Monday, February 28, 2011


Ok, heading to sleep now.

Ended Febuary with about 620$ worth of donations, proving that you guys are awesomely generous, besides just being generally awesome(which I knew).

I'll probably start tinkering with the multiplayer thing since the poll doesn't indicate a mass revolt yet, and the forum is largely positive in feeling.

Many little bugfixes implemented on various critters.

Avatars should now work on the forum.

Have fun! See you in the morning.

Into the Future

If anyone knows me, they know I am always looking forwards to the next big thing.

So I'm thinking, how can this be better? What would make this experienced bigger?

What about multiplayer? How many would be interested in a MUD/SH/K like engine you could log into, interact with other cheerful mutants and go on grand, Flexible Infection, adventures with?

Just a thought. Comment below.

Hey, where's my good morning?

Already at work. Will be home in 3sh hours.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Core Upgrades

The engine got some upgrades, many helpful to aspiring content writers:

Capitalization of objects no longer matters.
Items can now have their own special code and message when used, without modifying the core code.
Tons of info on how to toy with items has been posted to the forum, still confused? Poke me there and I'll be glad to help.

How To Make Stuff

You writing up situations and/or monsters?

I'm posting how-tos to the forum. Got other how-tos you want up there? Let me know.

Good Morning Internet

Hey all, and a good morning bugfix:

The status bar will no longer get all crunched up in the middle.

Sleep time

We had a sudden, awesome, contribution of 200$(wow!) A big ole thank you for that :D I will post their name to ye olden special survivor page when/if they say what they want to be posted as(some folks prefer to be anonymous, that's cool too).

We have a lot of updates in critters and places, more things to see and poke. Have fun, explore, post, here or on the forum(link on the right!)

Night all.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

50k Hits

Woo, we hit the big 50k!

Though monetary contributions have fallen off since 20k, 400$ has been amassed since the project began, near the start of the month, and for that I am thankful to you generous players and sponsors of our strange art.

I'm also thankful for our content devs, who have taken the engine and infused it with their own visions of lechery and debauchment, enhancing the game for all. You guys are awesome. :D

If you want to join the special survivors and contribute towards combatting evil student loans and keeping food on the table, click below.

Here's to 100k!

Bug Fixes Aplenty

Thanks to the hard work of our content devs, a ton of critters are updated for more awesome.

The story is advanced a bit, please give feedback on that.

Have you guys checked out the infection terminal?

Update Update

We got a forum, and more story. See the link over on the right, hope to see you there. Since a GREAT majority of you say you love the blog, I will just have to post my stuff to both places.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Back Home Again

I'm home, and sick, but I have tomorrow off, which is good.

Looks like you guys want MOAR STORY, and I will do my best to deliver that.

Updates: Producing your child gives you more turns!
Time of day no longer gets lost when in 'overtime'.

To work

Off I go, but not without an update. Added code to make it easy to add time to the game, and made advancing the story just do that. Reaching Dr. Matt now gives some extra time.

Good Morning Fixes

Fixed that look up error for you guys.
And made heat shut itself off if you're knocked up.

Now what to work on next, hmm...

Goodnight Gift

As I settle to sleep, a last update:

  • Fixed bug where you could scavenge worry free.
  • Critters more than 3 levels above you will not appear.
  • No feedback on new prompt/status, like, no like? Speak up!

Thursday, February 24, 2011


So I got home a bit ago and did some little tweaks in the prompt and status.

Monsters also have a chance to sneak up on you and get a first swing in on fights, beware!

Off to work

I have uploaded Voldine's various critters, fixed and updated!

And now I go to labor, no not that kind of labor.

Stats Command

You can now type stat or stats to see your stats without the rest of 'look me' spam.


To monster designers:

Ok, there is now a variable, called 'looknow' which becomes 1 while looking at yourself, and is 0 the rest of the time.

Which means, in theory, you can have [if looknow is 1]LONG SKIN OR COCK DESC[otherwise]ONE TO THREE WORD SKIN OR COCK DESC[end if]

Also, seriously, 1-3 words, not a sentence.

