Thursday, June 23, 2016

Game Updates + Art

I'm back with another post updating on the additions to the game.  It's been a rough few weeks with my having gotten a new position at work.  Eventually things should get better, but right now it's very busy while I get up to speed.  Add to that it's a lot of being outdoors during the recent heat wave here and the latter part of the month's been unproductive.

Blanche: Receiving some long-awaited attention, the white wolfess can now be knocked up, providing her with a growing pack of pups to keep her company.  She's also gained a sex menu with additional options which will become available.
Sunny Snacks: A beachfront snack shack has opened.  It can be reached by going IN from the beach.  In addition to purchasing various incon snacks with credits, there's the oddly still human vendor Cindy to talk to.  There'll be no sex with her at present, though there's some scenes to witness for now.
Hard Vore: More hard vore scenes have been added to the game for voring players who are so inclined.  One's another generalized scene for use on male/herm creatures and the others are creature specific ones for the Ram, Ewe, Feral Wolf, Succubus and Incubus.
Hyena Herm: Expanded with a player victory menu and a new sex scene option to suck her off.
Libido Pills: The drop chance for this item has been increase on all carriers.

Satyr Frat: You can now start a little quest to turn Richard, a frat-brother at Phi-Alpha-Nu into a satyr too. Since the regular wine isn’t quite strong enough for him, it will take a little raid on Pan’s divine wine cellar (through the twisted paths of the museum) to manage the feat.Bastet: The sexy lioness has gained a first entry in her sex menu – you can now challenge her to further sex battles, allowing you to check out all the paths and enjoy some new twists and turns in the re-written scenes.
Orc: Boghrim calls for another slave hunt and makes a contest of it.  If you want, you may participate.

More art has been added to the game as well.  Some is fan art and others are commissioned stuff.  Thanks again to all the artists.



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