Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Overdue Update

I know things have been pretty quiet here, for which I apologize.  Between the work on the new game engine and some stuff on my end, updates have been more sporadic.  With the holidays fast approaching, I wanted to let you know what's up before I fly off to the remote depths of rural Canada for the next several days.

First off, for those of you who do not have access to it via our Patreon, I wanted to start by advising you that Blue Bishop has continued his work on the new FS engine.  We've still got a long road ahead -  but now we can see that road since he's added hunting, locations and navigation in this most recent build.

Also, there's some game additions and updates to cover since my last announcement.

- Bradford: The bull bounty hunter's got more sex, one being a scene added some time ago and another new one as sub-variations to giving him head.
- Steven: An option to fuck the sexy red stallion... if he can be convinced (Charisma check).  If you fail, you'll have try again later.
- Tristian: A new pair of sex scenes as a reward after saving his brother - including a rare offer to top him.
- Garrett: Endings have been added for this guy, triggered by both the Herm Gryphon and Feral Gryphon forms.  His main endings require you to be pure with one of these strains and male.  If not, you'll get the other existing endings, possibly with some small add-on about him.  A basic Herm Gryphon ending's also been added.

- Chris: An expansion with an option to let him fuck you as well as special triggered scene with him at the Library.
- Homo Sapiens: A new 'monster' roaming around the Museum - primitive man looking to go all primitive on your ass.
EDIT: Gabriel: Just added a few hours after my post, Wahn's added two new lengthy scenes with the sexy seraphim.

Game art:
Thanks to our resident artist, Anymouse1968, we've got art for several other characters in the game.  We've got art of Bradford and Lindsey as well as for the Smooth Shemale Collie and the female Yuppie Mink.

To make space for some of the above material in a hurry, the following creatures are currently inactive in the game: Rodeo Clown, Squid and Math Teacher.  I know they are all fully-functional and have no particular issues (except some people's aversion to the first), but they have no real ties to other material, and so were easy removals.

Writer For Hire update:

  • More Dom (0/10) - Stripes
  • New Orc scenes w/Mul (0/13.5) - Wahn