Sunday, April 27, 2014

Keep on rotating!

We hit another 100 block, so another rotation has been done, shoving things ahead a day as of right now. Also! Multiplayer hit a record high this month(And it's not even over) of over 3200 dollars, and I set the $3200 stretch goal to be 2 hours towards you guys here since you're helping hit this, which means 2 more bonus hours for this month, which I will be paying for. Thanks for the support and keeping Flexible humming with updates!

Saturday, April 26, 2014

NPC Updates

I'm reporting back in with news on the updates that have been added since my last posting.  We've got a bunch of additions, almost entirely focusing on NPCs.  As a reminder, please check your access level and download date versus the content addition's to verify which updates you'll be able to obtain.

Orthas (Apr 17): As a reward for the writing contest we held, Orthas has a new task that you can do for her.  Opens once you've dealt w/Susan for Dr. Matt (completed Main Storyline 1), but only if you've also been letting the dragoness put her eggs in you.
Gwen (Apr 23): Meredith is having some trouble getting a foal.  While going to get help, a solution appears in the form of another squad member.  No sex w/NPC yet.  Warning: NPC option contains UB and AR content.
Bubble (Apr 25): The option to have some UB fun resulting in gaining an adjustable, inflatable infection like hers.
EDIT: Bubble (Apr 27 am): The player inflation/deflation now open.  It requires you to be pure Inflatable Vulpine.
Central Library (Apr 26): Upgraded to link menu system.
Tyr's Arena (Apr 26): Upgraded to link menu system.  Battling now takes a turn and has a cooldown rate.
Game Art (Apr 15): More artwork's been added to the game, mainly those pieces I got from FE 2014, but also Demon-Man's art for the Shaft Beast creatures, included with permission of Twilight Master and Demon-Man.

Angie the Pantherherm (Apr 21): Rebuilt in preparation of future content with all her existing scenes thoroughly reviewed.
Val the Orc Breeder (Apr 21): Meet the guy captured with the player in the first Orc Slave Raid event again in their lair - now transformed into an Orc Breeder.
EDIT: Carl & David (Apr 26 pm): During these walk-in scenes, Carl develops an interest in the other soldier. What will you recommend for him to do about it?
EDIT: Lilith (Apr 26 pm): Upgraded to link menu system.

Saveword Additions:
- Apr 21: Val and Chris added to the saveword.
- Apr 24: Vanessa, Meredith and Gwen added to saveword.

Writer For Hire update:
  • More Kristen (0/6)
  • Bubble/Leonard/Artemis (4.5/7)
  • Drake Sorceress (0/8)
  • Bonus Hours (Joining the Wolfman Cheerleaders) (0/4) - Wahn
  • Blue Oni - (0/20) - Wahn

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Back from a convention

I just got back from BABScon and everything went great. How does this affect you, my largely non-brony friends? Well I did so great I'm going to hit that rotation script right now! Pushing all updates forward one day.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Rotation go!

Due to a huge $300 write-for-hire buy in, the versions have been pushed ahead 3 days as of right now. Thanks for supporting the game! Edit: Make that 4 days! Let the good times roll!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A Poll & New Artwork

Hi everyone, this is Wahn. As most of those who wrote something about what they want to see for the current bonus hours said "expand existing content", I've put together a list of choices for you to vote on in a Forum Poll. Please have a look, cast your vote and post replies if you want to say what you'd like to see most or which pairing you'd suggest.

In other news - I've got new artwork to show :) (click em for a larger view)

Here's David, drawn by the talented Keitaro87 on Y-Gallery:

Then here we have another green orc hunk, drawn by Gene Lightfoot on Y-Gallery:

And finally, a sexy caveman from the museum, drawn by... someone awesome, who shall not be named:
(do note that the current cavemen in FS do not fit the 'Cro Magnon' designation or the looks of this guy above - I'll have to rename em one of these days when I get to em, maybe even put in a real Cro Magnon infection to run parallel to those apemen)

Monday, April 14, 2014

So Much Blood!