Skin descs should be like: black furred, orange scaled, roughly scaled, smoothly fleshed
cock descs should be like: knotted, pink doggy, barbed, flat headed, corkscrew

Not sentences! They don't play nice in other situations that want to mention your willie or skin in passing.

Good Morning

I woke up and installed all the files sent my way, enjoy!

Spread the Infection

Posted the game to a new place:
Flexible Survival

Got your own page? You can support the game by throwing up your own link.

It's a Dog Summer Day

The Collies have come out, and they brought a present with them in the form of a nagging heat to plague female infection victims. Will the city ever recover?

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Collies and Cots

To make carrying capacity helpful, the cot in the bunker is now an object you can grab, it weighs 25 pounds. With it, you can rest anywhere. Now that's handy!

Voldine submitted a Collie, and it's installed, feel free to report bugs here.

Many feats were upped from 13 to 15 requirement.

Starting Feat

Should you start with a feat?

New Poll

New poll over to the right, vote and be counted!


Ok, home, let the coding resume!

Workin in da coal mines

Of retail, anyway. I will be back later for more update awesomeness. Snuck another feat in this morning.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I have not been sleeping!

I went ahead and added a park, inside the park you can find two whole new monsters to play with!

New feats were slipped in through the day, you can see them by clicking feats over to the right.

Also, fully filled in monster file: Here


Telanda gets a cookie of extra credit!

For those making monsters, check out:

If you edit that, and send it to me, I can include it instantly. Just change the data and name it properly.


You guys voted for feats!

I deliver feats!

Well, ok, only 2 feats, but the engine is designed to accept new feats easily!
The feats can even have requirements(One of them does, you need high charisma to get it)!
As noted by the good doctor, you can only have 1 feat per 3 levels, starting at level 3.
Check out feats link on right for list of feats. Feel free to suggest new feats.

Like, no like, bugs? Lemme know.

Mall Rat Trading

The mall rats have decided that you're an ok guy/gal/both? and have permitted Rod to trade more expansively with you. He will now accept offerings of water, and let you sample the delicious stockpile of junk food he has. Yum!

PS: The mall rats will accept dirty water too. Infected water has no effect on their already stabilized and ratty forms. Some even say it has a nice tangy taste to it that they like.

Lab Update and More

Thanks to two contributors, we now have two more things to play with.

A new situation has you run into a new desperate citizen of the city!
The park is infested with strange insects. Sadly, the park isn't reachable, yet(awww), but! The pollen does get into the local water supply...

Orthas cleared away the debris blocking the stairs in the lab, allowing you to reach the good doctor.

Sandra Moves In

Sandra will now move in if you approach her for fun as a female while pregnant or with a child already following you, presuming you have completed rabbit sisterhood.

20K Hits

The blog went and doubled in hits in the last day! I am humbled by the swell of support you have all shown, in your kind comments, suggestions, and even those who reached into wallets to help crush student loans into dust. Everyone wins!

Since last I reported, I have been able to hurl 185$ at the biggest interest loan, which leaves it at about $1610.56.

Since the paypal donate button was installed earlier this month, there has been $295 of contributions by those who enjoy the game, and I hope to continue expanding on the game to keep it worthy of those heartfelt donations!

Here's looking for 50k hits, and what the game will be when we get there.

Thanks to all of you, even the quiet lurkers, all players of Flexible Survival. We're in it together.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Be Fruitful and Multiply

You can now be knocked up, carry child, and give birth.

Once a child is born of you, you will not become pregnant within the scope of the story.

The child can have traits of father or mother, but mother's traits are dominant. They can be traits gained at time of conception or time of birth.

Having a child gives +2 perception due to a second pair of eyes around to spot things.

Your kid needs food too, and will cause you to get hungry/thirsty a little faster(About 50% faster on food, 33% faster on thirst).

The child will gain other uses over time, especially if I tackle the feat engine next.

Like, no like? Post thoughts!

The Big Pregnancy Question

A: How long should it take?
B: How often should it happen?
C: Does the child's race depend on your infection at time of birth, or conception, or neither(depends on the dad)

On C, I feel it would be odd to go with the father, there's no reason for any super fast nanite infected spawn to ignore any further nanite infestations you came across, including the ones giving the form you have now.

