Monday, February 8, 2021

FS News - January 2021

  Hi everyone, this is Wahn again with the Flexible Survival News for January 2021.



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Alexandra: The bad-dog dobie bitch has gained another walk-in event for when you make her the barracks slut on the farm. You can now walk in on her dozing on one of the beds after being gangbanged by all the farmhands - with the options of eating her out, fucking her, or just basking in the thanks of the cheerful men.
Alpha: The tentacle-bearing hybrid offspring of the thought eater can now be born in the "Cell Four" event, and you might bring him home into the library if you choose to do so.
Centaur Stallion: Two new victory scenes for the player. One of the scenes is rimming based, and the other scene involves the player sucking him off.
Demon Brute/Brutus: An unpurified male/herm Demon Brute pet will want to absolutely ravage the next Incubus you fight alongside him, and you may let him do so.
Diavoborg: The red behemoth will not discriminate same-sized lovers, now! His whole pre-event has been adjusted, and it comes with one sex scene when in the cave. There is a new mouthplay scene for smaller players, as well.
Dr. Matt: His 'I am busy' message between quests and leading up to the hospital content has been rewritten to match his character better and give a little guidance to explore the city more.
Fang: Fang will now keep track of how many children he has with the player, potentially allowing for future scenes to be affected by how large his pack of offspring has become.
Fang: You can now acquire Fang as either a female or male wolf depending on whether you choose to tame a male or female feral wolf. While there are currently still scenes that are for male Fang only, most scenes between player and Fang have male and female counterparts. With special thanks to Lost Directions, as the primary writer for these additions.
Feral Wolf Bitch: There is now a female counterpart to the Feral Wolf Male (previously the Feral Wolf) roaming the Urban Forest. Written primarily by Lost Directions. 
Game Start Options
: The set of available starting genders has been expanded from just male/female to now also include trans and herm options. Along the same lines, you can now optionally select locks for your body configuration that keep the character in these chosen settings.
Gregory: This half-wyvern soldier can now be potentially brought into the library if you chose to do so in Urik's new event. Please note that he is in metamorphosis stasis currently and you cannot wake him up, but there are talk options to care for or influence him.
Karel & Isaac: The black-furred horseman twins have gotten some new pictures to their name, presenting themselves at their best for you.
Malik: The orc son of Warrior Chris and the player has now been un-coupled from Chris's description and appears as his own freestanding NPC.
Nekomimi Cosplayer (Male): A new creature can now be encountered at the college whose enthusiasm for videogame characters has not been diminished by the circumstances in the city.
Running with Wolves: A new start choice allows the player to start off with Fang already at the library and already transformed into a feral wolf.
Ryousei - Sparring: You can now spar with Ryousei after recruiting him, allowing both of you to gain XP.
Ryousei - Tai Chi: You can now see Ryousei go to practice Tai Chi in the courtyard behind the library and possibly join in. Afterwards there's a talk option for another session (one per day) you can do with him, which will help center your body and mind.
Snow Leopard: The snow leopard have gotten some new artwork too, showing off their fluffy white fur for everyone to see.
The Stables: An especially Ballsy and Hung Horseman will be on the lookout for you whenever you wander around the equine whorehouse. He'll only play with you if you have shrinking mushrooms, and that will result in something fun for the CV lovers.
Tyrannosaurus Male: An anthro reptile man will now be roaming the Museum, and he is an angry one wanting to subdue everyone he sees. But if you manage to defeat him, perhaps you can teach him a lesson!
Underground Events: Several of the events in the Trevor Labs underground have been rewritten, giving a more atmospheric experience and some glimpses at what went on there before the nanite apocalypse.
Urik - Looting Trip II: You can now go on a second looting trip with Urik (available in the talk menu if you befriend him), returning to the same area you explored before. This has the option of climbing into the wyvern tree (or not), as well as another choice in looting the neighborhood beyond, and running into the two women living there together again.
Urik - New Character Event: There's a new walk-in event for Urik in the library, concerning him braiding his hair, giving a little bit more character development and backstory.
Urik - Pics: Various events with Urik will now show his picture to go with the content too.
Valkyrie: A valkyrie can now be found in Avalon, and she has been looking for a toy to service her mighty steed.

