Friday, April 15, 2016

Update Summary

There've been more scattered updates since the last posting.  I was holding out to make this report until getting one last thing ready, but I kept getting stuck with writer's block on it.  Eventually I swapped to another quick task and did that instead.

Here's what we've got new since the last time:

- Main Storyline: The last part of the Patreon voting, this one took an extra month so I could add some unique material to the end and have it continue both the Main Storyline 2 and Hospital Quest 2 paths.  This time, you're given the simple errand of going to talk with Dr. Medea at the Pediatrics Clinic to get her notes and findings on infected pregnancy.  While the task is mostly a tie-in to her existing requests, there is a special encounter with a different sort of scene available once you're done.  You will successfully complete the quest regardless of how the encounter with the pregnant panda goes, so you can participate or avoid the material as you prefer.
- Bobcat: A continuation of the Patreon voting from before, the Bobcat has been expanded to add a player victory blow job option, an infection heat and a variety of endings.  The heat comes with a compulsion to provide yourself for sexual relief to a random partner, though it's a set of generalized scenes this time.
- Gunbunny: Again with more from the Patreon vote, this creature has been expanded.  Player victory, infection and a wide range of endings have been added.  Several disparate factors will adjust these endings, so try them out from several runs if you want to get them all.  Being a gunbunny also provides a to-hit bonus with guns.
- Female Husky: Two new player victory scenes have been added, one for dominating and tying with her if you've got a knotted cock and the other for eating her out.  Because of these added options, she's been updated to a victory selection menu.
- Hard Vore: A subset added to the Vore Predator ability, there's now an option for gory vore material.  It is opt-in and can be activated via the vore menu or by accepting during a special 'first time' scene offering it.  There's four scenes at present, two of which are gender-driven.
- Shemale Smooth Collie: Some new material's been added to this creature, providing a pair of blow job scenes among player loss.  She too has been upgraded to a victory selection menu with options to ride her cock, provided you're sized to take it.
- Creature Gender Flagging: The adjustment to allow tracking the gender of the creature you most recently fought is largely complete.  There may still be some bugs and it's only seeing limited implementation at present, but this should open up several more possibilities in the future.
- Panda: The 'panda' infection's been adjusted to 'Panda', so old savewords won't accurately provide this infection.

If you've got a commission pending, please check the list below to make sure you're in there.

Writer For Hire update:
  • G-Shep Pet (2/6) - Stripes
  • Patreon: More Blanche - Stripes
  • Patreon: Alexandra meets G-Sheps - Stripes
  • More Hard Vore (0/10) - Stripes
  • Bonus Time: Bastet Scenes (0.5/5) - Wahn
  • Razorback Boar (0/4) - Wahn