Sunday, February 1, 2015

Suggestion Box Pointer & Lots of Artwork

Hey everyone - this is Wahn, bringing you a new assortment of FS-themed artwork to enjoy.

And besides that, I want to direct everyone to the Bonus Hour Suggestion Box over on the forum... thanks to generous donations, I have got 12 hours worth of free writing to spend on something - or several somethings. To give more depth to what characters and monsters we already have, it'll be an expansion of existing content. So if you have an idea for a new scene, event or otherwise that builds up on npcs and monsters already in the game - drop in on the forum and post it (or give your support to ideas already posted there). Once we have a good assortment, there'll be a poll to chose between the ten or so top runners.

But now, back to what the post actually is about - lots of sexy artwork. Do check out the artist's links if you wanna see more of their work, or maybe even commission them.

Starting with a generous contribution by Koreka, here's Brutus the demon in his good and evil incarnations (commission drawn by Inkydemon):

 Another awesome piece brought to you by Koreka is Rane the oni (commission drawn by Inkydemon):
Also him pounding Marc against a high rise window:

Now to mix things up a bit from big-dicked hunks, have a look at Female Diego (commission drawn by Valderic):
 And here's Jennifer the cheerleader, enjoying some stretching exercises with Septus the wolfman (commission drawn by Cirrusthecloud):
Back to content by Koreka, we have Hayato the oni (commission drawn by Kartos):
And another Hayato pic - this time balls deep in Eric (commission drawn by GeneLightfoot):
After that, it's Carl's time to have some fun - with David in this pic commissioned by me (commission drawn by Hufnaar and Nokturnalkittie):

...and also fucking Sven (commission drawn by Iztli):
While we're at our furry friends, here is one of the shadow beasts from the Trevor Labs underground (commission drawn by Hioshiru):
 And the two shepherds on the farm, Shawn and Duke (commission drawn by Hufnaar):
While we're at the farm, the felinoid does have a certain interest in Corbin (commission drawn by Valderic):

Then a guest appearance of Tristian, the horse stud in the Palomino club (commission drawn by enaya-thewhitewolfen):

A wolfman and jaguarman, ready to take turns with the player in a dark alley (commission drawn by Latrans):
 Here's the elven hunter from out in the urban forest (commission drawn by Alexandre86):
A little action between a jaguarman and satyr in the museum (commission drawn by Clamories):
 Then there's Danny, a mall rat I've been wanting to put in FS for a while now (adopt drawn by Dragonpunk):
Here's a look at Mike taking one of his dogs for a walk to the park himself (commission drawn by Darian821):
And another of Mike doing a bit of "training" with his doggie (drawn by astaraelabhorsen)

Gabriel the angel, in the look once he's "tamed" (commission drawn by Darian821):

While we're at angels, here we have a piece of amazing fanart, depicting Evil Elijah pounding a catboy (drawn by Nokturnalkittie):
 A little shower orgy between David, Chris, Eric (pre-transformation version), Marc and a caveman (drawn by Niceshirt):
Here's a close-up look at Marc's tattoo (drawn by Kadel):
For a change again, let's have Alexandra, shown hiere with a jackalman master (commission drawn by Porin):

And finally, Boghrim the orc boss, letting his favorite slave Jason take a ride on an orcish pole (commission drawn by Headingsouth):

Okay, I think that's it, for the most part. Hope you've enjoyed the little picture flood. If you do have any fanart for FS you wanna show off too, just let me know and we can put it up...

Nuku Edit: The wiki server was very unhappy with providing a bunch of full bandwidth pictures to everyone, bogging it all down, pictures removed.