Monday, July 17, 2017

Wahn Poll

A new poll for Wahn has been posted to the Patreon for everyone who puts in ANY amount can vote on. I've been asked to share the poll, so here it is!

Wahn Poll
$1+ patrons
Jul 17 at 12:02pm
He's ready for a new month of content making for you guys, because he loves you all. Vote for all the ones you like the sound of and let's see what gets 6 hours of work put towards it.
Aelias Expansion (more spidertaur loving and events)
Ares Expansion (take that doggy for sexy fun on more walks through the city)
Confident Sven Expansion (more scenes with the snow leopard)
Cowgirl for the Farm (with boobs to drink from as you fuck her)
Ettin Surfer (add Matthias and Theo, a two headed giant, to the beachside area)
Imp Fun (do sexy things with these one-foot tall little devils)
Naughty Fairy (add Kellan, a very naughty pixie guy, to the game)
Richard Expansion (give the cute frat guy more content - as a satyr, or human)
Sarah the Husky (expanding on the new, sane Sarah for fun scenes)
Skarnoth Expansion (get it on with the captured demon prince)
Tehuantl Expansion - Male (who doesn't want a devoted jaguar warrior slave?)

Tuesday, July 11, 2017


We now have a Discord to chat with other players and even the writers and staff of both multi and single-player games:

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Sudden New Feature

It isn't a new NPC or a whole new way to play, but here it is. Head over to the zoo and head north from the entrance and you'll see a dirty hose. You can drink from it (drink hose or drink dirty hose) and basically have an infinite supply of dirty water.

Warning: We're not promising it's water, but it seems to slake the thirst!

Monday, July 3, 2017

FS News - June 2017

Hi everyone, this is Wahn again with the Flexible Survival News for June.

Alexandra: New artwork has been added to the game for bad Alexandra, giving you a bit of eye candy for the sexy bitch.
Branson & Partner Offices: Just north of the mall, an office building serves as the base for a powerful crocodile who has plans for the city. He could use a henchma- err... assistant to help with that.
Eric: The college athlete can now find a strange tome in the library. Will you let him keep it and wake the powers slumbering within?
Forest Events: The cuckoos are at it again. See their newest antics in the Avian Tent.
Helen: There is now an option to take the human dog to a fun walk on the beach.
Katya the orc: A female orc has been sighted, living alone in an off the path camp out in the dry plains. Beware, she doesn't like visitors!
Kobaloon: A new monster now roams the state fair.
Shag Shack: This brothel has just opened in a former mattress store just east of the mall, offering varied partners for your enjoyment.
Sven: Confident Sven has gotten an expansion of his sex menu, as well as a meeting event for Eric and him.
Urik:  You can now walk in on Urik grabbing Candy the raccoon, carrying him off to pound the boy-toy.

Writer for Hire:

Defth - Patreon Poll - Taurus (?/5h)
Defth - Patreon Poll - Shower Scenes (?/5h)

Wahn - June Patreon Poll - More Brothel Scenes (3/6h)
Wahn - Commission - Orc Warrior Chris (0/8h)