Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sarokcat FURY

Our fantastic man, Sarokcat, has submitted bug fixes for the new ewe store and nermine. Also! Pirates!

All integrated and uploaded for your gaming convenience.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


A new wolf to enjoy from a new contributor lurks on FSurvival.

Saturday, September 24, 2011


Sorry for the quiet.

We have a new contributor who's snuck in some dance grooves into FSurvival.

Sarokcat submits a bug fix for gryphon companion.
The zoo people got an update.
We have a tiger cop roaming around, what do they want?


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sarokcat Update

The gryphons are up to something in FSurvival in this latest update from Sarokcat.

For FScociety, I ported over the 'nav' command, so if authors want to make an area that unlocks, you can hop over to it and back easily.

Using nav does not advance the turn.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Three New Events

Three new events have been added to Flexible Society:

-Hidden Cache (Unfolds into two, has different outcomes based on Species and Stats.)
-Susan Sighting (Work in progress, and will have more to it later on.)


Sunday, September 18, 2011

Enemy Detected!

You can now select which tribes are your rivals.

Rival tribes will breed.
Rival tribes will try to conquer unclaimed land, like your settlers do.

There  is now a challenge! How much land can you snatch up before your rivals do?

Things enemy tribes do not do yet:
Fight you
Fight each other

Try it out, let me know how it works for you.

Greetings Fellow Survivors

We interrupt your regular broadcast to bring you the latest breaking news:

I (Maw) now have rights to post messages upon this blog! As a contributor and bug-squashing handyman--Nuku decided it would be of the fan-base's best interest to have me update you of large-scale projects directly.

While I will do my best in that regards, and that of continuing bringing content into Nuku's games to the best of my ability. Public relations may not be a strong point of mine, so I ask only that you bear with me.

I'm sure you'll be seeing me quite often around here. With updates and fixes a-plenty! Huzzah!

I hope the day finds you well, and you continue putting up the good fight for survival!

We now return you to your regularly scheduled broadcast.

Change of address

We are now

Google is auto forwarding the old address so this should be entirely seamless and painless. Still, if someone IS having issues, pass the word along.

Early morning? No, Early bugfix

Fixed the room you could get trapped in in Flexible Survival, the shifting room.
It is now fast travel enabled so you can nav away from it.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Early to Rise

Alright, following player suggestion, we have two new things, interrelated.

Once you've researched hunting, Ranching becomes available.
Once you've researched Ranching, you can build a ranch.
Protip: Ranch will do better if adjacent to an agricultural zone.

Farms, wells, and Ranches will now produce creds instead of food if your people don't eat that kind of thing. So huskies with an agri zone are just making trade goods, because they don't eat carrots. Same would be true if we made some herbivore rabbits and they owned an animal ranch. They're not going to eat the cows, but they can sell the milk, meat, and leather to others.

Friday, September 16, 2011


Maw is now officially a contributor to the project, and has mastered use of git, so they're posting updates directly for me to grab and upload to you guys! There's some situations posted now to FSociety. Look forward to more!

Late night SCIENCE

Fixed up repeating topics(like hunting). You're also advised of the level of the topic you're researching now.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Another morning, another FS Update

Flexible Survival gets more love, thanks to Sarokcat. A new pet is out there waiting to be found, and a bug with Nermine is fixed.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


That means good morning, and may be misspelled. I went ahead and fixed the horrid grammar on battles as a good morning present. How are battles? Easy? Hard? Pie? Lemme know. In other news, Survival knows, Nermine got her complete update!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Player Suggestions

On suggestion, you now enjoy: You will be told the odds during conquest and have the choice to back down. You can now assign max to a job to have it auto fill up with people(Does not work on jobs with no real max). You can now research hunting or farming over and over, getting better at it each time, but it gets harder to research with every level! Latex foxes have an explicit 'does not eat' perk to make it more clear that they do not eat. Farming and Hunting now yield every turn. A smaller amount, but every turn.

Conquer Adjustments

Put in a handicap for the first 20, then 80 turns, so conquering unclaimed land for the first 100 turns is easier. Effective enemy strength is reduced by 1 during the first 100 turns. Effective enemy strength is halved during the first 20 turns. The first does apply during the latter(subtract 1, then halve). It should be a lot easier to get started. Please try it out and give feedback.

