Sunday, November 10, 2013

Eggies and More

Time to get caught up again on all those updates that've happened.

Egg-Impregnation: While not fully implemented, all the groundwork to allow monsters (typically reptiles and avians) to impregnate female players with eggs instead of live young has been added to the game.  If oviposition's not your thing, you're able to turn this off right away in the start-up menu.  If you're really into it and want more, you might be able to find someone who knows a thing or two about pregnancy to help you out.
Plush Lion: I've added a new vore loss scene to this stuffed kitty.
Meredith: TF sequence for transforming her + dialog updates for related NPCs.  Aside from one Easter egg, there's no post-TF sex content yet.
Wrestling Wolf: Beat him a few times and you can now claim M/M victory sex with the muscled wolf.
Demon Brute: Players with Brutus as their active companion will now be able to sometimes catch the demons before they escape so victory sex can be claimed.
Electric Prod: This weapon's been updated and renovated into a combat item with charges.

Eric & Felinoid: There's now content pairing these two up for fun times.
Soldier Content: Wahn's done some restructuring of his various soldier content and prep work for more expansion.  I expect he's got more in the works for you all.
Power Plant and Underwater Zone: These two areas have received some touch-ups to improve functionality and appearance a little
Milking: The self-milking command (milk me) has been updated to show some greater variation in its different lactation scenes.

Other fans:
Batcubus: A new critter from another fan, Blaydrex.  It was a bit buggy at first, but Wahn massaged it into shape, so it should be ready to enjoy.  Presently located in the main Outside area, but may get deported soon.
Minotaur: This critter's gotten some rewrites from a fan called Maleek.
Gargoyle: Also gotten some touch-ups from a fan called Shae.
Tigertaur: A player victory nursing scene, also by Shae.
Sam: Again by Shae, a game-over option to surrender to Rick if you turn over Sam to him back at the Mini-Lab.  Requires one of low humanity/high libido/Kinky/Submissive.

Writer For Hire update:
  • Leonard/Artemis updates (0/6) - Stripes
  • Hayato (0/3) - Stripes
  • Goblin Fun (1.5/3) - Blue Bishop