Wednesday, February 27, 2013


And we're back here again with another hefty pile of updates.  I'll try to keep it short for each one, since there's several bunch.
EDIT: The definition issue which was preventing the submissive content and some other new elements of the game from properly operating has been resolved.  This should be functional now.  Please continue to make us aware of any bugs you come across.

Stuff from Stripes - go me! 
Bouncy Castle: Two more rooms have been added here, one restoring the orca from the second version and all-new content in the second one.  A fresh contribution means there's more on the way, but I have ideas for more beyond that if someone wants to chip in.  Look for the vixen on the Beach if you've not tried this location yet.
François: Another sex scene's been provided for the furry French chef.  To find him, look for some gourmet treats in the HRD.
Hyena Gang: Added a pair of submissive variations on sex with the gang members.  There one for the player as gang bitch and one as matriarch.
Elijah: A pair of submissive variations for bad Elijah if you let him fuck you, one male and one female.
Siren: A DP version of its creature victory scene may come up for submissive males.

Stuff from others:
Eric: He's received a threesome w/David (by Wahn) and the option for a satyr cock (by myself).  There's more to come for both of these, but there's enough for you to have some new fun.
Grizzly Bear: A male ursine to be found at the Zoo, made by another new fan trying their hand at making content, UrsaOmega.
Pit Bull: This junkyard dog now comes in both males and females with a bunch of critter victory scenes.  Nothing new for player victory yet.  Written by Blue Bishop.
Zebra: A collection of player victory scenes, touched-up transformation and a drop item all courtesy of Wahn. 
Tenrec: As part of an urban planning push to revitalize the Warehouse District by StripeGuy, he's provided furry fishermen as a taste of what's to come from him.

Writer For Hire update:
  • Songbird (3.5/6)
  • Bouncy Castle (3/3)
  • Eric Add-on (1.75/3)
  • More M/M (3/3)
  • Giant (0/4)
  • Alexandra (0/6)
  • More Bouncy Castle (0/6)

Friday, February 22, 2013

Beaver Fever, eh?

Grab a double-double and a two-four, you hosers, 'cause we've got another update with some new creatures for you.  Some generous fans put in a burst of donations yesterday, so I've set myself to work putting out the first chunk of it and I hope to have more soon.  Keep 'em comin'!

Komodo Dragon: This month's bonus voting has unleashed this toxic monstrosity upon the city.  You can find it lurking in the Sewers.  Beware it's vicious, poisonous bite.  The toxins will continuously damage you round after round until your body can finally purge it or combat is done.  This means the poison mechanic has been added to combat, so a bunch of other creatures might develop venom suddenly.  Remember, you guys asked for this.  Maybe one day, when I'm feeling benevolent, I might even make some antitoxin. :)

Beaver: A fan contributed to save this plump fellow from being resigned to the scrap pile after he didn't make it in the voting.  This means you're all set to get a case of beaver fever from some visiting Canucks who've found themselved turned into Beavers when the infection struck.  You can find them enjoying a pub crawl through the Red Light District in search of some proper beer.  I added a lot of extra dialogue and little scene variations for them, so you should have lots of fun.

Blue Chaffinch: The first section of new songbird is up and added to the game in the Zoo.  There'll be more to come as you later with the arrogant avian, but here's a taste of what's to come.  Now, you might find him a little tricky to catch once you beat him, so you might need the proper means and motivation to catch the escaping bird.

Other Adjustments: The Hawkman infection now recognizes your Gender Preferred choice and will adjust his targeted gender accordingly.  Also, the Demon Brute has been promoted to level 5 to help with creature balance a little in that area.

Writer For Hire update:
  • Beaver (6/6)
  • Songbird (3.5/6)
  • Bottlenose Toy / Bouncy Castle (0/3)
  • Eric Add-on (0/3)

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Shoot It Like It's Porn

'Cuz it is porn.  We've got lots more sexy fun that's been added over the past week.