Flexible Survival Updates

Sarokcat brings us some awesome new stuff for the zoo and is making progress with a certain jackal lady. Updates posted and ready for play!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Go Forth and Conquer

Ok, new job, Settler. No requirement. You send your folks out to find land, they find it. The more settlers, and the better your perception, the more chance of a territory point being found. Now the trick, any time you take over territory, you have to beat off the mutants already living there(Ooops!). Have warriors ready! They're better at fighting and you'll lose less of them in the effort. Stamina helps. Lost all your warriors? Don't panic yet. Your settlers will try to finish the fight. They're not as well trained as your warriors, but if you have enough, you'll win and claim your territory point! There are, at this time, 100 unclaimed territory points per game. Later, enemy societies will be claiming out of that same pool, robbing you of potential land(The fiends). Like? Bugs? Let me know! Comments below.

Poll Result

Random events! I got a guy working on some more events for you guys, while I wrestle with #2. Speaking of, Huskies now enjoy their space more, with a density equal to the gryphons, instead of packing on each other like sardines.

What next?

New poll up on the righthand side, vote! Post thoughts below!

Late Night Fun

Start as latex fox, and the nerd will be happy to have some 'fun' with you. To remind, interaction is simple, either talk or fuck. Huskies now get some starting food, so they don't all die in turn one. Yay huskies!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Species Stats

So I did get something done! After selecting a species you'll be shown their appearance and stats and given a chance to change your mind.

Minor fixes

Morale doesn't soar over 100. Not so many entertainers! Huskies remember that they like to eat.(Note to self, density may be too high) Events reworked so bad, good, and neutral events have more equal shots.(Neutral has the best chance actually) Added a link to the right to download the flexible society gblorb directly for offline play. I'm going to be dragged off to to deal with real life today, so updates may be a bit slower today.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Fixity Fix

Room linking now works properly. Room descriptions now include hints of what's next door. I got an author working on some fun scenes with the latex fox nerd, you'll love her! All bugs reported have been squashed without mercy.


Situation framework is installed. Situations can be good, bad, both, or neither. Currently(possible to change), there's a 25% chance of a bad event, then, if nothing, 25% chance of a good event, if nothing, 25% chance of an event that's not marked good or bad. I will almost certainly lower those odds once everything is settled and we get more events. I put in one sample event just to get the ball rolling. Short and sweet, but shows how it works.


You want encounters, you want interaction! You got it. I've coded a fuck and talk routine, and tried to make it easy for others to add onto it. I've added a custom talk to the latex fox nerd for demonstration purposes. Feel free to chat with her! It's simple, but can be made as complicated as the coder feels like getting. But where are the random events? Keep your shorts on. I felt this was needed as support for them, since I imagine more than a few will involve meeting new people, potentially recruiting them to your village, where you may want to talk and/or fuck them like a big happy family.

Build Improvements.

I restricted building to the basic N E S W directions, but in return, your buildings will now link up in a grid. For instance, from the center, you put a smithy to the east, then a well to the north. then you go north to the well and build a farm to the east. Well that farm is north of the smithy, right? The game will search and find that, then go ahead and link them together, so you can go south of the farm and get to the smithy. Handy? Now, what next? I'll let you all decide, poll going up!

Can we build it?

Yes we can. You can now build stuff for your village! There's only a farm inputted, but adding new ones is easy peasy. What's that? Just more stats? Boring? Heck no! You don't just build these structures in the void. You actually build them right into the world itself, placing them down piece by piece. After the building is done, you can walk around your expanding city, enjoying the sights. Later, placement will count. A farm by a well will do better, for instance. I also fixed a bug in science, which caused your scientists to mulch on science points that you don't have(oops).

Friday, September 9, 2011


Look to the right, see the Flexible Society link? click it to play. Enjoy. It's still not much of a 'game' yet, but it is maturing nicely into something of a skeleton.


I feel like we're at the point where we can put out a alpha version out. Temptation!

Time management

Things are getting to the point where we don't want time to pass so darn fast. How should the next turn be prompted? A command? Actually performing some leader action?

Thoughts welcome.

