Friday, October 25, 2013


We've got a lot of content in this announcement, with a broad range of kinky fun, so we'll get right to it with...

Alt UB: A mod you can pick up for the Vore Predator ability from Dr. Medea, it will allow you to sometimes unbirth your foes into your unoccupied womb.  As a reminder, you can pick up that initial feat from the Inner Predator event or by volunteering after the Hospital Quest is done.  As with regular vore, it is habit-forming, so the more you do it, the more likely it'll happen again.
Meredith: This new NPC can be rescued through Vanessa after she's given you a child.  At present, only the rescue and basic stuff for her exists, but more is planned and coming soon.
Tentacle Horror: This creature and its groping tentacles are now willing to play with MPreg males.
Nanite Collector: This device can now be upgraded by Snow to make it either lighter or more powerful.
Cheetah: The Cheetah's been renamed to Feral Cheetah to help avoid conflicts, though no content modifications as of yet.

Amy: The horny husky's subject to more attention from the other rescued NPC's, this time with Icarus (both forms) and Snow taking an interest in her.

Writer For Hire update:
  • More Voodoo Gecko (0/3) - Stripes
  • Tentacle Horror (2.5/3) - Stripes
  • UB or other stuff (5/6) - Stripes
  • More Meredith (0/7.25) - Stripes
  • Goblin Fun (0/3) - Blue Bishop