Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Stables and More

I'm back from my vacation and have gotten back to work by completing the monthly bonus hours on the Stables work.  It has ended up being a lot of text editing, flagging and minor repairs to start.  Onyx saw the most significant work, properly flagging his content and adjusting it to cope with banning/gender pref. feats.  I have also opened him up to M/M fun if you leave him at the Stables after freeing him.  The M/F stuff takes precedence, but the possibility is there (and even includes an M/M ending like his M/F one has).  Sarokcat also provided me with a little more content as well, which you may recall was added earlier on in the month.  He assures me he has more of it somewhere and will be keeping an eye out for it.

Other stuff while I was away: Nuku's added a bunch more of Kaleem's content, catching up on most of his backlog.  This stuff does need some review and repairs, so keep an eye out for bugs to help us fix it up.  I also came back with a bunch of fixes, tweaks and editsGentlemanB's Rex and Retriever content's received some more content and improvements.

EDIT:  I've completed an addition for the request for Fang content to use up that last hour.  I couldn't really find space to effectively add more quick scenes to Alpha Fang without just displacing the others, so I wrote up some fun for Beta Fang instead.  Once's Fang's locked into Beta-mode (or after restarting a game with him locked in Beta-mode), you should get a new threesome scene where Sandra has a surprise for your beta-wolf.  While there's nothing new beyond this scene and its variants, more options for the Fang sex menu could be created in the future, should someone donate a couple of hours of time to have them made.

Writer For Hire update:
  • Ronda (0/5)
  • Doberman (0/3) 
  • Bottlenose Toy Quest (0/10)

Monday, July 23, 2012

Minotaur and More

Kaleem's adapted the Minotaur creature from the multiplayer game for us and he's been added to the Dry Plains area.  At level 10, he's a big boy, so be ready for a fight with the lumbering beast.

Darthan has added endings for pure and partially human forms.  Trying to cheat using 'end now' or 'givein' won't permit you to get the pure human endings.

There is another pair of events made by Wahn that follow one after the other.  Start by looking around in the Red Light District and you may come across a soldier up to something unusual.  After that, try looking around in the main Outside areas and you may come across what is probably Diego's masterpiece of trickery.

I've done more work on Dr. Moffatt, the sexy skunk shrink.  While I've been able to complete the first part of her special mechanics, the finale will require more time.

Also of note, I will be away for pretty much the remainder of the week visiting family.  While I will have my laptop with me, I will have little opportunity to work on the requests.  I will do what planning and prep I can, but honestly don't expect to be able to get much done.  I will see what Sarokcat can provide me to help with the Stables and then make that the priority to deal with before the end of the month.

Writer For Hire update:
  • Skunk (8/8)
  • Alpha Fang (3/4)
  • Ronda (0/5)
  • Doberman (0/3) 
  • Bottlenose Toy Quest (0/10)
  • Monthly Hours - Stables (0.75/6)

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Bottlenose + Feat

The Bottlenose Toy girls are out for more fun, having gained a special scene that will come up periodically after having beaten the player a few times.  You can choose to accept it or try to struggle.  If you accept it or lose the struggle (which is weighted heavily in your favour), you'll get a final scene that ends the game.  There's lots of variations on the struggle itself, so it might be fun to try it out a few times.

We also have a new fun feat: Breeding True.  With it, your new kids will always take after their father.

For those playing the game with Inform, I have separated out the preset variables for the settings in the new auto-start menu.  This will allow you to easily preset them to your preferred starting setup.  Some quick notes have been added to explain these variables and their potential values.
NOTE: If you're uploading stuff to the GitHub, please do NOT send your adjusted version of the default settings.

Past that, lots of other little tweaks and fixes have been added as well.

EDIT: We've got another eclectic batch of events by Kaleem scattered around the game.

EDIT: Wahn's added more Elijah fun, this time threesome fun between Elijah+Candy and a female player.
EDIT 2: He's also added in a new background event for the Outside area.

