk creatures.
- You have the option to keep the huskybunny as a slutty pet at the end of the Hospital Quest, provided you don't have Susan at the lab.
- 3/8 - Nuku tagged me in and I wrestled with the Slut Rat upgrade for a bit. Still plenty more to do, but there's new sex to be had now. :)
- 3/9 - Das hawt German Victorisexens! Der Hund updaten. :)
I'll add new items this list as they're done until I place another such post.
- 3/20 - Christy repairs and updates. New content. See 3/20 post for details.

As a reminder, Nuku and I are taking requests for content to be added to the game. 15$ gets you an hour of work towards a feature of your choice. (More details in the blog entries below)

3/6 - TLC for the Dry Plains
I've completed an overhaul on the Dry Plains area, fleshing it out with 5 new creatures and a handful of events. As well, there is now an event (Apple Tree) required to activate the Mutant Centaurs for those who want to decide whether to include them or not. Most of their mechanics have not been touched, though they did get new endings.

Also, the Squid Girl from the multiplayer game has been translated over and is ready for company at the Beach area.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

February Report

Another month, another report.

Flexible Survival novel sold over 60 copies!
Also still available from Smashwords:

Singleplayer hosted the server donation drive. We've raised almost 700 bucks and have a huge amount of new content to show for it, with more coming up behind it. We're still open to further chip ins on our goal to 800$(You get 1 hr of code time per 15$)

Multiplayer has reached the true level cap of 50! Login numbers have skyrocketed, and people are happy. What more can I say? The game's headed in the right direction for sure. Behind the scenes, technical rejiggering is being done to allow for long term growth and stability.

February Donations: 3,122
January Donations: 2,786

April Donations: 2,274
May Donations: 1,806
June Donations: 2,245
July Donations: 3,267
August Donations: 2,648
September Donations: 2663.90
October Donations: 3,162
November Donations: 3,090
December Donations: 2,711

A fantastic month! Huge progress, generous donations from you, the players and fans. Thank you all kindly for your part in this success, and here's to more.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

The drive is going well, but we're open for more. Stripes and I are busilly working on what you requested. If you want one of us specifically to do one, let us know. Half of the proceeds goes to the author, the other half towards the new server. Send an email with details after payment is sent. 15$/hr, max 8 hours.

I should probably note, email is ( Also acceptable for paypal)

  • 30$ - German Shepherd(2/2)
  • 60$ - Dr. Matt Scenario(4/4)
  • 120$ - Christie(0/8)
  • 170$ - Slutrats(6.5/11)
  • 52$ - Skunk(3/3)
  • 30$ - Detailed Companion(preferably insect)(2/2)
  • 60$ - Sandra and Colleen Interaction/Changes(4/4)
  • 385$ - Total(21.5/34)