Monday, May 11, 2020

FS News - April 2020

Hi everyone, this is Wahn again with the Flexible Survival News for April2020.



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Alexandra: You can now dominate the Doberman bitch to gain her as a library npc without having to fuck her. This way, even people who have no interest in her sexually can gain a trusty canine to guard the library (and give birth to Spike, for example).
Araqiel (Corrupted Path): Some of his backstory is revealed after going through all his talk options during subsequent visits, in which the players are able to eavesdrop on a conversation between him and Mogdraz. You may be surprised to discover some of the revelations...
Atticus: The naughty incubus now has a whole set of pictures, showing all his assets and expressions.
Hellfire Club: Added a new way of unlocking this area, since the former may have been too long of a task and very easy to miss. While it still is possible to use the gimp mask on the Hellfire Demon, now players who have not yet earned access to the Hellfire Club may also have a chance to find it accidentally in the Void Realm during their trips beyond the veil.
Korvin: You can now dominate the German Shepherd and gain him as a pet without having to fuck him. This way, even people who have no interest in him sexually can gain a trusty canine pet to fight at their side.
Monty: There's a new scene in his sex menu now, where you rim the black soldier's ass and stimulate him enough to make him come.
Tehuantl: When beating the jaguar warrior in the museum and capturing him, you now have a selection menu of what to do with him, starting at (nonsexual) domination, though fucking options and also rejecting his submission.
Tigertaur: These kitties now show their stripes for visitors of the zoo, allowing you quite a view.
Toron: New drinks added, through items acquired in the Void Realm. One of the drinks allows a cleanse of all previous drinks' effects, so that the player can acquire a different effect without having to wait out the 24 hours timer. Additionally, he is the NPC who can turn the Abyssal Remnant into the powerful Abyssal Edge with a lot of Null Essences.
Void Realm - To the Unknown: A large content release that includes a whole new area found through this event in Red Light District. This area works like a large event with lots of sub-events in it, where the encounters are scripted. Do keep in mind that while this was tested thoroughly, it may still contain bugs. If you see something, please report it at our Discord. Thank you!

The following sections explain the relevant gimmicks and mechanics without spoiling the experience, but if you want to go in blindly, it is recommended to skip these lines.
Void Realm (Abyssal Edge): This is the miracle worker weapon. It is currently the most powerful weapon in FS, but it is quite a hassle to acquire. You see those Null Essences you have been gathering? You need a whole lot of them to restore its broken version (Through Toron at the Hellfire Club) that you can acquire through an event. This is the only way you will be able to weaken some of the encounters. How to find it? Go Beyond The Veil!
Void Realm (Companions): The plan is to have pets/companions actually help the player during their stay in the Void. Currently, Xaedihr has this implemented, and even comes with the ability to learn Invoke Dream spells for the player's personal enjoyment, as well as the ability to enchant his weapon damage (and the Abyssal Edge referred below, once restored) with Null Essences. Currently, he can only learn how to deliver 1 scene.
Void Realm (Dark Tyrant): Every place has their big mysteries and urban legends. The Dark Tyrant is the darkest truth that inhabits the Void Realm, and it feels an enormous, even obsessive, attachment towards the player, to the point of craving them to become a part of him. He's the strongest encounter. Use the Abyssal Edge to weaken him and destroy him permanently, or continue to feed him Null Essences. He will be further updated in the future.
Void Realm (Encounters): While it is possible to explore with a low level character, the encounters will be unwinnable, probably even with a strong character. This is intended, as the Void is no place to play around. Losses will result in bad ends, and wins are mere materialistic rewards (for now). Keep reading below if you want to know more about each encounter and how to have a chance at defeating them.
Void Realm (Exploration): The Core Line is surrounded by a Veil. It is possible to Go Beyond The Veil in order to explore the Void, and it will work similarly to the Explore action. Be careful, though. You might run into something problematic...
Void Realm (Feats): The experience vastly differs for Kinky players, as fear instigation will be less prevalent for them compared to players without this feat, and will have more sexual content. Additionally, the feats Weak Psyche and Strong Psyche will affect the sanity's drop rate, among other things, so consider them carefully.
Void Realm (Mechanics): During your time in the Void Realm, you will be placed in a bi-directional tunnel called the Core Line. In order to leave the Void upon entering, the player has to move in one of the directions (North or South) until they sense the exit, then continue moving towards it. Each action in the Void will reduce the player's sanity. It is imperative that you pay attention to warnings in the description, as dangerous encounters may randomly appear and demand a specific action in order to be avoided, or you will be forced to face them.
Void Realm (Peculiar Summoner): Not a threat, exactly, but may be annoying to deal with. You can always, of course, submit to him... or her... well, them (their gender is vague), but don't expect to gain your freedom afterwards. Easy to avoid, but not to defeat, and cannot be weakened by the Abyssal Edge.
Void Realm (Tentacle Abomination): They do not roam the Core Line yet, but they already appear in sub-events and will become an encounter in the future. These are the hungriest, and will attempt to trick the player into feeding themselves to them as much as possible. Watch out for funny looking plants.
Void Realm (Void Serpent): A very large snake creature. It is the first to ever be seen by the player, and it is a hungry one, so beware! It can drop one of its fangs, which is a weapon, but also an useful item.

Voria: Your plant pet now gets hungry over time when traveling with you. If you beat a voreable enemy with Voria when it's hungry enough, the predatory flora will go ahead and eat the beaten foe, with you having the oportunity to get in one last fuck before they are consumed.
Xaedihr (Void Realm): The sorcerer is the first companion to receive special scenes and variants in the new Void Realm, coming with a low chance of saving the player from unavoidable bad ends. Give him a try, and he will make your Void Realm experience a lot easier. Also, he won't hesitate to keep you away from some lethal fun, so dismiss him if you are feeling suic- uh, curious, regarding those plants.
Xaedihr: Added hints both at the end of the video tape and after escaping Hell Realm in order to indicate how to proceed with his quest. Additionally, he received a new system of enchantments (Void Realm related) and fun spells that can be accessed in his talk options.


Cowbabe-Boots: A small typo in the transformation text has been fixed.
Fang: Fang's sex menu should be sorted now and no longer involve Sandra when you haven't met her.
Hellfire Club: It should now properly appear in the Navigation Hyperlinks once discovered.
Hellfire Demon: It will no longer repeat the Hellfire Club intro scene when the player submits to them while wearing a Gimp Mask, even after discovering the place.
Husky Bitch: The possibility of being trapped in the sex menu if you are the victor and your libido is too high has been removed.
Joanna: The Hybrid Experimentations event should now only be available once you have met Joanna and been pointed towards it.
Latex Wolf: The body description no longer contains a reference to the player's (variable) size.
Latex Wolf: The in-scene description of a latex wolf cock will now be less unwieldly.
State Fair: You can't win nonexistent items as prizes anymore.


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FS Artwork

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