Friday, December 20, 2013

Stuff and Things

Time for more updates on the changes as well as some news.  While Nuku's big announcements have gone out, there's been a bunch of other updates that have occurred as well to go over.

Artemis: Now we're getting to the meatiest stuff with the first set of engulf scenes for a modded Artemis (masturbation only) active.  It currently is set to appear with an intro for the 'first time', but a regular one will be added later.
David + Sven: There's now a walk-in scene as well as a new sex menu option for David to have fun with Sven if you allow them to pair up. - Wahn
Start Menu: The option for graphics has been added to the start-up menu.
Sierrasaur: A rocky critter on the Dry Plains with some special loss mechanics referred to as the 'bound state'. - Blue Bishop
Pewter Consort: A strange, metallic creature with no face save its maw roaming the Capitol Bldg area.  It also has some 'bound state' mechanics. - Blue Bishop
Hayato: More scenes, with fellatio and anal options added as well as a second variation for vaginal sex.  NOTE: A patch to keep the sex menu open is pending activation and should be live in a few hours.
Red Oni: After rescuing Hayato to the library (or driving him off), some Red Oni start appearing.  There's no significant win/loss scenes yet - this is mostly groundwork to accompany Hayato's update.

Also some news.  With the holidays coming up, I'll be away again for about a week starting early next week, though I'll keep chugging away at stuff off and on during that time.  If necessary, I can pass along important bug fixes through the others.  If you've got a Writer for Hire request, I can work on it while away.  I'll also add a little extra to those currently waiting as a holiday gift and thank you for their patience during the holidays.
EDIT - Dec 22, 8pm: My home's been without power since around 12:30am today and it's expected to be out for the next couple of days.  I'm well enough, all things considered, but I'll have a cold few days before hopefully flying out to visit family for the holidays.
EDIT - Dec 24, 7am: Power just came on about a half-hour ago, leaving to travel in 15 min.  Fingers crossed it stays on for my frozen roommate and kitty.

Writer For Hire update:
  • Vanessa/Meredith (0/6) - Stripes
  • Brutus (0/14) - Stripes/Wahn
  • Leonard/Artemis updates (6.5/12) - Stripes
  • Hayato (3/3) - Stripes