Saturday, July 30, 2011

Did I hear UPDATES?!

Yes I did!

Sarokcat delivers with more hyena oriented content, and lots of it.

Also included, Hellerhound bugfixes and updates, because he is awesome. Enjoy!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

New day, new updates

A new situation to run into, updates on the big assortment of situations from Sarokcat(Thanks!), and heat should stop making funny errors.
For modders, two new functions:
Infect "Latex Fox";
-- Causes 1 infection from the latex fox mutation, capitalization must match what the strain uses.
Challenge "Latex Fox";
-- Works the same way, but causes a fight instead of mutation.
Handy, I hope. 
Added infect. Added infected pool 
Added 'to challenge' action. 

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

New Ewe

A whole new situation is entered by our newest content dev, Sarokcat.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

New Microwave

Microwaved, the feat, got an upgrade. You're now told where the infection is happening.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Fox Love

The latex fox has a new scene for when males beat him up.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Good News

I have a whole new arc submitted that I'm converting over to proper script, and some other submissions besides. Look forward to a new update in the next few days. Keep requests and ideas coming, I read every single one.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Small update

Some typos fixed with the messy pig.
Added 'one pair' for breast control.
Added ending for fertile with lots of kids.
A big thanks to the folks who are emailing in.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Seeking: Authors

A reminder that I am on the look out for folks who want to add to the content of the game. I handle the code, you handle the words. For an example of this in action, see the Orthas arc, written entirely by someone else, coded by me. It can work pretty well.

Monday, July 11, 2011

About the Webmaster

I did get a reply, so you all know. We've made the site much prettier. Still working on the code aspects of it. A thank you to everyone who replied. There's more to be done, I've saved emails in case.

Yesterday's Bugfixes

Isn't Git handy? Been tracking all my changes since I started using it.
Fixed the fish. 
You can't look at objects from afar anymore. 

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Orthas Arc

One of the authors returned with script. It's been codified and entered, and Orthas waits for YOUR help. I'm sure you don't want to disappoint the dragon.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Today's Bugfixes

fixed feat bug causing feats to not be rewarded. 
We have additional content on the way. I'm looking forward to coding that in. 

Web Designer

Are you good at making tasteful designs that can capture attention? I need you!

Flexible Survival, the web MMO, needs someone to come and give it some tough loving in the web department. I can make the game itself sing and dance, but my web experience suffers, and the game suffers with it. Think you're up for it? Let me know!

* Experience with Javascript and Ajax would be a huge plus.
* This is a paid gig.

Morning Code!

Up early, decided to perform some love for you guys.

The awesome bat should produce better grammar overall.
Feats are now seperated into 'functional' and not.

Functional feats are like survialist and black belt.
Non functional feats are like male preferred and kinky.

You get one of both at start.

You gain a non functional feat every 6 levels, this is in additional to the usual feats.

You don't even have to go back to Matt for them.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Today's Updates:

Nymph on the Way

We have an author that's taken to the nymph and I'm already loving the direction they're taking it. Look forward to it.

In the mean while, let's have one more thread of 'annoying game mechanics and general wish listery'.

This should not include critter or scenario requests.

Mid-day Bugfixes

You can't be pushed to negative hitpoints when the fight is over(You'll spring back up to 1 hitpoint afterwards)

Using the new cheat when you're level 5+ will result in the bonus xp, but no immediate levels.
If that puts you at enough for a level, just get into a fight and you'll tick over.


Looks like Nymph is the new mutant to grace the wastelands. After we do her, I think some time should be spent expanding on the content we have. We have too many 'slender' monsters with not much meat on their bones, in terms of content.

PS: If you're one of the hopeful authors and you love nymphs, let me know before I get my code slippers on.


If you win the game with 1000+ points, you will be let in on a cheat to use on new characters that will get you back into the game much faster than before.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


The talented Trav gives us a gift:

Seeking: Authors

Do you like writing adult things? The project could use you!

There are a lot of scenes that need expanding on, and story to push forward.

   The ability to self spell check.
   Concrete grasp of English.
   A lecherous heart helps!

Interested? Inquire within.


Look off to the right. Winning vote gets put in next!

This update is full of Tuna

Tunalord Sefont went and created a second dragon to keep the first company, and souped up the first one while he was in there. Go check it out at the beach.

Wake up!

Ah, good morning. My mailbox was stuffed with things. The sea dragon(ess) was updated and required a new round of debugging, but it's up! Some bugs you all found, crushed, updated, uploaded.

I found out the way I wanted to include stories will not work, ah well. Expect to see the book vanish in a version or two if I don't think of some alternate route.

Code Commits:

Minor pet tweak

You can now get rid of your pet. Type pet dismiss or just dismiss.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Stay a while and listen

By player request, there is now a story to read in the library. Enjoy!

Edit: It works locally but not uploaded, darn it... The book is busted for now. Looking into other ways.


Taking a break, watch me play a point and click adventure game!

Pretty Menus

The ban system has been prettified. Instead of being asked a series of yes/no questions, you now get a nice menu to work with. It's a lot easier.

