Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year Cheer

Since folks have been so generous with the snatching of the novels, I added a bonus hour for everyone to enjoy!

For those who have not grabbed yet:
Amazon: here
Smashwords: here

Friday, December 21, 2012

Victory with Amazon

So, it turns out, it was the cover that they found just 'too' offensive. Not that they would admit it. I posted Zoo under a new name(Night Zero), and with a non risque cover, and, poof, it's up.

Grab it here.

If you already grabbed it from Smashwords, do take a moment to tag the heck out of it with proper tags, and if you're really feeling generous, leave a review on either site. (The Smashwords link is here.)

Thanks muchly.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Merry Christmas from Flexible Survival

Here's a piece I recently commissioned as a special surprise gift for you all for the holidays.  The Reindeer is here to warm you up with his special egg nog and his personal brand of holiday cheer.  The piece was done by MoT over on FA.  The full version's here (MoT) and here (Stripes).  Happy Holidays and Best Wishes to everyone.


We've had several new additions recently, mostly expanding upon existing content:
- Lucy the Mall Rat: Your sexy girlfriend's eager to try out some new positions with you.  One's a new variation for straight sex and the other is to open an option for anal sex with her.
- Sand Man: A handsome male appearing on the beach who appears to be made entirely out of sand.  Created by Wahn.
- Dr. Utah the Wereraptor: The female version of the doctor's available for breeding with the virile wereraptor player.  Wereraptor content has been added to the saveword.
- Sam the Dual-Taur: The direct path for getting Sam as a herm has been opened, though this does not currently cause the release of the creature versions of his forms.  The Dracovixentaur creature has been added as well and all three have additional sex, including player victory scenes now.  Sam's been added to the saveword.
EDIT 12/20: Flaming Lynx: Added a new player victory scene where you ride the lynx for anal sex.

Also, I'll be heading home for the holidays soon.  While my work on content will continue, my ability to provide updates will be limited.  While a recent change in plans means I will have less free time than originally anticipated, I hope to be able to complete the requests and more as a massive update upon my return.  I'll be staying in touch while away, so I can try to deal with emergency fixes and updates via Nuku, if necessary.  There's also a present for you all on the way, but it's not quite done yet.  Hopefully tomorrow.

Writer For Hire update:
  • Wereraptor Pt 4 (7.5/9) 
  • Equinoids (0/6) (started)
  • Dual-Taur H (6.5/8)
  • Lucy (1/1)
  • More M/M (0.75/3)
  • Bonus Hours: NPC + Stables (3.5/10)

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

FS - Zoo and Amazon

I should take it as a compliment.

It seems my novella, Flexible Survival - Zoo is far too pornographic and/or offensive for their delicate tastes, and will not be publishable on their site as a result.

If you have a kindle, proceed to and grab it up, free. You can then drop in any ebook you like, and send it right along to any attached kindle effortlessly.

The book is available here.

Enjoy your steamy reading, and thanks for being awesome. Sorry I couldn't get it onto Amazon for you guys.

Happy Holidays,

Friday, December 14, 2012


NPC Scenes: Added a few more of these.  Steven now has a regular M/M scene.  Janice has received an update to accept the newer fox forms and has a new titty/oral scene.  Alpha Fang and Candy now have a new scene together as a follow up to the first one.
Creatures: The Hulking Cheerleader and the Mannequin creatures have been opened up to join the general monster population, no longer requiring an event before they'll appear.  Their first appearance will contain the scene from the event they once had.

Wereraptors: The player will now be presented with a choice during the final part of this quest to rid yourself of the curse.  There is more content to come for this, but it's active.  Also, a couple of bugs have been resolved.

Writer For Hire update:
  • Wereraptor Pt 4 (4/9) 
  • Equinoids (0/6) (started)
  • Dual-Taur H (0/8)
  • Lucy (0/1)
  • More M/M (0/3)
  • Bonus Hours: NPC + Stables (3.5/10)

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

More Content

Continuing work on the donation requests, I've completed another batch of bonus content for Leonard, adding more events to be found in the park by a matronly player after the end of Leonard's quest.  Several of these come with special sex scenes and more fun with the felines of the pride.

Also, to help address concerns on the disproportionate level of furry critters running around, I've added two humanoid forms imported in part from the multiplayer game, the Math Teacher (Campus) and the Dark Elf (Capitol Bldg).  The latter has been heavily modified, making them both herms, as the non-furry humanoids creatures are especially low on herms.

