Sunday, August 18, 2013

Pets and a New Friend

We've got some new stuff for you since the last update that I wanted to advise you of.  It mainly deals with pets, but there's also a new monster/NPC added by Blue Bishop.

I ended up doing a bunch more stuff than was needed to complete the bonus hours, but that's how it goes.  This should increase your fun with the pets and allow players a little more control.
- Players are now able to initiate sex with interested pets by using the 'fuck <pet>' command.  At present, this will prompt their usual, random event scenes.  It will also reset their sex delay back to a minimum of a half-day.
- New M/M scenes with the Felinoid companion, which will be cycled through.
- A variety of Lovers Bench scenes with Brutus the Demon Brute, done by Wahn.
- The helper dog can now provide a variety of small assistances dealing with your basic survival.  Generally, they'll only pop up if you're getting into difficulty with health, hunger, thirst, etc...

Peculiar Dragon:
Out on the Dry Plains, you'll find a new creature, a Peculiar Dragon.  He's quite powerful and seems to act quite differently from the other monsters you've seen.  Should you defeat him, you'll gain access to a new NPC called Doran.  Doran's an interesting fellow with a range of conversations which will be expanded further in time.

Lastly, I may have limited opportunity to check in on FS for the next two or three days, but I'll keep an eye on things when I can.  Once I'm back, I'll be tackling the remaining work gung-ho style, so line up your requests while the queue's short.

Writer For Hire update:
  • Philip (0/3) - Stripes
  • Donkeyman sub ending (0/1) - Stripes