Saturday, March 30, 2013

So close to 1000

The month is almost over, but we're so close to 1000 it burns. Maybe someone wants to push us over that mark? I'll sweeten the deal. The person that gets us over 1000 gets immediate access to the story still being written(FS - Mall), as well as a copy of it when done in the digital format of their choice.

Click that donate button on the right and get us over that last hump. Thanks in advance!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


The poll is up for what critter(s) will show up in the new story, so vote from the heart and vote hard. It's good until Sunday, and Monday is likely when writing resumes.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A new book, can it be?

I have been approached to write a new book set in the FS universe. We have a group of survivors trying to hole up in a mall, but doomed to succumb to the spreading madness and lust of the FS universe, plucked off one by one to the mutants that call it home.

Prologue and chapter 1 is done, and we've had the panther taurs, husky girl, and blue gryphons showing up.

How does this involve you? Well! The author wants the community to pick some of the other mutants that get a chance to shine and get involved.

Current choices:
Mall Rat
Shemale Smooth Collie
Black Equinoid
Female Husky
Alpha Husky(One or the other, only one husky!)
Or maybe you have some other awesome idea? Post about it. Official poll will go up tomorrow and end on Sunday.

Monday, March 25, 2013

More Announcements

 We've had other content come out in the past week that also needs to be covered.

From Stripes:
- Tristian: A revamp of his quest has been done and it has been added to the save game system.  He's been given two new sex scenes, which will appear over time.
- Football Wolfman: Endings to accompany becoming the team manager, or for failing in that task.
- Bouncy Castle: Another two rooms with new and kinky traps as well as another special failure ending.
- Alexandra: A scene for a female character to keep Alexandra all to yourself.  The scene with the male player's gotten a small tweak at the end.  Alexandra's found out about the old boombox.  Also, Alexandra's gotten endings.
- Vore: See the previous post for more details.

From Wahn:
- Helot: A new critter to go with the earlier Spartans, these guys are the (sex) slave people kept by the Spartans.  There's slightly different scenes and results with a few related forms.

From GentlemanB:
- Rex/Karen: A quest for you and Karen to escape from Rex the Retriever's control.  This has also been added to the saving system..

From Nuku:
- Hard Mode: The option to enable hard mode in combination with other play modes has been added.

Writer For Hire update:
  • Alexandra (4/6)
  • Icarus (1.25/6)
  • Vore (4.5/9)


We've got an addition that some fans have been wanting for quite a while now.  Thanks to some donations from an eager contributor, there's a feat you can earn to allow you to swallow your vanquished foes - Vore Predator.

Here's some stuff you need to know:
- This feat can be found while out scavenging in the city, but will also be among those accessed after completing the Hospital Quest.
- Only foes of equal or lesser scale value can be consumed by the player.
- The opportunity to consume will be random out with it you'll be presented at time with the option to consume your fallen foe or continue with the normal victory scene.
- There is a rather extensive exclusion list and some conditions, but most foes can conceivably be given a one-way trip to your belly.  Vore will also not occur during fights within events.
- This feat will have your hunger grow at a greatly accelerated rate.
- The hungrier you are will play a big part in deciding if you'll feel the need to again, as will other factors including your humanity, the size difference and how many foes you've eaten before.
- Consuming a foe will greatly reduce your hunger and will also carry a chance to absorb some of their strength.
- Because of the large amount of nanites you're taking into your system, consuming a foe will result in infection.

Now, this feature is just seeing its first release, so some improvements and possible tweaks to how the feat functions may still occur.