This summary is not available. Please click here to view the post.

$100 Milestones

Inspired by a comment, when we hit a $100 milestone, in addition to earning a bonus hour, we'll hit the rotation script, nudging forward all the updates forward a day and getting them towards 1st tier and freebie accounts faster. This is going forward, so the next one will be at $700 for this month.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

What version am I getting?!

The date of the file you are getting is now displayed to the right, and on the links page. This is now blissfully dynamic and automatic, meaning it will no longer slide out of date when I forget to update the date. It is also aware of your level of access and will adjust itself automagically to the date of the actual version you are getting. I hope this helps folks out and avoids further confusion.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Chugging Along

We've got a batch of updates to let you guys know about.  Also, from now on, I'll be including the dates (when possible) of when those went live, to help our fans know when they can expect to see it at their download levels.  As a critical bug fix was applied earlier today and all versions have been pushed forward to that version, it's still good to get in the habit.  The navigation and Brian content will probably be delayed though.

Newt (Apr 7): Several new sex options for the sexy salamander girl.  I'd thought I'd already sent this, but hadn't, otherwise it would've been part of the last notice.
Alexandra (Apr 7): Accompanying Good Alexandra on a new task can lead to a new resident for the Police Station who'll help patch you up and sex you up.
Vixen Nurse (Apr 7): A neuter player loss scene has been added, jic.
Onyx (Apr 7): Undergone a lot of behind the coding/scenes repairs.  Dominant players can now fuck him after making him a free stallion.  Added to the saveword.
Brian (Apr 9 pm): Sex?  For Brian?  Finally!  You'll need to be part Rhino (head or body) to initiate it the first time, but anything goes after that.

Nermine (Apr 7): Several new sex scenes added for a fully jackalman player with the dominated Nermine.
Amy (Apr 7): Scenes added for fucking her in front of the denied others.
Orc (Apr 7): Extra Orc Warrior sex added.
Navigation (Apr 9): The 'nav' command has been reformatted to organize destinations into zones.
EDIT (Apr 10): Further reformatting to organize destinations, put main hunting areas first and only show zones with something found in them (by Stripes).

Saving (Apr 9 am): A bug in inventory saving which would make the topmost item in your inventory disappear has been corrected.

Writer For Hire update:
  • D6: Athanasia+ (13.5/14)
  • Alexandra (8.75/10)
  • Zigor Gangbang - (0/2)
  • Various M/M - (11/12)
  • More Vanessa/Meredith - (0/6) 
  • Writing Content: Orthas (0/4)
  • More Kristen (0/6)
  • Mega-Multi-Project Commission (Nermine, Amy, Sonya, Angie) - (6.5/20) - Wahn
  • More Orc stuff - (0/5) - Wahn
  • Bonus Hours - (0/4) - Wahn

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Critical Bug Fix

It was discovered that the save function would not save the first item in your inventory. This has been fixed. Being a rather critical bug, we have pushed forward all uploaded patches. As of this posting, everyone is accessing the latest version so no one is impacted by this bug any longer.

If you open your inventory save file(invsave), you can repair your save by adding a } after Soda|1 at the start of the file.

Thanks for playing,

Monday, April 7, 2014

Advertising to Fund Writers

Hey, ever notice that banner we have? Starting at the end of this month, and at the end of every month going forward, the balance of that account will be used to buy hours at the usual rate($15/hr) from our writers, meaning more content for everyone, for no additional effort. If you use an ad blocker, kindly disable it for the blog please, so we can maximize the return and get more content flowing.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Graphic Repository

To make things easier on new writers, all the graphics used by the game have been added to the github. A new version of the documentation on how to properly compile and then edit FS will be forthcoming. If you feel confident enough to make the guide yourself, post away! You will be richly rewarded(with 6 months of top level acess if yours becomes the official, and at least 1 for submitting one that works.).

