Sunday, September 1, 2013

August Bonus Hours

You guys have managed to earn 8 bonus hours for this month in donations thanks to a lot of fun requests in the past week or so.  For voting this time, we'll go for a new critter.  Since there's quite a bit of time, expect some scene variety, alt attacks, heats and/or other fancy fun to make them more interesting.  I'll probably add the winner to Larissa's list of choices as well.  Voting will be handled in the forums.

Frog (F) - A slick and sexy frog girl. Watch out for that elastic tongue of hers.
Fruit Bat (M) - A fruity bat looking for some action. He prefers M/M but swings both ways.
Gorgon (H) - A serpent-haired herm with a petrifying gaze. Expect some rock-hard action if you're turned to stone.
Glassblower (F) - A beautiful woman made of glass. She's not as delicate as she appears and has a hot cunny like molten glass.
Horny Doctor (M/F) - Horny canine doctors eager to hump some patients. Progressive hiring practices means there's both male and female versions.
Hyper Housecat (H) - A hyper herm feline looking to pounce. This big kitty's eager to get in your lap for some naughty fun.