Saturday, November 9, 2013

Responses to Bonus Hours Query

I've replied to a lot of individual posts in the existing thread, but also have some comments that are more general that I may as well go over in a post here.
- New content versus improving content: While there are several voices stating (often repeatedly) that improving is what's wanted/needed, there's also plenty of requests and suggestions for wholly new things in there as well.  Any commissions for new stuff are quite welcome as always and contributors are always encouraged to add new stuff.  I will be the current bonus hours for improvements this month, but other stuff may crop up.
- Human survivors: The game takes plance an undisclosed time after the initial outbreak - anywhere from a few weeks to a couple of months.  At this point, true humans are extremely rare in the city and no one, including the player, is actually uninfected.  With the possible exception of Dr. Matt in his environment suit, absolutely everyone within the confines of the city has active nanites in them, even if they aren't showing physical symptoms.  This is why the most readily available source of unchanged humans are from the soldiers, who are newer arrivals to the city.  As of yet untransformed humans, in general, are quite prone to transformation once they're hit by an active infection source for their latent nanites to key themselves to.  That said, there are a few human NPCs for you to enjoy in the game who won't get transformed, such as Wahn's collection of soldiers, Jennifer and a few others.
- Player infecting humans: As interesting at these possibilities can be, it is a writer's nightmare, especially if that victim's going to stick around in any capacity.  How does one write an infection/tf scene when the player can be any of over two hundred forms, including several which are supposed to be 'unique' or 'magically induced' or a jumble of infections?  Sam and Larissa both represent different attempts to provide at least some choice even if the player isn't directly the vector for the infection.
- Monster attacks:  Because of the low source of 'uninfected' victims, some of the critters out there are getting more desperate (i.e. attacking wildly) in their search for mates or victims to infect.  The player sees numerous creatures, mutants and monsters while roaming the city, most of whom leave the player alone.  The player also regularly sees sex and even orgies in the streets, but it would be pointless to mention it over and over again.  Generally speaking, those random creatures you fight are those whose lusts exceed their good sense and snap, becoming focused on the player to satisfy them or be their mate.
- Weak creatures: At the early stage of the game, weak but fast breeding and/or rapid infecting creatures make up the bulk of the infected population.  Other critters are starting to appear as the game progresses, their numbers starting to grow as they convert some of the weaker ones and breed up their own numbers.  This is the vague reasoning behind the level progression in monster encounters.  And remember, as more creatures become available, the chance of meeting something gets split between more and more creatures, making the weaker ones appear less frequently.
- Dom and sub NPCs: There are several NPCs out there who provide either one or the other of these roles, as well as a rare few who can be switched over.  While doing switches like this are possible in some cases, in others it's more difficult, usually due to their interconnection to other content.  It also means making up a whole new set of content and scenes to deal with this alternate path that will, in many cases, invalidate the existing character arc.  In the case of commissioned characters, there is the additional fact that the person who paid for the original content wanted what was given and may not be interested in seeing something they invested in being changed in such a manner.
- Black Equinoid Camp: This was a donation request from someone, and while I have more ideas and plans, I'll be spreading the bonus hours around to other things right now.  Certainly willing to continue it if others are willing to chip in for it or the original commissioner wants to see it progress.
- The Stables/Onyx: As has been pointed out, a lot of bonus time's already gone to these.  And while I may take bonus time in the future for them, it's time for other stuff to get a turn.
- Main Storyline: Not this time, but I am overdue to get back to that.
- Grant/Hyena Gang: I have a partially finished project that been shelved for the longest time.  An attempt to raise funds for it went nowhere, though I may petition again in the future to progress this gang's storyline.