With the creation of another creature for the Capitol Bldg area, I have transferred with Ash creatures (Whelp, Dragator and Drakenoid) to there, as that was there originally intended zone.  The area will still need a lot of work, but we'll get it up to snuff in time.  As a reminder, you'll need to find the 'Government Assistance' event to first find the area.

Writer For Hire update:
  • Wereraptor Pt 4 (0/9) 
  • Equinoids (0/6)
  • Dual-Taur H (0/8)
  • Bonus Hours: NPC + Stables (0/10)

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Multi V1.0

The first version of Multi is up and appears functional.  It is fairly in depth, with several gender and size-comparison based scenes for lovemaking and 8 possible forms to pick from to start (listed below).  Now, this is the first version of the system and I have several improvement in mind which will help resolve some problems and shortcomings, but this first version seems to work adequately well.

For those of you who haven't guessed it, you'll need to go visit Larissa at Zephyr to get the ball rolling.  If you haven't completed a task for Zephyr already, she'll assign you some simple monster bashing duty.  Once that's done, things will start rolling.

The forms currently available for Larissa are the following.  Aside from the three chosen through voting, the others were picked to provide some variety in forms and scale.  She's got a lot of variables, so more interesting things can be done if people are willing to chip in more time for the creation of new forms or scenes which play off of them.  I hope to someday see her have most of the existing creatures available as infections.
  • Alpha Husky (male)
  • German Shepherd (male)
  • Tigress Hooker (herm)
  • Panda (male)
  • Teddy Bear (female)
  • Latex Mistress (female)
  • Naga (male)
  • Mammoth (herm)

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Sam and Doberman

We've had two notable updates in the last few days:

Doberman Cop: The culmination of all your hard work in showing the canine policewoman who's boss can now come to fruition.  If you manage to defeat her after having pushed her over the edge (third form), you'll be able to deal with her permanently and have the opportunity to take the bad doggy home.

Dual-Taur: The F2H path for Sam has been completed.  After several sexings with the vixentaur, you'll be given the option to give her the second vial.  Successfully doing so will give her the third, hybrid form.  The Vixentaur creature has been created as well, which will be released after you decide what you'll do at this point.  Succeeding on your attempt will release both the Dragontaur and the Vixentaur.

Multi news: I've just got a handful of scenes left to write and then a (probably not-so-) quick test.  I'm hoping Sunday/Monday.  I've made 8 forms for her to start, including the 3 selected by the group.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Multi Voting Closed

This is your notification that only 24 hours remain for voting on forms for Multi, ending at noon EST tomorrow.

EDIT: Voting closed.  Thanks to all those who've participated.  We hope you'll enjoy the results once Multi's released.  And here are the winners you picked:
Alpha Husky (male) - 9 votes
German Shepherd (male) - 7.5 votes
Tigress Hooker (herm) - 5 votes

Those three picked by the fans will be added to a few others to try and ensure there's at least a couple of options available.  Playing with content banned will cut down on your choices, but I'll try and juggle it so there's still one or two regardless.  As more batches are added, this problem will be alleviated.  I'll still need a while to write the assorted sex scenes, but I'll try and get as much of that done as I can with the remaining time.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Multi Voting Notice

I'm not going to go into extensive detail here, but GentlemanB will be giving the community an opportunity to vote on some of creature forms possible for Multi.  We'll be adding your top three picks to the starting batch of forms Multi will be launched into the game with.  Please read over the post and exclusions, then cast your vote.  This will only be open until noon on Friday, Dec 7th (EST).  Polling is handled in the forum in this post.  Votes placed in the blog won't be counted, so make your vote where it counts.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

November Bonus Hours

Thanks to all your wonderful support this month, you guys have earned yourselves another 10 bonus hours.  It was a busy but awesome month and the game's greatly grown because of it.  Keep donating and we'll keep having great developments in the game.

Because of the number of hours you guys have earned, we're again offering the top two picks to be added this month.  The options this include:

- Stoat (creature): A slender and flexible herm stoat.
- Tree Frog (creature): A psychedelic, colourful male frog with sticky fingers.
- Urbanshee (creature): A wailing female woman.  Sonic attack.
- Storage Locker: Creating a storage locker to hold your excess items.
- NPC Scenes: More/better scenes for existing NPCs.
- Main Storyline: Expansion into Main Storyline/Hospital Quest 2.
- Hyena Gang: More content for the Hyena Gang/Grant's Quest.
- Stables Quest: Continued repair/completion of this material.

Writer For Hire update:
  • Leonard (0/5.75) 
  • Multi (3.5/9) (coming soon)
  • Doberman (0/6)
  • Dual-Taur (0/6)
  • Wereraptor Pt 4 (0/9)