Thursday, August 30, 2012

Christy's Back(side)

We've got another batch of updates to announce.  Chief of which is that Christy (the stuck dragoness) is back with more fun for the player.  Once she starts to relax a little about sex, you'll start getting occasional offers for oral sex with the dragoness, which could lead to even more fun.  On top of that, several of her scenes have been slightly enhanced.  As well, Trixie's save code will now save the dragoness as well, tracking her general progress.

We also have more updated MPreg tracking.  We're almost done now.  Maybe an hour more to check the last files and do a quick review to make sure.

The Demon Brute's been given an alt attack where he bashes you around quite roughly.  It's nothing really exceptional, but it'd be best to warn you since his stats have also been adjusted a little to make him a little more likely to hit as well.  Overall, he should be a somewhat more dangerous now.

Darthan's created a new set of creatures, the Gels.  They're humanoid jelly-people walking around the Red Light District.  They come in three fruity flavours full of fun.  Go out their and grab those jelly jigglers.

Kaleem's also added a bit more content and some fixes.  Report to Kenaz to get things rolling now.

EDIT: I should also mention that today is the last chance to top up the bonus hours for the month.

Writer For Hire update:
  • MPreg (2/2) - one more hour needed?
  • Christy / Athanasia (8/8) - time split between the two
  • Wolf Rescue (0/6)

Monday, August 27, 2012

Sex of Mythic Proportions

The main thing on the docket this time are some existing, mythical NPCs getting more sexy fun times with the player.

Harold the Unicorn is now open to considering some M/M fun with you if you're willing to show a little persistence, though the mostly-straight uni'll have to endure some teasing for it.  You'll still have to help him out with his problem first, though.

As well, Athanasia the Pheonix got a whole new set of sexy scenes with the player to be unlocked as well as a male variation on a previously female-only set.  As with her other scenes, you'll need to see some other scenes to unlock the next ones, but once they're unlocked, they'll remain unlocked even across Trixie saves.

Aside from that, we have a new Wolfman creature from Wahn.  This could be your opportunity to make some new friends and learn what happened to that busload of cheerleaders.  There's still more to come, but there's a sizable amount of content already there for you to enjoy.

We sadly didn't get much response for ideas about possible alt combat upgrades for other critters, but I was able to do the few suggestions that were made.  The Naga and Snake will join the others trying to put the squeeze on you, with their own variation of the bear hug attack where they try to constrict you.  The Messy Pig has gotten a special attack where she tries to get some action before the fight's even over as well as a short defeat scene for males.

Writer For Hire update:
  • MPreg (1/2) - more activation time needed
  • Christy / Athanasia (4.25/8) - time split between the two
  • Wolf Rescue (0/6)

Where have you been hiding?

Small little quality of life update for you all: New option in combat, you can now 'throw a fight'. Throwing a fight makes you lose, but unlike submitting, you lose as if you fought to that point. With more and more content knowing when you submitted or not, and with the possibility of becoming too tough to ever lose(especially to weaker mutants), even with passing constantly, I figured this would be a welcome addition. Enjoy!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Alt Combat

After taking several of creatures off into the back room for some 'personal attention' that left us all rather sticky, I'm sending them out even better than ever.  I've added several new alt-combat abilities spread across eight creatures.  This should make things a little more interesting and harrowing with these critters:
Vixen Nurse, Cerberus, all three Centaur types, Panther Taur, Tigertaur, Wolftaur

EDIT: It's now nine creatures, with the Margay getting one as well.  I have also nerfed the bear hug attack a little, as testing proved it to be too OP.

If you have ideas for other abilities/attacks for creatures (either in specific or in general) please suggest them in the comments.  Keep in mind that stuff that affects a player's ability to fight back is dicey and would be difficult to implement, as it would require renovations to the player side of combat.  These are messy because they would also need to be designed not to accidentally linger after the fight or worse, permanently affect your stats.

Aside from that, MPreg activation's been implemented further, with more of the males out there able to help you get preggers.  I've even added a responses for Orthas and her eggies.  Please let me know if they're working right.

Writer For Hire update:
  • MPreg (1/2) - more activation time needed
  • More M/M content (0/2)
  • Christy / Athanasia (0/8) - time split between the two

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Wolf and Scavenging

We've got some more new content that's come in over the last few days to spice things up.

First up is a friendly new fellow, Andrew, at the Palomino.  This helpful, productive wolf is clearly very popular with the many guys coming to the club.

