Saturday, June 29, 2013

Newest Game Updates

Wahn here again with the game updates in the past week:

Demon Brute ("Brutus"): There is now an option to cleanse your captured demon of his inner evil and anger, making him a much nicer companion to have along. The priestesses of the Church of the Maternal Beast in the beach area will happily help you with this task, you can just ask them about it on your next visit to the confession booth. Brought to you by myself (Wahn).
Lilith: There is now a chance to walk in on the lusty succubus enjoying herself with a feral gryphon partner. Written by UrsaOmega. (to get a 20% chance for the scene as you enter, don't have sex with Lilith for a full day at least)

Hydra: This many-headed beast had been sighted in the junkyard area next to the abandoned warehouse. Brought to you by Stripes.
Jaguar Warrior: A museum exhibit about the ancient Aztecs came to life. This new anthro feline now roams the museum, prowling for intruders he can have his way with. Written by GentlemanB.
Pink Poodle: These high-class french poodle ladies can now be found in the high rise district. Also brought to you GentlemanB.

Writer for Hire Update:
  • New Critter: Hydra (6.5/9) - Stripes
  • New NPC (0/8) - Stripes
  • NPC Scenes (0/6) - Stripes
  • Alexandra (0/6) - Stripes
  • David+Brutus Interaction (5/11) - Wahn
  • Viking Expansion (Sonya) (0/6) - Wahn