Try it, give opinions below.

Early Christmas

The elves are out and about! Look for them in the park.

Other Updates:

Sunday, July 3, 2011


Doctor Matt will forgive you for not getting things that you've banned out of the game.
Spidergirls and Kangaroos got some bugfixes.
You are now prompted at the start to be sure you picked the right attribute.
A couple of errors caused by the new flag system were pruned out.

What kind of not-furry critter would you like to see?

Take Flight!

Continuing my efforts to diversify our offerings, I've added harpies. If you've ever read the monster woman entries, think that.

More not-furry critters likely in the future.

PS: See a scene you think you could write better? Go ahead! Send it my way and I'll work it in.

Kicked Offline

I was offline for the last so hours. Not to waste my day, I hammered at the code.

Fixed a but with the new sprites.

Made the flag system work nicer with extensions(So you can define something as being part of a flag wholly inside the extension)

Made situations flaggable.

Forgotten is now 60 days.

Fixed a few errors related to flags.

More flags

By request, Guy, Girl, and Hermaphrodite flags were added, allowing you to prune out critters who are guys, girls, or hermaphrodites from your game.

Enjoy, post bugs here.

Stream Over

Stream is done, here's what we did.

Critters can now be tagged. There's only one tag so far(Furry).

You can now choose to BAN creatures based on their tag. This removes them entirely from the encounter table.

New critter: City sprite

Stream on, young man

Let's get a stream going:

Alternate Play

Right under the usual play is a little 'alternate play' link. Click that and a java interperter will fly open in its own window. This one lets you save your saves wherever you want. It might work better for some folks. Try it, give feedback. The usual player is in the usual place, so no one is left in the cold.

Edit: Removed. Will keep eyes open for alternatives.

A challenge

So I find this rather swank in-browser java interperter that lets you save stuff where you want it. Looks pretty sweet.

Can anyone figure out how to make this thing work for our needs? Thanks in advance.

Good day, more stuff!

Alright, I start off with a new Scenario, Forgotten.

You begin with no supplies and no knife.

The game is extended by 60 turns.

Doctor Matt and Orthas are gone.

Why? The rescue already came. The next one isn't for some time yet.

Matt was kind enough to leave a recording behind, so you can still gain feats, but that's about all you're getting out of the labs.

Fixed some mothgirl tense issues.

You won't find new areas while exploring the sea, sewers, park, under the lab, or other places. Only 'Outside' will yield new areas.

Saturday, July 2, 2011


Alright, got pets done today, at least the basics of it.

Pets have to be tamed. The sample pet is pretty easy to tame.

Once a pet is tamed, you can call it up. You can only have one pet at a time, calling a pet, overrides any other pet you had with you at the time.

Pets can gain levels through XP earned, just like you!

Pets do not forget their time with you, which is to say xp and levels earned stay with them, even if you swap to a new pet.

Pets can't die, that would be too sad.

Want to try it out? Head to the beach, and bring some food.

Want to make your own pet? check out the code depot and scope out pets under Nuku Valente. The definition of a pet is pretty dang simple. Hardest part is creating a way to tame them. Pets that start tamed will not be accepted, unless they're tied to a scenario perhaps? That'd be pretty cool...

Anyway, rambling now. Check it out, bugs and thoughts go below.

Feral Sea Dragon

A new player contribution, debugged and entered. She awaits you at the beach.

In related news, I've begun work on a new project, who is also at the beach, hmm....

Post bugs here, of course.

Good Morning

Hey everyone,

Good morning. I've gone ahead and finished the lusty skunk's missing scene. They just need some endings to be entirely complete.

No Script

I was told there's an update for no script that users of it may wish to upgrade to.

Get it here:

Friday, July 1, 2011


So several people reported the game as being unresponsive. I think I figured out the only thing that changed(The ad), I switched to a different code for the ad. Tell me if that clears up the issues.

My deepest apologies for the trouble, it's not cool to trouble my players with it. Hopefully this clears everything up.


Added a note about n and p working in menus. 
All at player request, enjoy! Post bugs here. 

Boy I wish...

List your top 3 things you wish the game could support.

Not acceptable:

Critter requests
Specific events

Looking to improve the engine itself. Feat ideas, mechanic ideas, lingering bugs that bug you, clumsy UI that irritates you, things like that!

Go wild, and I'll see about making some of your dreams a reality.

June Report

We got a lot more done on the singleplayer this month compared to last, and got the code available for everyone to see and potentially contribute to. We also have a live stream page where you can see me jamming the code, and see how to modify the gator file to something new.

Next Target Student Loan:
   I didn't do in the prior months, but I figured, why not, it is called the student loan bashing fund.
   My next loan to be bashed is now at $1933.77, at 5.35% interest I managed to beat it down by $800 last month.

April Donations: 2,274
May Donations: 1,806
June Donations: 2,245

A nice upswing, thanks a lot guys. You've made running this project a real pleasure(And kept my bills paid, woot!) A special thanks goes out to the contributors, doubly so to the staff of the multiplayer game, whom work diligently to make it all the more awesome for all involved. You guys are the best.