For A: 3-6 days is my gut hunch.

For B: Once per game is more than enough I think but people like going kerazy. Still, I can do a lot WITH the kid if I limit it to one spawn. Other option would be to allow as many as you want but only the oldest 'counts' for specific things, like taking the tyke out adventuring.

Snow Complete

Be afraid, because Snow wants to show her love for you in all the wrong(right) ways!


The dog extension was just updated, post HERE any bugs, typos, and grammatical horrors you find within so the author of said extension can weep into their cheerios, er, I mean fix it rapidly with grace and professionalism, yes, that's the ticket.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Snow interactions

Snow now has half her scenes laid out.

Is she infectious? Currently no. Maybe later, maybe.

She's a cameo, I don't want to get sidetracked too hard with her.

Javascript Maaaagic

So there I was hacking away at Snow's hawt scene and I realize that it bothers me, a lot, to have the game on EVERY page. I look up how to exclude it via Blogger's tools, they all fail. So I pull on my javascript hat, which I'm not even that good at, and managed a kludge. The game now only shows up on the main page. Enjoy!

Zug zug

Back to work for me. More FS when I get home. I will be checking phone for more awesome ideas and thoughts though.

A big ole shout out to the next wave of genorous sponsors that threw into the pot last night!


I added some more endings. These are survivor endings for existing mutations. There are now surviving mutations added for:

  • Husky(must have face, body, and have female equipment)
  • Goo girl(must have skin and body)
  • Dragoness(just body required)
  • Panther Taur(just body required)

Good morning!

I'm awake, and got right to work. Inventory weight now has a purpose(You can't move if you go over capacity).
You can now drop items.
Dropped items hang out in the room you dropped them in, you litter bug.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

10k hits

 Wow, 10k hits in such a short time.
In other updates to the general cause:

I have received 110$ USD from generous souls, thanks guys!

This leaves my biggest interest student loan at: 1,795.56$

I'm going to work on something right now as a thank you to the community for the support I've received.

Maybe I'll push forward the squirrel, maybe something else, hmm!


The critter is still being worked on by its author. He reports that he hadn't intended on it being released so quickly. He hasn't been watching my update schedule, clearly. ^_^

Anywho, I enacted most of the typos reported, and I'll leave it alone for now and give the poor guy a chance to implement fixes and happiness.

At work

More work for me! Then, birthday bash for niece.

Update: new critter fixed for various typos.
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Inventory Update

Inventory is now much cleaner in appearance. Like it? Drop me a line!

Friday, February 18, 2011

New Event

There's a bushy tailed varmint out there in the city, waiting for someone to find her.

Will you be the first?

Warning: Not finished.


The dragoness mutation now has endings!

New Comments

I just added a comment engine that doesn't suck. Alas, old comments were poofled away.

So make up for it with some new, awesome, comments!

Thank you

I have received contributions from several, wonderful, people. A big shout out to you guys. You help keep the game growing, and me out of financial ruin. Win Win! Their names are all posted to the 'Special Survivor' link over to the right, check them out.

PS: Update, gaining levels gives a bit less HP per level, but now increases your score(By more and more per level! 100 points for going from 9 to 10!) i and inv now show your item inventory as they should.

Power UP!

You can now gain levels!
Gaining a level gets you:
  • more hit points
  • better to-hit in combat
  • +1 to any stat of choice every 2 levels.

Daily Summary

Scavenge command added.
Stat selection menu returns, and you can pick a stat to increase by 5.
Misc. Bugfixes
Trevor labs has become accessible, but there's not much there, yet.
help command added to with Flexible Survival specific help!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Starting Stats

I have heard your suffering and respond. You now gain +5 to the stat of your choice at game start. Enjoy!

Quitting Menus

You can't quit menus anymore.

Food Trading

Rod now accepts food in return for the rat beverage of choice.

New command: Hunt

Easy and fun! hunt (critter name)

You must use the WHOLE NAME. It will NOT tell you if you can't find the critter, you'll just run into something else. This triples your chances of running into the critter you want.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Special Survivors

I made a page over on the right called 'Special Survivors'.

They are people who have devoted significant time and/or funds to make the game awesome!

