Thursday, December 29, 2016

FS News - Content and Artworks

Hi everyone, this is Wahn with the news for Flexible Survival. My apologies for not having posted here on the blog in a while, due to some RL reasons (namely having a small accident resulting in a cast on my leg for over a month, leaving my old job, starting a new one, etc.). But now on to what you're really interested in - new stuff in FS:


Hermaphrodite Blue Gryphon: The big blue birdies have got an all new scene, this time involving the player being Mpregged by one.
Korvin the german shepherd: The doggie now has a number of new scenes dealing with collaring and training him. 

Imps, Hellhounds & A Demon Lord: After rescuing Elijah, you might have noticed hearing someone chew out the demons as you run away - the leader of the invading demons in the city now exists as an npc in the game, sending imp search parties and a whole pack of hellhounds after the player. To end being hunted and chased by them, you will have to enter their master's lair to defeat him (and possibly take him back home with you in chains).

Eric and Carl: If the two of them get to 'know' each other quite well, the player can walk into them getting it on, allowing for an instant threesome. Various options for that will then also appear in both their sex menus (the ones for female players are WIP, but should be added shortly too).

Urik the orc: If you do win the orc slaver competition, you do get this big brute as your private plaything and can take him to the library with you. While he doesn't have scenes in a sex menu for the player to enjoy (yet), there is an interesting development that can be observed between the big orc and (trans) Eric if they run into each other. This involves a chain of five sexy scenes to observe (unless you order the orc to leave Eric in peace).

Sven: As a start of expanding on confident Sven, the scenes the kitty had with David have been added in an updated version for this new state of the friendly snow leopard.

Tehuantl (male): Bringing some new content for the male version of Tehuantl the jaguar warrior, he can now run into Carl in the library, with the two anthro men meeting and getting to know each other.

Hyena Matriarch + Messy Pig: Thanks to this helpful FS player, the descriptions of these two creatures have been updated to be a bit more elaborate and detailed. Thank you for that.

Larva Pregnancy: Thanks to this helpful FS player, a small bug with the pregnancy cycle for the larvas has been fixed. Our thanks for the help.

Storage Locker: A small fix in the code for the storage locker should smooth things out there too.


Writer for Hire:

Stripes - TBD
Wahn - Bonus Hours (1.5 / 5h) - Confident Sven

Wahn - Open for Commissions


Here is some new artwork for you to check out, starring FS characters:

Skarnoth the demon prince (new in this update): 
Anthony the anteater (owner of the farm, drawn by LayLo)
Danny the Mall Rat (the new rat in the mall, drawn by Dragonpunk & LayLo):

Talov and Kerr (the frat party satyrs, drawn by Kupo Klein):

Ryousei the tiger companion (drawn by Valderic):

Thomas the centaur (drawn by InkyDemon):

A (short, gay) comic with Hayato + Marc: (drawn by LayLo)
(the further pages can be found here)

Monday, December 5, 2016

Inform, improved.

We broke Inform, again. We keep adding so much content that it explodes through the seams.

The developers gave me a secret patch to get around it, so content may resume! An update will be posted today, actually.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Engine Fix

What's better than a new engine? Sometimes the old one. I found the old one and reinstalled it, so you can properly the game. It should work without issues. If not, lemme know. I do read all comments.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Game Updates & Bonus Hours

Hello everyone, this is Wahn with an update of the new content that has been added to Flexible Survival in the last 8 weeks. Besides this, I would like to invite everyone to vote on an upcoming Forum Poll for my current batch of 5 bonus hours. 

Alexandra: Good Alexandra can now be told about and meet the G-Shep Squad out in the city.
Blanche: She now has an additional cowgirl position sex scene.
Misc: Various fixes and tweaks have been applied.
Vore: A new hard vore scene for the herm dolphin has been added.