We also have added a new component to the game, scavenging events!  These are a set of events which can come up while scavenging as well as while exploring.  They are short and generally deal with the player scavenging to add more variety to this task.  You'll still see the standard scavenging results most often, but you'll occasionally see something new mixed in there.  There's new obstacles and stat checks for you to overcome or you could even end up in a fight over the supplies you want.
EDIT: Tossed in another two scavenging events, one in the Outside area (repeatable) and one for the Campus.

Some more victory/defeat sex was added:
There's a new player defeat scene with the Ash Drakenoid that may randomly come up thanks to a small donation.
In case you missed the update added to the earlier blog message, there's the now potential for victory sex over the Satyrs and the Greek Nymphs.  It will become increasingly more likely to come up with each victory you have after the third and is also driven by your libido.
EDIT: We now have Harpy victory sex and submit sex.  That's right, submit sex.

Darthan's written a Coyote infection for Diego to use, so now sex with the 'yote will be infectious as well.  Diego's tricks remain unchanged so you can still use that without risk of infection.

Kaleem's done some repair work on his Reservoir quest, so a lot of the bugs should be ironed out now.

A background update was made to the combat system and the last of the creature infections should be updated with the new critter table data.  This should be largely invisible to players, but can be used to make more detailed scenes and more precise post-battle scenes for events.

Writer For Hire update:
  • MPreg (0/2) - more activation time needed
  • More M/M content (0/2)
  • Christy / Athanasia (0/8) - time split between the two

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Slavetiger for Hire

As you can see below, I've managed to clear out the queue for the Writer for Hire requests, making this an excellent time for you to donate and make a request.  As well, since we're low on bonus hours for this month, donations are also needed to boost that up.

How it works:
For every $15 donated to support Flexible Survival will result in an hour of writing/coding towards an idea or project you'd like to see worked on.  As well, we're low for bonus hours this month, so donating will also go to helping boost that up.  For bonus hours, every $100 donated over the course of the month by everyone earns a bonus hour of coding towards a project collectively voted for.

What you can get:
It takes only a few hours to make a simple creature.  Want more fun with creature X or NPC Y?  We can make it happen.  Did your favourite choice from the bonus hours not win?  You can always donate to get it worked on.  Looking for more M/F fun, F/F hanky-panky or M/M shenanigans?  Sure thing!  Longing to play with Rod, Ronda or a Mall Rat of your own?  We fix that too.  Looking for something kinky or exotic.  Make a request and we'll do what we can for you.

And remember, even small donations can build into something big.  All of Fang's content was built from lots of donations from lots of people all wanting to make the sexy wolf the biggest and best alpha around.  The creation and partial implementation of the MPreg's come along from similar small donations and still needs further help.

Your donations help:
Flexible Survival is provided to you to enjoy, with the Single Player game being completely free as well.  But there are expenses, server fees, etc.. that have to be covered to keep the game alive and your donations really help with this, which is why we want to give you something back in return.  As well, a portion will also keep this otherwise unemployed code-tiger fed.  I like food.

So please help support the game and hire your own slavetiger to satisfy your kinky, FS needs. :)

Writer For Hire update:
  • MPreg (0/1) - more activation time needed
  • M/M Wolf (0/3)

Friday, August 17, 2012


Again, we've got lots of new stuff since our last update.  General stuff include more MPreg activation, saving for Diego and Eric, and loads of typos and little fixes.  Larger items include:

Leonard now has a task for you to help him with.  If you and he get well enough acquainted, he'll ask you bring up a small request.  EDIT: This portion should be working properly now and I've put in a proper new sex scene for your special reward.

Defeat sex:  M/M with the Wrestling Wolf is now possible, but may take a few attempts before it randomly starts up.  Also added a small bit to the City Sprites for the MPreg guys while working on something else.

EDIT: Victory Sex:  We've got some proper player victory scenes for the Satyr and the Greek Nymph at the Museum.  These scenes could start to show up randomly (with an increasing likelihood) from your third victory onward, with your libido as a factor.  The Satyr one even uses the selection table method you've seen before since it comes with numerous options.

Kaleem's got a bunch of new stuff and more repairs made to his content from Omio and more content dealing with his other stuff.  It seems there are some sexy firemen to help, now.

And last but not least, we've got an old, dear friend back at the Mall.  It's waiting to feel your warm hands on it once more so you both can do what you do best together - knock heads!

