Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Ponies for Pathfinder

Let's go off the track a bit.

I've been working on a book for a while now, and it is finally finished. Playtested and ready for prime time, I present, Ponies for Pathfinder.

If you like Pathfinder(AKA D&D 3.75), and you like ponies, this is your book!

You can grab it here, in the ereader format of your choice. Until the end of the month, use PP34H at the checkout for 15% off.

Saturday, May 25, 2013


Here's another pair of commissioned pieces done of content from the game.

First up is from Wahn, obtained for FS in gratitude for the commissions he's received.  The artwork, showing the Spartan and the Helot looking quite studly, was done by darian821 on y!gallery.

The second is a sketch piece I commissioned from MoT on FA, also as a gift back to the fans.  This time it's the floor show at the Down Under Pub well on its way.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Minor Improvements

We've got some more new stuff to tell you about.

Sugar Glider: A bunch of new content has been added for these sweet girls.  There's a new M/F 69 scene both victory and loss.  As well, there's two events showing them interacting with the Sugar Ferrets.  There's also special variant scenes for a Sugar Ferret player defeated by a Sugar Glider, and for a Sugar Glider player going to the Sugar Ferrets' CandyShop.
François: The adorable French mutt has received a few more additions by GentlemanB:
- A new, expanded version of the loss scene if you fail to defeat the German Shepherds attacking the bakery when you first arrive there.  It was written by a fan.
- Two new baking items, both resulting in unique and interesting infections for you to gain.
Poison: The Naga, Snake and Manticore now all have the potential for poisonous attacks.
Near-human: Thanks to Wahn, the range of possible forms that make the player appear near-human has been expanded.  This increases your options for gaining access to the warehouse beside the Junkyard.
Alexandra: A fix has been applied to her saving/restoration.  If you've got savewords with her in it, I'd recommend you load with Trixie and get an updated saveword, just in case.
Joanna: The kinkajou-plant hybrid has been added to the saveword system, allowing you to continue to enjoy lots of kinky fun with her.  If you've not met her before, she can be saved by finding the Overrun Garden event in the High Rise District.  Be warned though, it's a lvl 9 fight to save her.

Writer For Hire update:
  • Leonard/Artemis (13/15) - in progress
  • Sugar Glider (4/4)
  • Icarus mod (0/12)
  • More Icarus (0/6)
  • Alexandra mod (0/6)

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Fan Series

What happens when Anymouse does art? Awesome, that's what.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Good Community

You're all good folks, and it shines through most brightly when things get dark.

Since I posted up my last journal, the response has been amazing and touching, so I thought I'd toss out a general thanks to y'all. Flexible is now at 1000 for the month, meaning 10 bonus hours come the next month!

Thank you

You  may have noticed, but our bonus hours have jumped up a bit as generous souls have stepped forward in time of need to nudge things forward. Thanks guys!

Over on the links page, there are now links to the raw files for all three games.

Still taking any amount towards the mother situation, each bit counts. Normal commissions are working as always, so if you want your money going towards a particular addition to the game, we want to hear about it!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Tax Woes

First, I apologize for this post. You're probably not here for sob stories, but here we go.

My mother's been ill for the last six months, but is recovering(yay). She goes out to buy a few things, and finds her card being denied. Lo and behold, California snatched about 1,000$ out of her accounts, leaving her critically low on funds.

I'm doing a bit of a fund raising to help make up the difference. If you can chip in any amount, I'd appreciate it. Employ the donate button on the right, or paypal over to dms.silver@gmail.com

All donations for this will count for bonus hour building at the end of the month.

Thank you all in advance,

Flexible Society

Do you even remember that project?

On a sudden urge, I picked up that dusty code and started hacking away at it. I've added a primitive war mechanic. If the 'open space' runs out in the world, any enemy tribes will start coming to you to try and get some instead. You can get game over if they kill all your people or steal all your land, which they will do without feeling guilty.

The wasteland just got harsher.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Update Time

We've got some new updates and content available for you to enjoy.  Also, the queue for Writer to Hire is almost clear, so it's a good opportunity to make your requests.

NPC related updates:
- Larissa: Because of the questionable voting, I decided to pick the top 5 from the list and make those, along with another one that wasn't on the list which I'd wanted to add.  Her new potential forms are: Red Kangaroo, Panther Taur, Bald EagleDark Elf, Succubus and Goo Girl.
- François: An option for M/M sex with the player as the bottom has been added to the options for the mongrel baker.
- Icarus: The subby prey bird's content has been continued with the option to not hold back during the sex scene up in the attic.  While I don't want to spoil it, be advised that this content is much, MUCH darker and there is an extreme violence warning on it.  Icarus has also been added to the save code.
- Campus Gym: A new location you can find with the Working Out event at the College Campus.  There's a new NPC here, options for physical training and plans for more stuff to come.  By UrsaOmegaEDIT: Activation coming soon.

Critter related updates:
- Spartan: There's a new event, History Lecture, available on the College Campus that stars these virile males.  By Wahn.
- Cum Girl: A new, gooey critter made of you-know-what and eager for more of it.  You can find her in the Sealed area under Trevor Labs.  By GentlemanB.
- Donkeyman: A new M/M anal scene for player loss against the kinky, bondage burro.
- Naga: A new oral sex scene for player loss has been added to the random possible scenes.

Writer For Hire update:
  • Leonard/Artemis (7/15)
  • Icarus (6/6)
  • M/M Update (Stripes/Wahn) (4/4)
  • Bonus Hours: Larissa (1/1)

Amazon Widget

Did you spot it, lurking over there on the right?
It's another way to support the game. If you plan on shopping Amazon anyway, do it through our widget and help support the game! I'll toss half the proceeds back at our awesome writers to make more content for the game.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Let's Play

Someone did a let's play of FS:

Sunday, May 12, 2013

FS Stories

The new FS Novella, Food Court, is in proofing stage, but to tide you all over, I present the short story, Feline Fine.

Available feely on FA and Sofurry, or you can support the game by grabbing it over here for $1.29 in the ereader format of your choice. Every twenty sold is a bonus hour to the game.

Thursday, May 9, 2013


Lots more stuff has been produced over the last while, so it's time to let you all know what's been added to the game for you to find.  As usual, there's been an assortment of fixes, touch-ups and typo corrections.

- Leonard: More content for matronly players has been added, this time in the form of several special scenes which may randomly occur when you go visit the gentlemanly lion.  The first of these should also let you finally have some fun with the maids.
- Underground Labs:  More events (by Wahn) and a new critter, the Shadow Beast (by UrsaMajor), have been added to this expanded area.
- Friendship Pony: The friendly ponies have received some adjustments, which will make them a little less memory intensive while keeping just as much variety.
- François: GentlemanB's added another batch of food items this culinary mutt can create for you.  This time he has a trio of tasty delights which are all usable in combat for an added edge.
- Camp Bravo: Wahn's added another soldier here you can have some fun with.

Writer For Hire update:
  • Leonard/Artemis (7/15)
  • Icarus (0/6)
  • Bonus Hours: Larissa (0/1)

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Bonus Hour - Larissa

Since this month's troubles has resulted in only a sole bonus hour, I'll be using it to add some new forms to Larissa, the multi-infection NPC.  I've prepared a short list of possible infections that cover a range of forms.  The top two selected by fans will be among those to appear among the new batch.  I'll pick some other critters to go in the batch after the selections are made to keep things balanced and diverse.

Bald Eagle (M)
Dark Elf (H)
Impala (F)
Latex Fox (M)
Panthertaur (H)
Red Kangaroo (F)
Satyr (M)
Shemale Collie (H)
Succubus (F)