Ares: There is now a menu where you want to take Ares on a walk – besides the “regular” route to the park, you can take him now to the mall, meeting a new npc there – Danny the mall rat. This comes with an option of pretty public sexy fun.
Anthony: The anteater owner of the farm has a new quest for you, complete with now a sex menu for more varied reward sex. Currently he can orally please or fuck the player, with more scenes to be added in the future.
Carl + Eric: We now have more variation in the sexy time scenes between the two friends (cboy Eric x Carl)
Felinoid + Eric: Eric will now sometimes ride the felinoid on his own initiative (after you approve them meeting and fucking)
Furling: The furling now has a sex menu with anal options.
Garth, the razorback boar: There are additional events between Garth and the teen wolf Andy in the forest (making the event chain “Razorback Fury”, followed by “Boar Payback” and after that “Canine Indecision”), in which you can see them interact and influence the outcome in the last one. Also, two new oral sex scenes for Garth (after fighting him).
Naiad: The naiad now has a sex menu with anal options.
New Pictures: There are new images in the game for Brutus (character art and him fucking David), Diego (regular and femDiego), Eric, as well as some scene illustrations of Rane and Eric’s content
Orc Slave Hunt: The contest for capturing new slaves finally got concluded – with taking on a wolfpack and the option to grab an alpha wolf as yours. Those who win the contest get Urik as a slave npc.
Ryousei and Rane: The proud tiger can now get to meet a certain blue-skinned demon, who promptly invites him to a few bottles of sake. All of which leaves you able to play some tricks on the two of them, fairly naughty ones too.
Satyr Frat Party – for the ladies: New sex menu options with a sorority girl and a satyress, both vaginal and anal.

Boar Events: My thanks for helping out in fixing a little coding error with the razorback boar's events.

Writer For Hire:
Stripes - TBD
Wahn - Demon Prince Quest (0,5/10)
Wahn - Bonus Hours (0/5) – Check out the Poll on the forum!

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Game Updates + Art

I'm back with another post updating on the additions to the game.  It's been a rough few weeks with my having gotten a new position at work.  Eventually things should get better, but right now it's very busy while I get up to speed.  Add to that it's a lot of being outdoors during the recent heat wave here and the latter part of the month's been unproductive.

Blanche: Receiving some long-awaited attention, the white wolfess can now be knocked up, providing her with a growing pack of pups to keep her company.  She's also gained a sex menu with additional options which will become available.
Sunny Snacks: A beachfront snack shack has opened.  It can be reached by going IN from the beach.  In addition to purchasing various incon snacks with credits, there's the oddly still human vendor Cindy to talk to.  There'll be no sex with her at present, though there's some scenes to witness for now.
Hard Vore: More hard vore scenes have been added to the game for voring players who are so inclined.  One's another generalized scene for use on male/herm creatures and the others are creature specific ones for the Ram, Ewe, Feral Wolf, Succubus and Incubus.
Hyena Herm: Expanded with a player victory menu and a new sex scene option to suck her off.
Libido Pills: The drop chance for this item has been increase on all carriers.

Satyr Frat: You can now start a little quest to turn Richard, a frat-brother at Phi-Alpha-Nu into a satyr too. Since the regular wine isn’t quite strong enough for him, it will take a little raid on Pan’s divine wine cellar (through the twisted paths of the museum) to manage the feat.Bastet: The sexy lioness has gained a first entry in her sex menu – you can now challenge her to further sex battles, allowing you to check out all the paths and enjoy some new twists and turns in the re-written scenes.
Orc: Boghrim calls for another slave hunt and makes a contest of it.  If you want, you may participate.

More art has been added to the game as well.  Some is fan art and others are commissioned stuff.  Thanks again to all the artists.



Writer For Hire update:
  • Patreon: Alexandra meets G-Sheps - Stripes
  • More Hard Vore (9/10) - Stripes
  • More Blanche (6/6+) - Stripes
  • More Korvin (0/14) - Stripes
  • More Cindy (0/5.5) - Stripes
  • Patreon: Anal Scenes - Wahn

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Art and Updates

And we're back with another update.  This time it's mainly focused on graphics, as lots of new ones have been added to the game as I work on scanning, cleaning up and posting my backlog of art.  Below the art links, you'll find the new game content additions listed as well.  As well, not shown among the thumbnails, we also have new art for Janice, Nadia, and the Kangaroo, all by Anymouse1968.