Writer For Hire update:
  • MPreg (3/3) - more activation time needed
  • More Leonard (5/5) 
  • More M/M (3/3) - unspecified
  • Bonus Hours (6/6) - Victory/Loss Sex

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Sweet Victory and Crushing Defeat

We've got some new stuff for you guys to enjoy, foremost being the addition of some new victory and defeat sex improvements.  And don't worry, there's still more to come.  Here's a quick summary:
Herm Hyena: Defeat: A male player can now opt for either oral or anal.  Victory: A herm/female character may be driven by lust to ride the hyena's cock.
Bear: Defeat: Restructured the scenes order to provide more variety of sex and prevent blank outcomes.  Added an F/F oral variation.  Some design notes about benefits to losing also activated.
Gazelle: Victory: You are now able to catch every third gazelle before she can escape.  Options to fuck (if male), be fucked or leave available.
Jaguar: Victory: Option of play with defeated orderlies if your libido is 50+ (or 25+ if you're any kind of feline).  Choices are to fuck (if male), be fucked (sex or oral), or leave.

I've also updated the detection for canines and felines.  This is used mainly in the Veterinary Hospital, but also for a couple of spots like the feline detection for the Jaguar.  It's mostly behind the scenes background stuff, but it will keep things more accurate and presents another option we can use when writing.

Kaleem's added a Pegasus creature to his Warehouse District.  Be warned, it's quite powerful.  The first part of Omio's content has been reworked and added back into the game as well.  We're going to try building the other pieces back into it in stages to get it running properly this time.

Wahn's produced another pair of small events involving some more sexual escapades involving soldiers.

More MPreg content's been readied, with several more creatures and NPCs manning up to the job of getting you guys using that feat preggers.  Lots of files were updated, so it's too many to list here.

Also, the work queue is coming along nicely, so if anyone out there wants to donate to help keep the game running, your ideas should get worked on in a timely manner.

Writer For Hire update:
  • MPreg (3/3) - more activation time needed
  • More Leonard (0/5) 
  • More M/M (1.75/3) - unspecified
  • Bonus Hours (3.5/6) - Victory/Loss Sex

Friday, August 10, 2012

Ladies' Night

This Friday Night at FS is Ladies' Night!

Our sexy dolphin girls are popular, having set up a fun floating palace for the buoyant babes to play in.  They've found a fine Vixen girl and invited her to join them.  You should go check it out before the foxy lady joins them permanently.

EDIT: GentlemanB's come along an provided me with an improved version of the bad ending scene for the dolphin suit on the beach, which I then converted to use for all of the bad endings involving them.

Also back and extra hot is the sexiest policewoman on the block.  The Doberman policewoman is back with more sexy fun.  Just get her warmed up and see how much more fun she'll start to become.  Just watch out, she's also getting more strict in her patrols, watchful for players looking to make trouble by bringing in contraband weapons.

So everyone remember to come on down to FS for Ladies Night!  It's the hottest club around.  You won't ever be the same again - Literally!

Writer For Hire update:
  • MPreg (3/3) - more activation time needed
  • Doberman Cop - (3/3)
  • More Leonard (0/5) 
  • More M/M (0/3) - unspecified
  • Bonus Hours (0/6) - Victory/Loss Sex

Bonus Poll Closed

With the poll for the bonus hours closed for this month, it looks like it was a very tight race this time.  While several items all pulled in at roughly 12%, the Victory Sex and Defeat Sex were almost tied to win.  As such, we'll be splitting the 6 hours between them more or less equally.  This should provide plenty of sexy times for everyone's satisfaction.  The results have been saved in this forum post.

And to help with this, we'd like to hear back from you on which monsters out there do you think could use some touching up with their victory/defeat sex scenes.  Please understand that this won't be a matter of popular vote, but instead a means for me to see what gaps or needs may exist.  With something like this, its best to follow my inspiration... but nothing says you can't point out spots for me to look for that inspiration.

Stuff you might suggest include:
- Old scenes in need of sprucing up
- Creatures lacking victory/defeat sex
- Creatures lacking M/M, M/F or F/F fun
- An alternative player surrender variation
- A new sex scene with a creature (alternating/randomly/high libido/etc...)
- Special variations based on other conditions (infection/item/time of day, etc...)
and so on...