EDIT 2: There's now another doctor you can meet at the Hospital who'll take an interest in you.  There's not much past once you meeting and chatting with this skunk woman for the moment, but it should give you a good first impression of what she has to offer.

Writer For Hire update:
  • More Bottlenose Toy (5/5)
  • Alpha Fang (3/4)
  • Skunk (3/8)
  • Ronda (0/5)
  • Doberman (0/3)
  • Monthly Hours - Stables (0.75/6)

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sugar Ferrets and More

There's some new, sweet and cuddly friends you can make at the State Fair, the Sugar Ferrets, who are currently living in a CandyShop you can find and even return to from time to time.  These guys have some new mechanics going on, so I expect there'll be a bug or two along the way.

Leonard will now acknowledge if you come to him looking for fun while one of the Feline girls from the park is nursing from you.  There are some new sex scenes possible from this.

Elijah now has more sexy fun available in the form of threesomes with Sven (M or F player) or the Felinoid companion (M player only for right now).  To gain access these in Elijah's menu, you'll need to spend some time in the bunker until you see the scenes with them making out.
EDIT 7/16: Now there's variations for a female player to player with Elijah and the Felinoid, as well as a male player to play with Elijah and Candy.

We've also got a bunch of other stuff that's been put in or updated:
The Submissive feat is now less likely to cause you to randomly submit.
The Wrestling Wolf can now give a bear hug alternate attack.  His other special attack has been slightly tweaked.
How to use the Instinctive Combat feat has been made clearer.
The Disorganization event series has been expanded upon.
The Butterfly's gender issues and the testosterone pill have been tweaked and should function better.
Some updates and improvements to Rex and the Retriever content.

EDIT 7/16: Alpha Fang now has the potential for watersports content.  You will be giving the option to accept or opt out of this, asked once per play through the game.  If you reload w/Trixie, you'll be asked again when it would occur.  If accepted, it will appear from time to time as part of playing with the wolf.

Writer For Hire update:
  • Ferret (8/8)
  • Feline (4/4)
  • More Bottlenose Toy (0/5)
  • Alpha Fang (1.75/4)
  • Skunk (0/8)
  • Ronda (0/5) 
  • Doberman (0/3)
  • Monthly Hours - Stables (0.75/6)

Friday, July 13, 2012

Ebook Sale

Until the end of the month, all of my books are on sale here.

You may find something interesting, or from someone else(It's a site wide sale). Note, grabbing someone elses book after following that link does fire a few pennies my way, so it's a win/win situation! Three flexible books are available, and can be downloaded to all popular ereader formats.

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You have to put in the code for each book.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Progress Begins

I'm just writing to report in on the recent small additions and updates that have been made.

First, as most of you have probably noticed, the monthly bonus was decided in favour of the Stables this time around.  I've been in contact with Sarokcat and he informs me that many of the missing scenes are already written, but the proper files need to be located.  Once we've got them, we can start adding them in quickly.  This means we'll make much more headway with the bonus time than previously anticipated.

The Stablemaster's Office should now have a partially functional Slutslave.  One of the sex scenes ends abruptly, but it's still something.

Kara, the hyena herm, has also received a bit of an update.  No sex yet, but tattoos and piercings are go.  She's also been added to the save system.

I also adjusted the mechanics for the bear hug special attack to be slightly more forgiving if you find yourself in a tough scrape (which you may need, since the Stablemaster can now bear hug you).

Some more extended creature data was added to some critters.  It seems I'd missed uploading this batch at some point.

Sex scenes between Elijah and Sven are possible, but require time for Elijah to go through his sequence of interplay scenes with the snowmeow and for him have been properly made into your pet.  Their first scene together will hold itself until you're present to witness it, so after enough time's passed, try spending a turn or two in the bunker to see if it pops up.

Some more content from Kaleem was sent along: a Manticore creature and another batch of events, mainly located at the College Campus.

I also updated the conversation text for Rod and Ronda after she's saved.  I'd missed that part when I'd sent the completed version the other day.  This'll let to check up on how Rod and Ronda's new relationship is working out.