- German Shepherd: This guy's gotten a revision pretty much from the ground up.  You'll now encounter 'generic' GSDs as well as a 'special' one.  The latter will start showing intermitently after thefirst few fights.  He's that one dog who keeps hassling you - but now you or he can eventually put an end to it by securing the spot as top dog.  Lose/submit 3 times in a row and he'll take charge.  Win three times in a row and you can claim him as a companion or drive him off for good.  The companion version has only basic content at the moment, but more is planned.
- Graphics Issue: There'd been some instances of incorrect art appearing at times.  I think I've isolated the cause and patched it, but please keep an eye open if any creature art no longer appears when it should.
- Bovine: The milk-thirst has been tweaked to make it a little faster to wait out.  It still won't be easy, but it should be a bit better.

- Razorback Boar: There’s a new bara guy in the forest, burly and just a bit dominant. You can meet him in the starting event “Razorback Fury”, after that he’s a roaming opponent.
- Ryousei: The tiger now has repeatable scenes with Xerxes.
- Orcs: Chatting up the orc mob (as an orc warrior) allows you to join in for a hunting competition – bring in new breeder slaves to advance your standing in the tribe.

Writer For Hire update:
  • More Blanche - (1.5/6+) Stripes
  • Patreon: Alexandra meets G-Sheps - Stripes
  • More Hard Vore (0/10) - Stripes
  • Bonus Time: Bastet Scenes (2/5) - Wahn

Friday, April 15, 2016

Update Summary

There've been more scattered updates since the last posting.  I was holding out to make this report until getting one last thing ready, but I kept getting stuck with writer's block on it.  Eventually I swapped to another quick task and did that instead.

Here's what we've got new since the last time:

- Main Storyline: The last part of the Patreon voting, this one took an extra month so I could add some unique material to the end and have it continue both the Main Storyline 2 and Hospital Quest 2 paths.  This time, you're given the simple errand of going to talk with Dr. Medea at the Pediatrics Clinic to get her notes and findings on infected pregnancy.  While the task is mostly a tie-in to her existing requests, there is a special encounter with a different sort of scene available once you're done.  You will successfully complete the quest regardless of how the encounter with the pregnant panda goes, so you can participate or avoid the material as you prefer.
- Bobcat: A continuation of the Patreon voting from before, the Bobcat has been expanded to add a player victory blow job option, an infection heat and a variety of endings.  The heat comes with a compulsion to provide yourself for sexual relief to a random partner, though it's a set of generalized scenes this time.
- Gunbunny: Again with more from the Patreon vote, this creature has been expanded.  Player victory, infection and a wide range of endings have been added.  Several disparate factors will adjust these endings, so try them out from several runs if you want to get them all.  Being a gunbunny also provides a to-hit bonus with guns.
- Female Husky: Two new player victory scenes have been added, one for dominating and tying with her if you've got a knotted cock and the other for eating her out.  Because of these added options, she's been updated to a victory selection menu.
- Hard Vore: A subset added to the Vore Predator ability, there's now an option for gory vore material.  It is opt-in and can be activated via the vore menu or by accepting during a special 'first time' scene offering it.  There's four scenes at present, two of which are gender-driven.
- Shemale Smooth Collie: Some new material's been added to this creature, providing a pair of blow job scenes among player loss.  She too has been upgraded to a victory selection menu with options to ride her cock, provided you're sized to take it.
- Creature Gender Flagging: The adjustment to allow tracking the gender of the creature you most recently fought is largely complete.  There may still be some bugs and it's only seeing limited implementation at present, but this should open up several more possibilities in the future.
- Panda: The 'panda' infection's been adjusted to 'Panda', so old savewords won't accurately provide this infection.

If you've got a commission pending, please check the list below to make sure you're in there.

Writer For Hire update:
  • G-Shep Pet (2/6) - Stripes
  • Patreon: More Blanche - Stripes
  • Patreon: Alexandra meets G-Sheps - Stripes
  • More Hard Vore (0/10) - Stripes
  • Bonus Time: Bastet Scenes (0.5/5) - Wahn
  • Razorback Boar (0/4) - Wahn

Thursday, February 25, 2016

New Version Fixed

There'd been a small error when compiling the recent updates into the game and some of them were not rendered active because of this.  The issue has been corrected.  Download a fresh version of the game and you should be able to see it now.