Let there be science!

And science there was. I have defined a research topic and a way to complete it. Well, ok, so you start on the default until it's done. I'm making the code to start the second project now, but that's almost unimportant in comparison.

The first topic is Local Survey, takes 30 science. Since there are no scientists yet, your nerd has to do it all him/herself, but that's ok, cause they count as one scientist to slowly nibble at your science points and turn it into progress.

Finishing local survey gets you the local survey perk(does nothing at moment) and +5% perception(yay!)

Any time research is done, you get a perk of the same name. It also calls for any special code the research may have, so research can do basically anything it wants.


I added the Latex Foxes, practically Flexible's mascot. Go foxes!

I tweaked foraging so that your people will also look for interesting human artifacts while they're out and about, resulting in a trickle of science points. These precious starting points are what you'll want to boot strap your research efforts. Which means that assigning everyone directly to a job at the start is a bad idea, because no one will be available to go artifact hunting.

So, silly question, what should the item you interact with to actually spend your science points look like? It could be tribe specific, come to think of it... Thoughts?

Good morning!

Village Center
You stand in the middle of, what you hope, will become the vast hub of your future civilization. For now it is just a small bonfire for you and your kind. Wandering the village, you see your people number 10.

A clipboard is set near the fire. You are sure you can use it to assign jobs.

>assign 10 to farmer
You assign 5 workers to Farmer.

Job -- Workers Currently Assigned
Farmer -- 5/5

Hunter -- 0/5

Warrior -- 0/10

Unassigned Workers: 5
Type assign (number) to (job) to change the amount of workers in a job.

Foraging yields food: +5
New blue furred children are born, rapidly growing to ready adults: +2 Morale gain: 3

Jobs now have maximums. Farming and Hunting both depend on your diet(you're better at what you need to survive) and merits and how much space(territory) you have to work with.

4 land + 25% for eating plant/meat = 5 workers max.

This also means you can't support a million people on your starting land.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Get to work!

Ok, job system made. You can dynamically add jobs and make their appearance as complicated, or not, as you want.

For instance, I put two jobs in the system. Farmer, Hunter.

To unlock either, you can either have the merit(farming, hunting) OR, have it in your diet.

If you eat plants, you can farm.

If you eat meat, you can hunt.

Fair right? Of course, having both makes you even better at it.

Which reminds me, I need to make carnivorous farmers produce money instead of food.

Hunting is not coded yet, as in the actual yield from it.

You are now blessed with the mighty CLIPBOARD! So long as it's in reach, you can check your job assignments, see how many people are just lazing around, and put them directly to work.

Commands are simple.

Assign: See who's doing what.
Assign x to y: Assign x people to job y.

That's it.

Everything is written with later expansion in mind, so if someone wanted to write an extension that let your flexible society do basket weaving for profit, they could! Without a single line in the main file except 'include the awesome extension'.

Foraging was downgraded as I have a more concrete idea of the balance I want, and here it is:

A person farming will produce approximately enough to feed himself and one other every four days, assuming your people are hunger 50.
A person foraging will produce approximately enough to feed only himself every other day.

Leaving your people to forage will result in population crashes and potential game over, you will want some people farming and/or hunting.

Reproduction is now influenced by morale. Sad people fuck less. :(

So population crashes can result in a disheartened populace that does little to shore its numbers for a while. That's a bad thing.

Post your thoughts below!

Turn Structure

The game advances. I just added basic breeding, Oh baby!

Population increases based on your self fertility rates, and how busy everyone is.  Of course, there's no way to assign jobs right now, so everyone is available to help breed, how fortunate!

Busy people still count, but only for half.

For giggles I started up a village of gryphons and let them do as they wanted.

They went out to the ruins and gathered up food, and fucked a lot, resulting in a rapid population boom.

The food wasn't coming in as fast as new mouths, and the population crashed as a dozen people die off and morale plummets(no effect yet).

As time goes on, population and food does lots of crazy dances until population slams down to 2 people, and remains stable there while the two loyal gryphons forage, slowly amassing a tiny store of goods, then they have a baby, yay!!

With three, the population begins to grow faster, and the bouncing resumes until the entire village dies out some 15 turns later.