Goblin: The new set of player victory scenes by Blue Bishop and running.  There's a fair bit of variety for both sets, including a rather kinky new choice.
Wolfman: There's a new threesome option at the Wolfman Lair by Wahn.
Soldier Squad: Wahn's added a follow-up scene for this event you can find in the Warehouse District.
Xerxes: The batch of threesome scenes for female players have been added by Wahn.
Andrew: Very messy new scene with Andrew the gay wolf and several patrons of the Palomino.  It was written by Gyrgon (the original donator) with some coding tricks and tweaks added by myself.
Trixie: I've added some added info on how to use the new saving system to Trixie's appearance and dialogue.  I've also added Rex and François to the save code.
Alexandra: Added another dialogue scene with her as well as some comments from her on several of the other NPCs she might see around.
Pit Bull: Neuter ending has been added.

Also, this month's looking really slim for donations.  We do need contributions to keep the game up and running (and to feed code tigers), so if you've got anything you'd like to see worked on, please donate and we'll see about making it happen.

Writer For Hire update:
  • Bonus Hours: Komodo Dragon (2.25/6)

Saturday, February 16, 2013

New Save System

Just slotted in a new save system that should, in theory, not need save words, and work between versions.


Try it out, let us know. You still have to talk to the happy save fairie like you did before.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Combat 2.5

After some discussion with Nuku, I present to you another major revamping of the combat system.  It is a significant change to the mechanics of fighting that will allow for a lot more creativity to come, but should not throw off the existing balance between player progression and creatures.

Here are some of the highlights of Combat 2.5:
- The crux of the change is based on the fact that we are changing from a d20 roll to a d50.  The base to hit/flee numbers have been scaled up, so the core odds (60%) are the same.
- By doubling creature and monster base bonuses, the current balance is maintained between player and critters.  This means you should do roughly as well (or as poorly) as you're used to against the critters.
- Thanks to the increase in die range, we now have room to add individual bonuses and penalties to hitting, dodging, mind/will and fleeing to both sides.  A bonus to hit for your pet is also coded.
- Maximum hit/dodge/flee bonus limits have been scaled (with tougher limits for hard mode).
- Existing sources of bonuses (and penalties) include your weapon, equipment, feat combinations (Know Thyself matching, Black Belt for melee, Martial Artist/Bo Staff for melee), your companion (mouse girl), Velos and more to come.
- Pepperspray has been remodelled (with much simpler code) to integrate better into Combat 2.5.
- Existing alternate attacks have been remodelled (as necessary) and integrated.
- Your appearance now includes your weapon (for added bad-assitude) and a note if it's oversized or undersized for you.
- Weapons may now come with a small to-hit bonus or penalty.  They also come with size rating.  Using something too far from its size rating incurs a minor to-hit penalty.  New Weaponsmaster info to come later, but checking the object description as well as yourself should do for now to help give you a clue.
- Equipment can now be given bonuses/penalties to dodging or fleeing, though none have been assigned yet.
- The Anime Babe's interaction w/tentacle forms now includes bonus/penalty effects.
- Future bonuses (or penalties) may come from combat items, pets, monsters, infections, alt attacks, equipment...  Feel free to make some suggestions and we'll take them under consideration.

This update is in and live!  Things should be largely status quo right now, but keep your eyes open for any oddball effects and expect more bonuses and penalties to start popping up.  Some will be subtle while others will make themselves painfully apparent.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


While we don't have much in the way of full on new stuff in this announcement, we've got quite a few things that have seen improvements and expansion.

First up, coming from the requests, we've got:
- Artemis: Some small tweaks to her shorter playtime scenes with the player and a set of scenes, many of them new, for you tossing cups to her.
- François: The furry French mutt's got a small collection of M/M sex scenes to go with his sexy accent.  There's more planned, but it's a good start and should provide plenty of fun.
- Alexandra: All of her sex scenes have been expanded for added enjoyment, with the first two even coming with a random variation for their new midpoint section.