Put forth your ideas in the comments.  Please keep the comments short though, just a few words to say which creature(s) and what you'd like to see done.  As well, please don't ask for anything too elaborate or lengthy, as we're looking to add simple improvements to several creatures instead of making a fancy improvement on just one or two.  We also saw some people submitting creature scenes last month, so perhaps someone else will be inspired to write something suitable for an idea you put forth even if Nuku and I don't write one up based on it.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Guy Stuff

We've got some big, manly updates for manly men who like men.

First up is the new MPreg feat - only for hardcore tough guys.  Show those girls that you're man enough to be a parent by literally having babies while still being all man.  Please note, only a little of the game's content has manned up enough to do its part in getting you preggers.  More time towards this is still needed, so be sure to chip in.

Next up we've got a manly dude you can meet at the College Campus who needs your help.  Eric's got a guy problem and could really use some manly help.

We also have fixed Elijah up so he can man it up with you even if you're playing with no girls allows.

Yeahhhh!  Menergy!


Saturday, August 4, 2012

Ronda's Plan and Doberwoman Cop

We've got two more Writer for Hire pieces in and done, ladies, gentleman and others.

First, Ronda's got plans of her own when you try to rescue her from her Slut Rat fate.  The sex is rather limited after it's all over, but if people want more fun, there's plenty of room for it.  That goes for both the Mall Rat and Slut Rat outcomes.

Second, we have a new creature running around.  There's a Doberman policewoman out fighting against the chaos in the city.  She's got some new mechanics and the donator responsible has provided me with more ideas, so if people donate time to her, you can get her fleshed out more as well.

And just as a reminder for how the Writer for Hire works, if you want to donate towards supporting the game, we would greatly appreciate that.  To show this appreciation (the game needs servers and we need food), we will provide an hour of work on an idea/project of your choice for every $15 donated.  The overall donations as also what's used to figure out the month's bonus hours.  So: $15/hour to get something added to the game.

Want more fun with foxes/kitties/whatever?  Want another sex scene for an NPC?  Want to have sex with the restored Ronda or with Rod?  Want to see an option for M-Preg added to the game?  Any other sexy fun ideas you may have?  You donate, and we'll work towards it.  Now's the time, since the docket's almost cleared.  Some restrictions apply.  Not recommended for players under the age of i.  Offer not valid in the Prussia, Scythia and Atlantis.  A skill testing question is required.

Writer For Hire update:
  • Bottlenose Toy Quest (0/10) 
  • MPreg (3/3) - more activation time needed
  • Doberman Cop - (0/3)
  • More Leonard (0/5) 
  • no-girl Elijah (1/1)
  • Bonus Hours (0/6) - TBD

Friday, August 3, 2012

July Bonus Hour Poll

The poll refuses to pose, so here's a workaround. Vote!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

July Report

Company Report

July Bonus Hours

Nuku's been clubbing at the blog since last night, but something is preventing him from posting the poll up right now.  We've decided to put up the list of what this month's options will be, letting you know what's coming so you can make an informed decision.  You guys have again managed to earn 6 bonus hours this month, giving another batch of time to be placed towards the task of your collective choosing from the options below.  This time I've added additional details to the creature options as someone rightly pointed out last month that it wasn't really enough to go on.

Creature: Hamster: Chubby female.  Amorous eater.
Creature: Impala: Spindly herm.  Frantic coward.
Creature: Jerboa: Large animal, male.  OMG giant cute mousey!
Creature: Komodo Dragon: Strong male.  Toxic bite. 
Dual form NPC: An NPC with two disparate infections and the player then chooses which final form (and thereby gender) they'll have.  The time would account largely for creating the NPC and its mechanics, and maybe a little fun, but it'd then be available to be expanded upon. 
Expand Hyena Gang: More content for the Hyena Gang, with priority to completing the quest I have with Grant and the previous matriarch.
Expand Main Storyline: More content for the main storyline, Dr. Matt and his tasks for you.
Alternate attacks: Create and give existing creatures more alternate attacks to spice up combat. 
Victory sex update: Improvements to player victory scenes for several creatures, adding them where missing, new variations and enhancing existing ones. 
Defeat sex update: Improvements to player defeat scenes for several creatures, adding them where missing, new variations and enhancing existing ones.
New engine content: Time spent porting/creating content for the new engine.

As always, the questionnaire (once it's up) will be multiple choice.
EDIT Aug 3, 1am: Blog still being obstinate.