Saturday, November 16, 2013

Official Announcement

Official Zephyr Announcement - Lupine Relocation Program

We here are Zephyr have been working hard to help you cope with the world in these uncertain times.  To assist with this, we have performed a lupine relocation program, transporting several of the wolves spread out across the city into more confined districts of the city to make you feel safer.  We are quite pleased with the results of our campaign, having relocated four separate wolf strains.
In unrelated news, several other creatures have been seen migrating across the city.  Our experts tell us that this poses no significant threat increase to survivors.  They have also concluded that it is completely unrelated to the lupine relocation program that has taken place.  As such, Zephyr will not be held responsible for those inconvenienced or infected by the movements of these creatures or their appearance in new unexpected parts of the city.  To avoid such difficulties, it is recommended you visit the Zephyr office to purchase addition supplies and equipment as needed.

Relocation Program: The most noticeable change is the relocation of several creatures into new areas.  A new area, the Urban Forest, has been created to house most of the moved critters, though a few others have found different homes.
Plush Lion: Some player victory scenes have been added to this critter.
Coleen: Sex scenes have been added for when she's human... at a price.
Candy: Sex menu with new scenes.
Herm Hyena: A Matriarchal appearance has been added to this infection and the matriarch challenge fixed.  Also added is a WS creature victory scene.
Scavenging: You'll now sometimes be offered sex to get supplies.  The Haggler feat working for both this and the charisma check.
Brutus + Demon Brute: Missing anal scene now added.
New Event: A new background event, Wild Kingdom, has been added to the HRD.
Messy Pig: Random WS add-on to creature victory.
Centaur Stallion:  A oral+WS creature victory outcome's been added.
Cougar: Random chance of WS or oral foreplay scene during creature victory.

Hellerhound cleanup: Wahn's tackled sprucing up the text and scenes for a lot of this older content, including elements like the Gryphons Plot event, the Zoo area, the Feral Cheetah,

Blue Bishop:
Goblin: Updated with improved scenes.
Starter Monsters: BB's extracted the game's first creatures into their own files, making them easier to work on and improve in the future.

As well, I'll be this upcoming MFF should any of the fans care to meet up with me and chat or share their opinions on the game.  Just message me via the forums.

Writer For Hire update:
  • Leonard/Artemis updates (0/6) - Stripes
  • Hayato (0/3) - Stripes