New Critter: Felitaur

Made for AsureaSkie, whom is awesome. She prowls about in the outside area. The sewers of the mall are far too dirty for her.

Rabbit Sisterhood

Sandra gets an update, and can now proceed with the rabbit sisterhood to the next level.
She will also now restore lost rabbit parts if need be.

New Command: Scavenge

You can now scavenge from any fast travel point, looking specifically for food and water. Perception helps. It's 1d20+perception bonus vs a DC of 10 to score a food or water situation.

The food or water can still be in need of rescuing, mind. Pinned under things, on top of things, or already clutched in someone else's hands.

Food and Water

You can now find food and water while exploring.

It is not always in easy reach, however. Be prepared to climb, lift, and talk your way out of starvation, thirst, and bitter defeat.

Sandra is happy to help!

Goo is now edible.

A treat

A special treat, the game is now embedded in the blog itself!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Remember the name of the game? We just got real, yo.

You now grow hungry and thirsty. You can die.

Gryphon milk does count as a drink, to be clear.

Big Change

Fighting critters can cause your stats to change when you get infected.
Stats prefer to go up rather than down, if you have more, say, strength than something and you lose to it and strength is rolled, there's a 90% chance your strength will NOT change, and a 10% chance the strength drops a point.

Going the other way, your strength would always raise if rolled. Be as strong as a snake man!

PS: Someone hurled 10$ at me, thanks man, big thanks, you totally made my day!

What, More Work?

Yep, writing this on the phone. Be back at 10sh Pacific. Feel free to comment ideas.(they make me happy)

Have a Seat, I Insist

The foodcourt now has some food, and a chair. The chair is useable as a weapon.

Misc. grammar fixes and such.
Endings added for goo girl and naga.

No More Ads

I have removed all ads, from the blog, and the game.

I'm pretty sure you guys don't want them, they don't pay much(haven't received a dime yet, probably never will, 100$ minimum google, really?), so just forget it.

If you guys are feeling generous, click ye olde donation button on the right(The guy with the money bag), or don't.

Donations help fuel my happiness and maddening urge to continue with the code tapping. They also help pay down crippling student loans.


Sandra has gotten over her intense fit of shyness and is ready to work again.

The player, on gaining a jelly body, now has a color.

You should not run into 'nothing' anymore.

The naga has found his sex drive.

The player has found his balls.


Goo Girl Done

The goo girl awaits you in the sewers beneath the mall, gooping up the joint.

The goo she drops does not, yet, do anything.

Monday, February 14, 2011

At work

Just so you all know. No progress until 10;30 pm pacific.

Goo Girl

Working on a new monster since that seems to be winning the vote for the moment.

To tease:
A jiggling girl of blue color. You can see through her, mostly, her gelatin like flesh tinting the area behind her with its lustrous shade. Her upper torso is well defines, with large breasts somehow jiggling just a little more noticeably than the rest of her. Her lower body seems to meld into a grand base of goop just past her thighs, her legs permanently held together. She seems to notice you and turns to you. With soft slurping sounds, she propels herself at you like an incoming wave, hands outstretched for you with an unwavering smile.

Favorite Part

What's your favorite part of the game so far? Do post!

Flexible Survival

A new project! Flexible Survival. Set in another city besieged with the flexible infection, you will play the part of a man, or woman, who escaped into a bunker before it all went to hell. You have 30 days to survive, find survivors, fight monsters, try to avoid becoming a monster(maybe? Up to you). Get a score at the end depending on how well you did.

You can play it in your browser here:

Latex Fox

Trading implemented(give item to person)
Conversation implemented(talk to person, chat person, chat with person)
Two new items!(one gotten via trading)
Added a non violent denizen to the mall, go give him a chat at.
Sandra has found her voice outside of meeting her and mid coitus, feel free to chat it up with her.
Misc. Bugfix/grammar fixes
Fixed breast descriptions up to 26 inches(They get fuzzy past 26, out of letters!).

Donations accepted via paypal @ nuku_v [at]

Note: Are you an artist? Like the game? We could use a snappy icon for it! I'd love you forever. <3

Thoughts? Post away!