Also, there's been a lot of stuff coming out of late, but not much feedback.  I'd really appreciate some response on what people have particularly enjoyed about the new stuff in the last month or so.  I've rarely seen comments aside from those about bugs or content people would like to see.  It'd just be nice for me and the others putting this stuff out to get to hear what people really liked in the new goodies.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Amazing Sequence from Anymouse_68

As a reminder, you can click for full size. Enjoy the talented works of one of our fans, Anymouse 68.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Ronda + Saving

We've got another update for you fine folks.  The quest to save Ronda is up and running, finally completed thanks to people chipping in step by step.  For those who don't remember, the quest should start automatically after walking into the Food Court any time after two days has passed since the creation of the Slut Rats.  There's an opportunity for one-time sex upon completion.

I've also added more of the recent content to the Trixie save code.  This includes:

- the new Main Storyline content with Dr. Matt and Zephyr
- the progress in saving Ronda (including the creation of the Slut Rats)
- Athanasia
- Kitsune
- The Skunkbeast Lord content

The Main Storyline content will award you the freecred you'd have earned doing those steps recently, as you can't carry over any resources you would have gotten with it.  Probably at some point soon, I have Trixie give you some freecred upon restoring based on your level so you don't have to keep starting from scratch.  It won't be a huge amount and will be capped, but it'll save you from having to start from scratch every time.

Writer For Hire update:
  • Ronda (4/4)
  • Ferret (0/8) - first half coded, but unwritten
  • Feline (0/4)
  • More Bottlenose Toy (0/5)
  • Monthly Hours - TBD (0/6)

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

More Updates

Got several new and updated things for you all to enjoy.
The Skunkbeast Lord endings have been created.  Numerous variations to discover here.  Altering my original ideas slightly based on some feedback, there's variations on what happens to Frank based on whether you focus on M/M or M/F with him.
Enhanced the Parasitic Plant to give it an alternate attack.  Also made a new event involving a rather sneaky plant.
The Lovers Bench has been updated to have a scene between Rachel and the player.
Several more files from Kaleem, including more events, tweaks and endings for the Gargoyle, and the Kitsune as an NPC after his quest.  Please note, the event for Kitsune's been renamed Strange Fox to prevent naming conflicts.

Also some great news, Sarokcat's back after his long hiatus (sipping wine and chasing French ladies, most likely), so everyone please welcome him back.  Some of the best stuff in the game is his work, so we're very pleased to have him back.

Writer For Hire update:
  • Ronda (0/4) - started
  • Ferret (0/8) - partial outline
  • Feline (0/4)
  • More Bottlenose Toy (0/5)
  • Monthly Hours - TBD (0/6)

Monday, July 2, 2012

June Bonus Hours

We've posted up the poll for the new set of bonus hours.  We've again got 6 this time, giving us the time to do a fair-sized project.  I do want to provide a little clarification on the options so people know what's what.

The creature options are for a new creature of that type.  With 6 hours, there should be time to give them something special. 
New heats: The game allows for infections to have a specialized heat, but most creatures use the default.  Time would be spent making a few more of these.
New M/M NPC: Time would be spent making another NPC who's after M/M fun only so players may have another option in their choice of gay lover. 
Dual form NPC: An NPC with two disparate infections and the player then chooses which final form (and thereby gender) they'll have.  The time would account largely for creating the NPC and its mechanics, and maybe a little fun, but it'd then be available to be expanded upon. 
Expand Hyena Gang: More content for the Hyena gang, with priority to completing the qiest I have with Grant. 
Stables Quest repair: Time spent repairing and updating the Stables content.  This will not fix everything, but work can be started at least. 
Expand Zephyr content: Content and missions for Zephyr, possibly leading to fun with Larissa. 
New engine content: Time spent porting/creating content for the new engine. 
Victory sex update: Improvements to player victory scenes for several creatures, adding them where missing, new variations and enhancing existing ones. 
Defeat sex update: Improvements to player defeat scenes for several creatures, adding them where missing, new variations and enhancing existing ones.

As a reminder, this is multiple choice.