Turn Rules

Alright, starting to get into actual CRUNCH.

 An everyturn rule(this is the Eternal Hunger rule):
    let consume be the population of the tribe of player;
    now consume is consume times the hunger of the tribe of player;
    now consume is consume / 100;
    if consume is less than 0, now consume is 0;
    decrease food of tribe of player by consume;
    if food of tribe of player is less than 0:
        say "Your people starve without food: ";
        let x be 0 - food of tribe of player;
        now food of tribe of player is 0;
        multiply x by 100;
        divide x by hunger of the tribe of the player;
        if x is greater than 0:
            say "Casualties: [x] ";
            decrease population of tribe of player by x;
        let loss be 1;
        increase loss by x times 2;
        multiply loss by 100;
        divide loss by mood of tribe of player;
        if loss is greater than 0:
            say "Morale Loss: [loss]";
        say "[line break]";

This will get called every time the game decides a turn has passed. You lose food depending on how hungry your people generally are, and how many there are. A 50 hunger species(standard) will munch 1 food per 2 people per turn. A 20 hunger species would only nibble 1 food per 5 people, and a 200 hunger species(dude, you need a diet) would chew 2 food per person.

The people you can't feed will fall over and die, very sad. Right now, they all just die instantly. This may be unrealistic or unfair, but it's a start.

You also lose morale, no one likes seeing neighbors starve to death, not fun.

Blue Gryphons

First defined species.

Blue Gryphons is a species.
The Intelligence of it is 40.
The Might of it is 50.
The Stamina of it is 50.
The Perception of it is 75.
The Industrilization of it is 20.
The Hostile Infection Rate of it is 50.
The Friendly Infection Rate of it is 10.
The Resistance of it is 0.
The Mood of it is 60.
The Morale of it is 50.
The Libido of it is 65.
The Self Fertility of it is 50.
The External Fertility of it is 50.
The Gender of it is { "Hermaphrodite" }.
The Military of it is 0.
The Science of it is 0.
The Manufactury of it is 0.
The Hunger of it is 50.
The Thirst of it is 50.
The Territory of it is 4.
The Population of it is 10.
The Density of it is 4.
The Diet of it is { "Meat", "Plant" }.
The Perks of it is { "Flight" }.

I am assuming a 1-100 scale.

Military/science/manufactory I will assume starts at 0 but is raised by action for MOST species. A human species, when made, would likely begin with an edge here.

Everything all make sense so far?

I am assuming Density is how many members can live in one unit of territory contently. So at 4 density, their 4 territory could support 16 blue gryphons without issue. They start with 10, so they have some room for initial growth.

So it begins

As fun as debating the game is, we could sit there doing that -all day long- and end up with no game at all. So I cracked open Inform and started typing some stuff, at least starting to forge a template for species. It's kind of important we get this done right, since your species and all the other species you run into(humans included) will be based on it, and any fix we do later will mean going back and fixing all species made up to that point.

Phew, heavy responsibility.

The git archive now has a new folder with the new main code, small as it is.

I'll paste the relevant bit below:

A Species is a kind of thing.
A species has a number called Intelligence.
A species has a number called Might.
A species has a number called Stamina.
A species has a number called Perception.
A species has a number called Industrilization.
A species has a number called Hostile Infection Rate.
A species has a number called Friendly Infection Rate.
A species has a number called Charm.
A species has a number called Libido.
A species has a number called Self Fertility.
A species has a number called External Fertility.
A species has a list of text called Gender.
A species has a number called Military.
A species has a number called Science.
A species has a number called Manufactury.
A species has a number called Hunger.
A species has a number called Food.
A species has a number called Thirst.
A species has a number called Water.
A species has a list of text called Perks.
A species has a number called Population.

