Sunday, February 26, 2017

FS News February 2017

Hi everyone, this is Wahn again with the Flexible Survival News for this month.



Korvin: A new MM subby sex scene for Korvin is now available in the game.

Diego: The coyote trickster has gotten a well deserved update for his years of crafty tricks against the military. There is now a talk and sex menu for him, the option of dosing him with orc cum to open Diego up for some man on man action, as well as all new endings for him.
Denise: The sexy gryphoness has had her scenes polished up and expanded a little too, hopefully allowing you more fun with your feathered pet.
Skarnoth: The sex menu of the captive demon now includes the fun options of fucking his ass or face.
Demon Brute: The purple bruisers now have four new (less violent, more fun) sex scenes, thanks to content contributed by SgtPepper234 that fit in very well after a little bit of editing. With these, losing to a demon should now be much more fun.
Sarah: In her new sane/non-slut form, Sarah will run into Alexandra if she's in the library. One could say that their personalities clash a bit...
Minotaur Event: Not far from the library, you can now run into a pair of soldiers who are on their way out of the city, carrying a dangerous load. It is up to you to decide how you deal with the situation that ensues.
Capitalization Fixes: Thanks to Sin Rider, numerous infection names are properly capitalized now.
Various Fixes: Small bugs in Korvin, Eric, Candy and others have been resolved.


The recent poll had as the two highest voted options minotaur scenes as well as new interactions between the bunker npcs. Thanks everyone for voting and I hope you'll enjoy what I come up with.

Writer for Hire:

Stripes - TBD
Wahn - Bonus Hours (1.5 / 5h) - Confident Sven

Wahn - Patreon Hours - Minotaur scenes (3 / 5h) 
Wahn - Patreon Hours - Bunker scenes (0 / 5h) 

New Artwork:

We got a number of new sexy pieces of artwork this month:

First up some very nicely done 3D art by the talented Obieblu (Commission Info)

Next up is a first preliminary glimpse at the FS orc tribe, brought to you thanks to the skillful and talented Kupo Klein (Commission Info)

(from left to right: Mul, Koghh, Yatur, Eric, Urik, Orbul and Jason [more to come])

And finally, a little disagreement between Rane and Urik about Eric, drawn by the very awesome LayLo (Patreon for her sweet webcomic)

Friday, February 10, 2017

Patron Poll

Over on the patreon: We have started a poll! 10 hours are up for grabs, to be divided between the two big winners. I have promised to do more of these polls, at least once a month! I apologize that we haven't already been doing them with any regularity, but that changes now. Go, vote! Let's grow FS with more awesome and sexy content.