EDIT: As requested, this is the current exclusion list.  Please note that this will be subject to considerable change as things are added and removed.
"Shemale Smooth Collie", "Raccoon", "Doberman", "Nightmare", "Sphinx", "Hyena Matriarch", "Blob", "Skunkbeast Lord", "Blue Chaffinch", "Mental Mouse", "Mushroom Men", "Sugar Ferret", "Rabbit Pack", "Peacock", "Dracovixentaur", "Dragontaur", "Vixentaur", "Yamato Dragon", "Yamato Dragoness", "Giant", "feral sea dragon", "feral sea dragoness", "Wyvern", "Awesome tree", "Hippo Strongman", "Mammoth", "Albino Mouse", "Xeno", "Tiger Cop", "Sea Lion and Orca Toys", "Siamese Cats", "Tentacle Horror", "Bear", "sewer gator", "Dragon", "sea otter", "Slut Rat", "Sprite", "cheetah", "Badger", "Opossum Sailor", "hermaphrodite latex vixen", "Wrestling Wolf", "Stag", "Wolfman", "Werewolf Costume", "Reindeer", "Triceratops"

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

New Writer for Hire

Our community contributor, Wahn, has accepted his first commission as part of the writer for hire program. Look forward to 3 hours of their content soon. I'm keeping its nature a secret until released, however, just to tease the lot of you.

I'm the contact point and payment processor for either of our awesome authors, so if you want to get in on it, click that donate button on the right, and once you've sent in the funds, shoot me an email at with what you want the hours spent on. If you want a specific artist, that's a good time to mention it, and we'll get you some great writing.

Here's to bigger and better, and thanks for supporting the game.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Good Times!

I know it's been a while since there's been a content update due to the con, but I'm back and have been working away at stuff.  We've got another batch of things for you guys to enjoy.

From Stripes:
- Bouncy Castle: There is now another opportunity for another special ending., this time coming right at the end of the quest.  An extra half-day of time to get through the Bouncy Castle has been added. 
- Artemis: Speaking of the rubber kitty, she received another update, this time in the form of State Fair specific scenes.
- Xerxes/Helen: More content has been added to the humanized dogs, allowing you a means to make them even more awesome. 
- Septus/Jennifer: More content has been added to allowing you to try to become the team manager for the Football Wolfmen.  You'll need a cock, a wolfman body and to have fucked Jennifer a few times to open this option.
- Trixie: Nuku and I have performed some fixes and tweaks to saving and restoring with Trixie that should improve things with her.  Thomas, Septus, and Artemis have all been added to the save files and the new content for Xerxes/Helen is in there as well.

From Wahn:
- Eric and David: Wahn has completed work on all of the threesome scenes for these guys.
- Amy the Husky: A new NPC pet is now available by encountering the Soldier Squad again.
- Helen: The threesome between her and Fang/Felinoid with a female player is up.
- Ending Updates: Several of Wahn's critters have gotten some minor ending updates.  These generally add more gender variation to succumb scenes.

From others:
- Caveman: There is now a group of prehistoric humanoids wandering around the Museum with around 30 000 years worth of blue balls to deal with.  EDIT: I meant to mention that this was a creation from another fan trying their hand at coding: TheRecipe.

Writer For Hire update:
  • Bonus Hours: NPC Scenes (1.25/5)
  • Football Wolfmen (5.5/6)
  • Bouncy Castle (0/4)

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Back with Arts

I am back and have already gotten to work on stuff once again, but before that I have a gift for all of you.  The Writer for Hire's been running for roughly a year now and it's been a great success, helping to support the continued growth of the game and resulting in a lot of great, new content.  To celebrate that, most of the artwork I got at Furnal Equinox this year is of characters created or supported by fan contribution.  Thank you all again for your continued support, keeping this project alive and exciting.

P.S. For those of you without an FA account, you may view these pieces in the Fan Art section of the forums.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Book Sale

If you were waiting to snag one of my books, here comes a sale. From now until the 9th, grab any of my books over on Smashwords for 25% off with this coupon: REW25

So head on over and you may find something you like.

Save Tweak

Talking to our helpful save fairy no longer saves the game or produces a saveword. You have to actually use the command. This is to prevent accidental overwrites of the save. Since you can't make a save without actively typing that command out, you should be safe.

Update and Con

We've got another batch of updates to announce.  This one has fewer items, but still more than enough content.  I also wanted to get it out as it'll probably be the last game update from me until sometime next week.