Bugfixes and Balance Patches

Alexandra: The proper father for her pups will now be registered correctly, even if you are not present for the birth.
Brookstone Books: Doing crossword puzzels with Beverly now has an obvious intelligence check (rather than a hidden one), and you'll be able to see if you succeed. The puzzle can raise your intelligence if you do.
Champion Event: A number of typos in the event have been resolved.
Cherry: A minor typo in the Pink Furred Scavenger event has been resolved.
Cherry's Apartment: The location can now be found on the nav list.
College Flakes Event: A small typo has been fixed.
Combat: Monster images will now only be removed if you successfully flee (not on attempts). Also, before combat starts the previous image will be removed.
Denise: Her pregnancy cycle should be less likely to derail if you leave her sitting on the nest in the library and an egg hatches in your absence.
Dolphin Herm: The descriptive texts for a player with this infection have been adjusted a bit to be better readable.
Dom: A small typo in a facefuck scene with Dom has been fixed.
Dr. Fuchs: A number of typos in Otto's content have been fixed.
Eric: A little gender confusion in Eric's scenes with Fang has been resolved, now using the fitting pronouns.
Erica: Carl can now also take her virginity and knock her up in their scenes.
Fetish Store Event: A minor typo has been fixed.
Gender Pronouns: To avoid immersion-breaking confusion due to what might appear to be typos, the gender pronouns across the game used have been unified a bit more. We do offer male/female/nonbinary choices for the player character that you can select for yourselves and are open for non-binary characters in the future. As for older content, the fairly rare instances of using 'shi' and 'hir' for a whole species in a few scenes have been pared down to using more traditional pronouns depending on the individual character's appearance and personal identity. As an example, the herm tigress hookers are more in touch with their female side and now use 'she' (individual future NPCs might have other preferences), whereas the herm centaur NPC Thomas uses 'he' because that is what he is comfortable with.
Gourmet Treats Event: The game will now use the right infection to fuck you with.
Grumpy Old Men Event: A minor typo has been fixed.
Hadiya: Some surplus quotation marks in her content have been removed.
Hellhound: Hellhound-infected should now get the proper cock to go with the infection.
Husky Bitch: A number of typos throughout the content of the huskys have been fixed.
Icarus: Being dominated by Icarus and having your face fucked should now be phrased better.
Icarus: Feline predators can now reach repeats of the extra rough basement scenes with him.
Icarus/Amy Sex: A small typo in their scene has been fixed.
Import/Export: Importing will now delete all owned and stored items before giving you the contents of the exports file.
J'reth: He will now use the proper infection to father children with you.
Kitsune: The descriptive texts for a player with this infection have been adjusted a bit to be better readable.
Korvin: Some minor typos in Korvin's scene returning to Wyatt at the Red Apartment Building have been resolved.
Lux & Fang: A double negative in a conversation between them has been removed.
Milking Facility: Some typos in the operator's diary were fixed.
Mothgirl:  The descriptive texts for a player with this infection have been adjusted a bit to be better readable.
Nermine: A little coding hiccup about the strange ankh not properly being awarded in the jackalman quest should now be resolved and you'll be able to go through all of her content again.
Nermine: If you are impatient and immediately ask her for progress about finding a cure for the wereraptor curse without waiting, Nermine will now have something suitable to say.
Orthas: A missing `I` has been added in one of Orthas's scenes.
Plant Ruins Encounters Event: A number of typos int he event have been fixed.
Player Description: If you are going commando, wearing no underwear but with leg-coverings like jeans, the game should no longer refer to you as bare-ass naked from now on.
Policeman Event: A minor typo has been resolved.
Portrait Event: A number of typos in this event have been resolved.
Prankster's Delight Event: Some typos in the event have been resolved.
Pregnancy: The pregnancy code will now properly check if a given npc might be sterile before knocking you up.
Sam: A typo in his transformation scene has been fixed.
Shag Shack: Whoring yourself out will now properly potentially fuck you with a polar bear infection.
Shipping Container Event: A minor typo has been fixed.
Spartan Ursupation Event: A minor typo in the event has been resolved.
Tactical Gloves: A small typo in the description has been fixed.
Tentacle Horror: The descriptive texts for a player with this infection have been adjusted a bit to be better readable.
Trickster's Masterpiece Event: A typo in the event has been resolved.
Urik: Walking in on the encounter of Chris and Urik will now display the proper picture. Further, the event will only fire once the choice has been made how you'll treat Urik in the library.
Wandering Helot Event: A minor typo has been fixed.
Zoe: The white van will only be marked as "you know what it is used for" if you did not save Zoe from her fate in it.


Recruitment Drive

If you do want to join up and contribute writing, editing, programming or artwork, please do visit the FS Discord here and contact me. 
Note: We now also have someone doing coding support for those who just want to write, so you won't have to worry about that side of things too much if you can't wrap your head around it.

Writer for Hire / Commissions


Thanks to our new and greatly increased number of writers, we are even more ready than before to fulfill any wishes for new content specific to your desires. If you are interested in commissioning us, please do contact me on the FS Discord - then we can find the right writer for your project. The going rate for hired writing is 15$/hour.

FS Artwork

Here are examples of the new ingame artwork: