Friday, August 23, 2013

More Goodies

As usual, we've got some more goodies to tell you guys about.  This time it's mainly focused on increased content for some existing guys out there.

Dr. Medea: After doing a new task for her, she'll be able to manipulate your estrus cycle, turning heats off or ramping them up even more, as well as provide you with some general info about your heat status.  EDIT: Fix applied and now the pregnancy check is an option on the list instead of automatically asked for every time. 
Philip: The big pig's now able to have some sexy threesome action with Sandra that comes with a couple of variations.  He has also been given a proper infection for the transformations he induces in you and allowing proper impregnation with Piggy babies. 
Donkeyman: New M/M endings (survive/succumb) can be obtained if you have the Submissive feat resulting in an extra-subby ending where you are the fucktoy of the fucktoys. 
Doran: In response to strong feedback, Blue Bishop's expanded upon this peculiar dragon's dominant state.  There's some additional scenes as well as a new mechanic you can activate at max domination level where he'll have his way with you when he wants to.

Zigor: The suave leather wolf is back with more fun, this time out to train the player's ass to take the biggest of his toys, giving you an alternate way to earn the Twisted Capacity feat.

The queue for Writer for Hire is almost empty, making it a fine time to get those donations.  Let's see a few more to boost the bonus hours.

Writer For Hire update:
  • Even More Zigor (0/6) - Stripes
  • Centaurs (0/6) - Stripes