Alexandra: The Doberwoman cop is now ready and willing to get down and dirty with Fang - if you'll let them, that is.  There's a scene to get this content started, a threesome option afterwards if accepted and a minor feat for picking either option.  She's also got added conversation tidbits about a bunch more of the other NPCs you can gather.  This status between her and Fang should now be saved.

Eric and David: Another threesome scene for this pairing has been added, this time for the regular, accepting cuntboy version of Eric. (by Wahn)

Bouncy Castle: Another new room has been added with a fight against a pair of special guards who'll try to stop you in your task to free the [']princess['].  There's another portion to come with them that should be ready next week.

Artemis: The playful rubber tigress has a hankering for some more fun with the player.  She's now got a whole new set of sex scenes out on the town with you.  She's also got M/M scenes as well added to the mix.

Impala: There is now a male version to go along with the female version of this critter.  They can be found out on the Dry Plains.  (by UrsaOmega)

I'll be only intermittently online over the next several days as I'll be attending Furnal Equinox, mainly just checking the boards, blog and messages.  I'm a little leery of going around advertising myself as Stripes the porn game writer, but if you're there and want to meet up to chat for a bit, send me a message on the forum and we'll see if we can run into one another.

Writer For Hire update:
  • More Bouncy Castle (4.5/6)
  • Artemis (3.5/6) 
  • Football Wolfmen (0/6)
  • Helen/Xerxes (0/6)

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

New and Improved

We've got another diverse batch of content, some of it new and some of it improvements onto existing stuff.

From Stripes:
- Bouncy Castle: The loop between the two new rooms now contains a pause, giving you a chance to take a break before trying to get past the orca again.  Also, the new special ending should appear properly now as well.
- Submissive: A fix has been applied to get more of the submissive player content to appear properly, so expect some little differences to appear in some of the existing scenes now that it's hopefully working at 100%.
- Blue Chaffinch: A victory sex progression has been built for this guy, allowing you to complete the first stage with him.
- Eric: Now with special variations to his sex scenes when he's satyr-hung, but only if you're appropriately Satyr or Greek Nymph infected.  Have fun trying to get them all.
- Giant: This guy is another critter rescued from last month's critter cage match voting via fan donation.  Sudden inspiration made me tweak the idea and I think he's a much more fun and interesting fellow for it. He's at the Zoo along with a pair of events for additional scenery and fun with him.
- Corota: This bifurcated, winged serpent has been elevated to level 11 to make a spot for the new Impala (see below).
- Dual Gender: Critters with two equal gender variations (ex: Clockwork Foxes) should now work with your warding selections.  Exploring should only yield the allowed gender, while hunting will give you the warded gender 1/3rd of the time so you can encounter them if desired.
- Single Sexed: This feat should be fixed and work for normal infection methods, keeping you either male or female.

From others:
- Warehouse Events: StripeGuy's unionized monsters are starting their work in earnest and have (between coffee breaks), continued their renovation work to the Warehouse District and a half-dozen new events have been added there.
- Impala: Another new critter from UrsaOmega, this female Impala's looking around the Dry Plains for a male strong enough to breed her.
- Eric: Wahn has continued his new update with the first of the threesome scenes between Eric and David, the cuntboy slave version.  It comes with several options and variations.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Monthly Voting

We're back again with another set of monthly voting on the bonus hours.  For those who don't know, for every $100 received in donations - on top of the Writer for Hire work - there will be a bonus hour of work added in which the whole fanbase can vote upon every month.  This time you've earned 5 bonus hours, which is a little lower, but is still more than enough for some good content.

This month's choices are:
Akita - A female canine for the Warehouse District.  Infection makes you male.
Appaloosa - An athletic female mare for the Stables.
Black Mamba - A herm snake woman with a sultry, venomous kiss.
Bobcat - A battery-operated-boyfriend feline for the RLD.
New Heats - Adding a few more specialized heats for various infections.
New Items - New clothing, equipment, armour, weapons and drop items.
NPC Scenes - More work on scenes for various NPCs.

Writer For Hire update:
  • Alexandra (0/6)
  • More Bouncy Castle (0/6)
  • Artemis (0/6)