As a note, the player victory option for a blow job from the Bobcat's currently blank and opting out of victory sex provides a non-descriptive placeholder message.  I'll tweak that in the morning.  The player loss and the other two victory options are still fine though.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Update Info

And here I'm back with another overdue blog post announcing all the new stuff that's been added to the game.  I'll get right to the announcements.

- Confident Sven: The Nordic snow leopard's been given a new alternate path where you help him build up some confidence.  This is done by successfully encouraging him to help you fight off the attacking Snow Leopard.  For the moment, this shuts down his interactions w/most NPCs, but those will be replaced/reworked to suit the new, less timid kitty.
- Dominick: Added a pair of beta-specific threesome scenes with a captured Female Husky or a female Pit Bull, available if they were the last one caught.
- Bobcat: There's a new critter in the RLD, a feline sexbot with a vibrator for a cock.  One of the picks from the recent Patreon voting.
- Gunbunny: Also from the recent Patreon poll, some gun-totting bunny girls have appeared in the HRD.  Watch out though.  They're packing a big surprise - and for once, we don't mean a cock.  No sex or infection yet.  Just lots of personalized alt-combat action.  NOTE: Will be active in a few hours of this posting.
- Chinchilla: Player victory sex (for males) is now available.
- Donkeywoman: Player victory sex (for males) is now available after a few wins.
- Batcubus: A new player-loss scene has has your cock getting sucked.  Player victory sex is now optional.  Also,outcomes for neuter players.
- Saber Kitty: Scenes tweaked and neuter outcomes added.
- Creature Gender Flagging: Prepwork on recording the gender of the creature you most recently fought has commenced.  This can then be used to make more interesting, detailed or gender specific generalized scenes for stuff like vore and UB as well as in other places.

- Tehuantl: Players can now choose if they want a male or female jaguar pet.  The choice is made in the victorious sexual encounter with him/her in the museum.
- Mul: A properly trained Mul can now be shared in a threesome with Boghrim.  The scene is in Boghrim’s sex menu.
- Eric/Carl: These two guys will run into each other in the library and you can observe what happens in a short walk-in event chain.  Includes some sexy times between Carl and cboy Eric.
- Misc: The various Y/N selection points in numerous scenes are now links, allowing easier gameplay.

Writer For Hire update:
  • Hard Vore (4.5/~12) - Stripes
  • Patreon Voting: Main Storyline (0/5) - Stripes
  • Patreon Request - Stripes
  • G-Shep NPC (0/6) - Stripes
  • Bonus Time: Bastet Scenes (0.5/5) - Wahn
  • Razorback Boar (0/4) - Wahn
  • Open for Commissions

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Flash FS: Moving Forward

Greetings, once again! Blue Bishop here.

It’s been awhile since my last blog post, in that time I’ve been busy working away at the Flash version of Flexible Survival. A new iteration has been sent out to Patrons, primarily to add the infrastructure for NPCs and the interaction side of followers. Currently, the examples provided are just placeholders, and our original plan was to populate them with Dr. Matt’s content (Since Trevor Labs is currently the only other locale you can encounter), but there’s been a few… developments.

You’re also probably aware that Inform came out with a new version that resolves the filesize issue we were having, which was what set off this mad dash for a replacement. While this development certainly doesn’t mean the Flash version of FS is coming to a close, it does mean there’s been a bit of a shift in our plans.

Since we’re no longer tethered to the need for it to be a straight-up replacement, we can instead provide something new. Stripes and I have made the decision to tell a different story with the established setting for this version of FS. And while we don’t have much to reveal about it just yet, there are a few things we’d like to clarify right off the bat.

First off, the city and time period will be the same for Flash version as it is for the current, Inform version. The two stories will be happening in parallel, just with a different character and core plotline. Because of this, you can expect much of the same monsters and zones you’ve come to know in the original game. Similarly, some NPCs who are found in public spaces will still be around, though their interactions with and attitudes towards this new protagonist might be different.