With my assistance, Blue Bishop has given a bunch of the regular, outside critters an assortment of small improvements.  As this was just a quick pass to deal with some basic flaws and issues, these are small changes.  While some of these involve the addition of new scenes, others have scenes changed slightly and others only have minor adjustments you may not specifically notice.  Probably the stuff you'll notice the most are the improvements to some of the oldest creatures in the game, the Latex Foxes, Female Huskies and Hermaphrodite Gryphons.
- Latex Fox: You should have a marked reduction in your uncontrolled fucking or riding these defeated guys after fixing and adjusting its libido trigger.
- Female Husky:  Another victory auto-fucking adjustment.  At lower libidos, you'll pass on fucking them.  At the mid-range, you'll be given the option to do so.  But once your libido's too high, you won't be able to hold back from taking her. 
- Herm Gryphon: You should see a wider range of action from these feathery hybrids, selecting from their various scenes rather than always giving the same one.
Others who've seen improvements of one degree or another are: Alpha Wolf, Latex Wolf, Ram, Hawkman, Alpha Husky, Feral Wolf, German Shepherd, Gargoyle and Wrestling Wolf.

Writer For Hire update:
  • Alexandra (3/4)
  • Bonus Hours: Komodo Dragon (0/6)

Friday, February 8, 2013

Another Wave of Stuff

We've got another big batch of stuff that's come in this week to announce.  First off, we've got another new coder who's appeared, StripeGuy, coming in to give us two new creatures with lots of character to them.  And I guess that leaves me with another guy for people to get confused over my name with. :)

New Critters:
Badger: First off is StripeGuy's first newcomer on the scene.  This big, burly badger beast's busily burrowing below the Park.
Ocelot: This is the first half of a new kitty creation (OMG! Stripes made a feline?  Stop the presses!) for the High Rise District.  A simple choice you'll be asked to make will lead to a big difference in how his infection and his many scenes will play out.
Opossum Sailor: StripeGuy's second creation, this aggressive female roaming the Warehouse District will keel haul you if you don't present your mast to her.

Critter Improvements:
Anime Babe endings: A donator wanted some endings for this one and I ended up in a really good groove, so I went just a bit overboard and made 10 of them (5 succumb and 5 survive)!  Gotta catch'em all!
Yamato Dragon(ess): This pair will now properly cross over between themselves for infection.  A set of drop items have been given to them as well.

Artemis: Lots more fun for the rubbery kitty, including many more scenes that you'll be able to unlock for her.  I've also given her a new ability you may find useful, both in the game and in unlocking all that new content.
Larissa and Dr. Utah: I've fixed saving for this pair so they should now restore properly so you can continue the fun with them from game to game.

Resting: I have made resting outside a little more interesting and realistic.  Now sleeping somewhere outside and unprotected may lead to some critter finding you, even if you've brought the cot along.  The cot still gives the best rest, but parking it in the middle of the Red Light District and taking a nap may not go ignored.  I hope to improve on this even further, but Nuku and I will need to figure that part out. 
Capitol Events: With Blue Bishop's assistance, we have a few more events to help fill in this area.

Also, voting on this past month's bonus hours has closed with the Komodo Dragon coming out on top.  Thank you all for donating and participating.

Writer For Hire update:
  • Artemis Pt 2 (5/6) 
  • Anime Babe (1/1)
  • More M/M (0/3)
  • Alexandra (0/4)
  • Bonus Hours: Komodo Dragon (0/6)

Monday, February 4, 2013

This Week in FS...

Here's an update on the various additions that have been made to the game in the past week.  There's been quite a bit thanks to others helping out.  Way to go guys!  Let's keep it coming.

*Velos: A major project written by Blue Bishop and coded by myself, this new NPC accompanies you (rather uncomfortably) around the game.  This opinionated fellow will muse on other NPCs you meet and have scenes with them.  You can find this Strange Serpent down in the sewers under the mall.  Two things you should know:
     1> This content is not sexual in nature (at present).
     2> This event requires a minimum score of 200 to be encountered.
*Onyx: The sexy stallion's now up and ready to please the ladies with M/F scenes after bringing him back to the Library.  Blue Bishop wrote this content and I coded it in.
*François: A new NPC and location from GentlemanB, this cute canine is in some trouble when you first stumble across him.  He's been baking up some Gourmet Treats in the High Rise District.  Note: You can use 'Francois' or 'Francis' when typing his name.

