Saturday, July 20, 2013

Update Batch

Sorry for the lack of news as far as game additions.  Work has been continuing along steadily, so there's still a bunch of new stuff for you all to enjoy.

Trixie Cheats: Two new options have been added to Trixie's cheat menu (iwannacheat).
- Banning Adjustment: This addition will give you the means to change whether a flag type (guy/girl/furry/etc...) is warded or not during an active game.  Due to how it's done, banning cannot be done or undone once the game's started.
- WS setting: While only minimally implemented, you can change the amount of watersports content you can run into during the game.  The default value is standard (Low WS), but you can ask for more or turn it off.  If you set your game to 'No WS' and you encounter some (without your consent), be sure to let us know so the content can be properly adjusted.

Tehuantl: The gender-shifted Jaguar Warrior now has a variety of sex scenes and fun that you can enjoy with her and more on the way.
Hayato: You can now go on a short quest to help Hayato out of the problem he's gotten himself into, and thereby gain access to some sexy fun with the muscular red oni.  Start by seeking the 'Garage Demon' in the Capitol Building area to find him.
Artemis: A new, third modification option has been added to your rubber tigress pet... wait... what?
Tyr: The first batch of new sex options has been added to the sex menu with him, increasing your choices for fun once you've beaten him a few times in a row. 
Felinoid Pet: Some reworking of his mechanics has been done to prevent some errors.  If you encounter any issues, let us know. 
Beverly: Reworked some of the dialog and browsing mechanics to prevent errors and make it more functional.

Writer For Hire update:
  • Various NPC (4.5/8) - Stripes 
  • Artemis/Leonard: (3.75/7.25) - Stripes
  • M/M BDSM (0/8) - Stripes
  • Viking Expansion (Sonya) (0/6) - Wahn
  • Bonus Hrs: Elk (0/6) - Stripes
  • Bonus Hrs: Farm (0/6) - Wahn