The player has a species called tribe.
Ok, so a species has a bunch of stats, as you can see. Let me explain a few I didn't mention before. Hostile infection rate is how quickly prisoners of war or even enemy combatants on field may be converted.
Friendly infection rate is how quickly ambassadors, visitors, and other, entirely non hostile, people may be converted. Many species will have a 0 friendly infection rate, but some strains are really virulent, even around people you like, and you could end up converting people you have no enmity towards.
Self Fertility is how well your tribe breeds if simply left alone, amongst themselves. Some species may not breed at all with themselves. Some may be really good at it(Damn you rabbits!)
External Fertility is how well the tribe breeds with outside species. So you could have nymphs that cannot self breed but given a strapping male of some other species will start popping out babies(until the man becomes a nymph, damn it)
Food is currently stored food, hunger is how hungry the species tends to be. Same with thirst/water.
Perks is a list of awesome traits your species would have
Gender, you may notice, is a list. Rather than setting it to one specific string, I figured it would be easier if you could just list out all the genders present.

So one species could be Male, Female
another could be Male, Neuter
Another could be Female, Hermaphrodite
And yet another could be Male, Female, Hermaphrodite
Whatever works! Also means adding/removing sexes during play is theoretically possible if something causes that(likely unusual).

Thoughts? Obvious missing stuff?


Ok, first of all, fixed the linking so that the main source file is again being updated, yay!

I'm thinking to use the same github for the new project, just make a new folder for the new main source file and plow straight ahead. Seems the easiest way by far to keep everything up to date.

Also, appearance. We could cheat and use the same appearance hooks that Flexible Survival uses. It means you could even, potentially, use existing extensions to grab mutant strains.


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Flexible Society

Is that a good name? Flexible Society, Flexible Tribes, Flexible Family?

Ok, so, the decision is cast! Now on to core mechanics.

I'm thinking a tribe should have the following stats:
Population: Simply, how many there are.
Military Preparedness: Percentage of population that could mobilize to violence.
Scientific Preparedness: Literature rate combined with amount of population willing to discover and learn on a scientific level.
Manufacturing Readiness: Percentage of population that could pick up a hammer or equivalent and get to building
Might: Basic ability of military unit to cause damage
Stamina: Basic ability of military unit to withstand damage
Intelligence: How good are your scientists?
Charm: How good are your diplomats and spies
Industrialization: How well you construct things
Infection Rate: How quickly are prisoners converted to your tribe
Mental Dominance: How much, or little, do converts retain after conversion
Sex: Does your strain have a male and female? Is it only one or the other? Hermaphrodites? Neuter?

Am I missing anything really obvious?

Aside from stats, tribes would have Traits, like merits.

Some would be innate, like if you're playing a tribe of Gryphons, you would start with Flight.

Others you could pick up during play, like First Aid Trained.

They would influence your stats and/or possible give you new actions. Like if you have flight, a unit may flee instead of being destroyed in a conflict. or Tolerant, which allows prisoners to contribute to population even while not converted.

Thoughts below!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

New Chapter?

I'm getting that itch! That creative itch!

What say ye, my fanbase, to a new chapter of the Flexible saga?

I had two thoughts in mind.

A: Civilization meets Flexible Survival. You're in charge of a mutant tribe(You chose the infection) and you have to infect, breed, and do battle to protect your niche, or take over America!

B: Infiltration. You're an aware mutant that wants to bring his/her gift to the people of an equally aware and frightened city. If you get caught, they'll kill you, but if you succeed...

Thoughts? Comment below!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Friday, September 2, 2011

August Report

Second best month to date, who can argue with that? Singleplayer audience came together when my hard drive decided to fail, netting 160$, the rest is multiplayer proceeds. My singleplayer contributors&co coders(SarokCat and HellerHound) are putting out awesome content, thanks guys!

On the multiplayer front, Edmol has produced default avatars for us, so no one is without an avatar again! But we need more avatar work(Much more). You an artist or know a good one, do point them our way.

We also have a customizable AI now, much like Dragon Age or Final Fantasy 12, you can program yourself to respond to the situation at hand.

We almost have a Paypal-Free payment solution ready to unroll, just putting little finishing touches on it.

Chat! You can now chat with web and telnet connected multi people straight from the web page. Join the community!

PS: Multi is at

Next Target Student Loan:
I crushed that loan! Instead of doing specific loans, let's just do the total: $15,838 remaining, 1827 paid last month.

April Donations: 2,274
May Donations: 1,806
June Donations: 2,245
July Donations: 3,267
August Donations: 2,648

Making it without corporate backing. 5 months down, many more to go!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Zoo Map

A map drawn up by a player, Barkon. Thanks!