New Critters:
*Goat Janitor: Brought to us by a new dev called McRabid (with M/F by myself), there's now a crotchety old goat wandering around the Hospital, taking offence at all you disrespectful young people making sticky messes he has to clean up.  Fed up, he'll try to teach you a lesson. 
*Spartan: A new addition from Wahn, these manly warriors are running around Campus as they try to prove their might as part of some test or rite of passage.  And they'll be more than happy to do you right in any of your passages as well if they win. 
*Goblin: While not quite new, the goblins now have female versions running around.  To go with this, the creature victory scenes have been expanded thanks to Blue Bishop's writing help.  There's a set of player victory stuff as well and I'll be adding that soon.

Critter Improvements:
*Snow Bat: New and improved creature victory scenes for this guy (M/F and M/M) and a set of Snow Bat player victory ones as well.  Thanks go to Blue Bishop for writing this new content. 
*Quilled Tousky: Potential oral or M/F creature victory outcomes are not mixed in with the more comedic possibilities.
*Trash Coon: Tracking added if you decide not to play with the Trash Coons so you don't have to keep opting out.  There's now a Trash Coon player victory scene for a neuter player now as well.

*Cum Load Sizes: A new subroutine's been added to let coders easily insert descriptions of your load size.  There's quite a bit of variety in it, so it should help spice things up once people start adding it in.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Out of Nowhere

I had an idea, so I coded it.

Flags now have three states:
  • Banned -- All creatures of this flag are flat out removed from the game.
  • Not banned -- Normal
  • Warded -- Creatures with this flag are NOT removed, but will not come up in a random fight. You can hunt for them just fine, but if you do an explore or a random fight happens, it skips them as an option.
I hope warded provides a happy medium, allowing you to soft-filter out the flags you do not prefer, without breaking content/quests/etc.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Bonus Critter Cage Match

After checking the numbers for this month, but it looks like you guys have earned another 6 bonus hours.  As promised, the critters who didn't win in the past are back again in a final, all out cage match to see who will survive and make it into the game.  There's plenty of variety in here.  Remember as well, the voting is multiple choice, so pick a few of your favourites.

Name your favourites and places your votes.  Post comments, or even commentary, and try to sway the rabid fans because this will be the last chance for most of these as part of the monthly voting. Starting next month, I will be starting up a fresh set of bonus critters.  And remember, if the one you want doesn't make it, you can always donate to get it as a normal request (or even request it with a different gender, as a taur, etc...)

Let the bonus critter cage match final battle can begin!  Let's get ready to RRRrrrrumble!

Beaver: Male. He's a pudgy canadian beaver, eh?
Crab: An armoured herm with juicy, juicy meat
Cormorant: A dark feathered avian female.
Dingo: A female, baby-stealing canine.
Elephant: Herm.  Bigger than the mammoth, but less hyper.  Still hyper, but less so.
Giant: A big, powerful male brute.
Hamster: A chubby female who is an amorous eater.
Impala: This spindly herm is a frantic coward.
Jerboa: An oversized male animal.  OMG giant cute mousey!
Komodo Dragon: A strong male with a toxic bite. 
Lemming: A kamikaze male rodent.  Aiaiaiaiai!
Magician: A male human stage magician.  F-Pref makes you his sexy assistant.
Numbat: A striped female with a long tongue for oral fun.
Okapi: Another herm for the Stables. 
Penguin: A dapper male bird in a top hat.
Quetzalcoatl: Humanoid snake w/feathered winged.  Herm.
Ringed Seal: A female ringed seal with a bit of pudge to her.
Stoat: A slender and flexible herm stoat.
Tree Frog: A psychedelic, colourful male frog with sticky fingers.
Urbanshee: A wailing female woman in a sexy dress.  Sonic attack.
Vampire: A sexy traditional male vampire - no sparkles!
Wallaby: A small and sexy male also able to access the Down Under pub.
Yeti: Female.  These abominable snow women are looking for mates.
Zodiac: A herm hybrid creature with a zodiac theme and powers.