Monday, January 30, 2012

New Feline Foe

Cougars: Having gained a new feline friend, it's time for another feline enemy. These kitties are roaming around the High Rise District, looking to sate their animal urges on some hapless people.

New Events: I've added a few new events scattered around the game. Check the High Rise District, the State Fair and the Park, which each got a new one that's a little special in their own way. There are two new, basic ones added to the main Outside area as well.

Hunt/Explore: Some updates to how these function. Perception now affects hunting critters (+1 chance / 4 pts) and Master Baiter gives even more (an additional +1 / 3 pts). As well, hunting situations and events is now limited to the current area, keeping you from running into Beach stuff in the Museum or Zoo stuff at the Hospital and so on.

EDIT - 2/7
Drop Items:
Your ability to find drop items will receive a small, scaled boost based on your Perception.

Scavenging: To add more variety, chips and soda have been added to the items found while scavenging, but at a lower likelihood.

Vet Supplies: Herm-Preferred based option and effects added to this event.

Monday, January 23, 2012

A New Feline Friend

There is a new friend to be found in the game. Sven, a foreign student hiding out in the Red Light District, has been running out of supplies and has run into trouble. This shy kitty needs your help before he does something desperate and gets into more trouble. There is lots of fun to be had with the kitty, should you succeed in saving him. He's so cute and subby... maybe he'd make a lovely pet like Sarah.

I have plans for more content with him and endings are yet to come, but that doesn't mean he's not complete. The fun you can have with him is quite full and extensive, and his arc to pet-hood is complete.

Note: There is optional WS content, which can be avoided by opting out the first time.

EDIT: Sven and Sarah should both save now.

EDIT - 1/26: You can now bring Sven somewhere closer when you rescue him. This eventually leads to you making a new friend. Just keep in mind who else is nearby he could stay with.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Kitties and Qytat

Aside from the scattered touch-ups as usual, we have a brand new creature this time. There is a new feline roaming around the Red Light District, looking to beat the heat... or to beat the meat. I'm partway through an addition to go along with this, but I'll wait until I have enough worth posting before putting that up.

EDIT: 1/20 - Another point about them. The new kitties take into account a player's "Preferred" feat choice, if one exists.

As well, Hellerhound has made some revisions to Qytat a'th Lundrues and I've tidied it up a little with some added description.

Oh, I almost forgot to add. Being in heat now increases your chance of getting preggers, as one would expect. And the Tentacle Horror received a little more reworking and an additional variation.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Infection Overhaul + New Content

There has been a major overhaul to how infection works by Nuku and myself after some discussion and various tweaks. Firstly, now mutation changes will randomly spread through a player's body parts and genitals, then focus on completing any remaining breast/cock/cunt modifications. Until a transformation is complete, there should be no gaps in the infection's progress. The Resistant feat has been raised to 33% effectiveness.

Breast growth/reduction was fixed recently, so there should be no more out-of-control boobage. Genital changes have also been similarly tweaked, but shrinking halts at 150% of the strain's target. This way players can still enjoy large cocks/pussies, but aren't stuck with them. Male/Female Preferred apply minimum size limits (of 4 length and 2 width) while still preventing growth of the opposite gender. Use One Way to keep them big. And on that...

One Way, Modest Organs and Passing Grade Chest feats: Players can take at most two of any of these. Pairing One Way with another limits one aspect while allowing the other to only grow. This way players can be more selective in their hyper attributes.

Recent New Content: Tentacle Horror update (more variation), update to the Parasitic Plant heat (who knew it even had one!), self-milking update (time delay and extra-milk for big boobs), another option for pleasing Janice the vixen (Herm Latex Vixen), another way to have fun with Angie (panther and tigress fun) and lots of little fixes as always.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Mutation Engine

I fixed a long standing quirk. Infections will no longer try to infect body parts they already have dominion over.

So if you have husky arms, and a husky infects you, it will skip over your arms for consideration. The result is more consistent infection goodness. It also means Singular will work a lot faster, since it won't waste time re-infecting parts that are already compliant.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Singular Perk

I heard tale in the forum that some folks don't like the whole chimeric mutant thing, so I added a perk just for you guys. Singular. With it, whatever mutation has a hold of your body will continue to infect you every turn until you're nice and pure blooded. Neat? Enjoy!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A typical game session

A fine sequence done up by Anymouse_68 showing the experiences of one of our survivors from game start until rescue.

Could have been worse, I think.

December Report

Huge strides on the multiplayer front with web accessibility to crafting, new missions, fishing mini game, player assistance in web battles, and an automated wiki bot that keeps it up to date.

Flexible Survival novel is now available for the kindle:
Also still available from Smashwords:

Singleplayer enjoys new monsters and areas, with most important things now added to the save engine, allowing you to continue your adventure across versions.

Donations continued a dip, but remain fairly strong overall, just in poor timing with the holiday spending patterns(They'll get you every time). But, we made it, year's up and FS is still alive and well!

April Donations: 2,274
May Donations: 1,806
June Donations: 2,245
July Donations: 3,267
August Donations: 2,648
September Donations: 2663.90
October Donations: 3,162
November Donations: 3,090
December Donations: 2,711

A huge thank you to all of my supporters, every donation counts big time, both in financial and moral support.