Relatedly, writers, we have not forgotten you. Give me a poking with your multiplayer account's email and I'll hook you up. Writing is as much, if not more of, a contribution as throwing money at the screen and we appreciate all our contributors.

Friday, April 4, 2014

One-Time Offer for Previous Supporters

A good point has been raised!

Since the recent adjustment to how we handle releases came a bit abruptly, I feel those who have donated to us in the past deserve some recognition. If you have donated before, send an email to me at with what email you are registered with on and how much you've donated in the past. You will get 1 month of complete preview per $15 you already donated at any point up to April, to a maximum of 12(1 year) added to your account. This also counts as a top level subscription on the multiplayer game, if you play that.

Thanks for supporting Flexible Survival,

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Game Support and Bonus Hours

There has been a recent change in how the game will be delivered to players.  Wanting to keep the game free to our players, but needing a more steady revenue stream to be able to do so, a delayed game release structure is being implemented by Nuku.  For those of you who've been enjoying TiTS and CoC from Fenoxo, you should be familiar with this sort of arrangement.

For those who haven't noticed, this new release system is in effect, such that the basic download links will be two weeks out of synch with content release.  If you want to get access to the most up-to-date version of the content, you can do so by donating to support the game or as an added reward for having a paid multiplayer subscription.  And don't worry, if you cannot support the game financially, you'll still be able to see that content once the waiting period's over.  This means the game will remain free, but supporting it will give you access to the newest content faster.

- If you're an existing donator, create an account through the multiplayer system and contact Nuku with info on which account is yours.
- If you've already got a multiplayer account, you can get a paid subscription (with the appropriate Mako) by going here.
- When you're logged into your multiplayer account, the usual download links on the blog should provide you seamlessly with the corresponding version of the game.
- As an extra reminder, the Mako from multiplayer subscriptions can be used to obtain Writer for Hire additions to the single-player game at the equivalent exchange rate.  So having this setup will allow you to directly manage your support, game access and donation requests whether or not you're an active participant in the multiplayer game.

Finally, we've got four bonus hours earned from last month.  While Wahn's suddenly been thrown a big request (really several separate requests all in one bundle), he's going to be taking care of those bonus hours for you guys.  He wants some suggestions though as to what you'd like to see done with that time, so toss out your ideas in the comments.  Thanks again for your continued support.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Still Alive

I know it's been a while since I've provided an update on the content released into the game.  There has been stuff going on, I just wanted to get one last chunk done, but had a bit of writer's block in dealing with it.  Managed to get through it and things seem to be flowing better again.

Here's what's new in the transformational land of Flexible Survival:
Kristen: With her transformation almost complete, the vixen-to-be is feeling quite down.  How will you shake her out of her funk?
Candy: An additional variation for anal sex with the pink cutey.
Ashen Breeder: More player loss scenes for impregnatable players. 
Automaton: Player loss oral scene w/male automaton.
Bald Eagle: Impregnatable female player loss scene variation.
Batcubus: Restatted and moved to the Warehouse District.
Bunny Jock: Small increase in the odds of getting a testosterone pill from them.
And a bunch of typos and minor fixes thanks to some attentive fans letting us know about them.

Horse-Hung Nerd: Player victory sex added.
Orcs: There's an additional solo sex scene with Mul in the slave cells, two more scenes you can see in the observation room, and players who do have the pure "Orc Warrior" shape can now fuck orcs after a fight, as well as gain a chance to fuck Koghh when he has the player finger his ass.

Also, trying a new colour set to go with the recent blog change.

Writer For Hire update:
  • D6: Athanasia+ (11.5/14)
  • Alexandra (4.25/10)
  • Zigor Gangbang - (0/2)
  • Various M/M - (0/12)
  • More Vanessa/Meredith - (0/6)
  • More content for Orc Warrior players - (3/5) - Wahn
  • Mega-Multi-Project Commission (Nermine, Amy, Sonya, Angie) - (0/20) - Wahn
  • Bonus Hours - (0/4) - Wahn