Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Serpentine Shenanigans

'Ello, me bawdy li'le cherubs! Blue Bishop here.

After various medical and personal delays, today I finally have a couple updates lined up for you, first off:

Snake: The Snake critter has received a fairly substantive scene overhaul, replacing his prior, non-vore scene (The vore scene in question remaining otherwise untouched).

His selection isn't nearly as expansive as other monsters out there, but the voracious beast should now feel more in line with expectations of content delivery. It also has a fairly modest selection of scenes for players with Touched by Madness.

Additionally. While the snake's infection strain doesn't interact with the player's genital state in terms of scale, male/herm players will find that it should affect how many they have. Finally, the snake (And by extension the Naga) are now added to the Internal List.

Ah, which brings us to our other, much more substantive content update:

  • Neutral Demeanour has been added as an option to the dragon's Request menu. In this state, Doran will decide whether he'll be on top or on bottom purely by random, and his intensity will trend inward, ensuring that the player never encounters any of these scenes' more extreme variants. In the future, this demeanour will offer special scenes exclusive to it.
  • He has received two additional Submissive scenes, which puts this demeanour more on par with his domineering state. These scenes also introduce a (Right now fairly minor) mechanic, that slightly affects all existing submissive scenes, available to players at max intensity.
  • Additionally, the menu for player-domineering sex has been altered into a traditional format. While less organic-looking, it's much more compact from a coding standpoint (Which is of some merit considering that Doran is now the largest NPC in the game, in terms of file volume). Neither of these two prior additions affect Doran's one-off "Victor" scenes.
  • An additional submenu has opened up in Doran's Roleplay menu, revealing a new session for players. This session has two different core scenes, based on player choice.

And that's all from me for now, enjoy!