NPCs relating to the main Dr. Matt/Mouse story thread, however, as well as any number of NPCs found in the various nooks and crannies of the world will remain absent to allow room for newer characters. There’s little need to have the exact same NPC in both versions unless there’s a good reason for it. We want this new protagonist to experience new elements of the city and its population.

-- That is not to say that all ancillary NPCs will be exempt from the transition, only that we default to their absence unless their original writer explicitly desires to carry them over. I should also you assure that development of the Flash version, once it hits Beta, won’t lead to us abandoning development of the Inform one in favour of it. Both will be supported in parallel.

That should be it, as far as big announcements regarding our ongoing development of the Flash FS is concerned. NPCs mark the last major system that needed to be introduced in our Alpha phase. From here, the focus is entirely on any lingering minor systems and major overhauls/content additions.

Right now our focus is completely revamping combat. We have some big plans for that! In any case, that should be everything for now. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Bonus Hour Polling

We're running a pair of polls in the forums right now as to what you'd like Wahn to work on for some bonus hour material.  There's one for male-centric material and one for female-centric material, each getting 5 hours worth of time devoted to them.  The options are listed in each thread, but there's a lot of variety in each.  As usual, you're allowed up to three selections and can alter your picks after the fact.  Both polls will be running until this coming Sunday at 6pm EST.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

And We're Back!!!

Good news, everyone!  Flexible Survival is back and fully running once again.  Nearly two weeks ago, the new version of Inform (coding language/compiler) came out for Windows.  It then took about a week to get that patched to be able to run our massive game and a few days after that to get everything back in and tweaked, but we're up and running with all our pervy content once again.  At a basic estimate, we should be safe until our game doubles in size - we hope.

On top of reopening the locked content, because of the space issues, Wahn had been holding off on putting out several additions because we knew the update was forthcoming.  And once we were free of the space restriction, we both charged ahead into production and made several other additions as well.  So, in addition to having all the content back, we've also got a bunch of new stuff for you guys.

Dominick: The entirety of my content updates are branching off from this guy.
- Firstly, the Breederslut infection he induces now comes with a heat that can prompt a special sex scene with Dom guaranteed to knock you up.
- He's also got a new lap ride sex option and a random add-on to another sex scene when in Breederslut form.
- There's also the option, after several sessions with him, to be recruited into the role as beta to bring him more female canines - with recruitment scenes for the Female Husky, Pit Bull and Pink Poodle.  Be advised there are plans for an omega option with its own additional material to come later.
Images: While I've got a bunch more images from MFF that I'll be adding eventually, I do have a pair ready to go right now.  They are a rendition of the Megakitty by BushyCat and Dr. Medea by Candy.

Amy: The long-planned encounter of two resident huskies of the library finally happened. Watch Carl meet Amy, and learn an interesting fact about the two of them.
Orcs: You can now more fully turn the tables on Mul, one of the orc slaver brothers. Train him as your butt-slut until he comes to the library for a hard fucking all of his own.
Ryousei: The royal tiger companion got two new sex scenes, plus he’ll now have a reaction to the presence of Xerxes and Hayato if they are in the library.
Satyr Frat Party: The aftermath of the “Free Drink” event should now be open to everyone, no matter what shape or gender. Join the revels if a wild party! Drinking and sex, what more to want…  A satyress creature to roam the campus if you have sex with a female student while at that party - that's what!
Eric & Rane: There is now the possibility of a sexual encounter between (cboy) Eric and Rane, the blue oni. You’ll have to turn on the power in the library and bunker on first, though. Multiple scenes and a bit of storyline…
Images: New character images for Hayato, Harold, Valerie, Gabriel and the Homo Sapiens.

And as always, Strongbird's provided a massive number of little corrections, tweaks and typo fixes over the holidays that are all much appreciated.

Images - again: And another Patreon image with the Black Equinoid by Anymouse1968.

Writer For Hire update:
  • More Dom (8/10) - Stripes
  • Sven Variant (0/6) - Stripes
  • Patreon Request - Stripes
  • New Orc scenes w/Mul (12/13.5) - Wahn
  • Bonus Time Poll (TBA) - Female (0/5) - Wahn
  • Bonus Time Poll (TBA) - Male (0/5) - Wahn
  • Open for Commissions