Monday, January 28, 2013

Updates and Requests

Since my last post, I got a few requests and have completed them all, opening up the queue again for more content you guys want me to work on.  The end of the month's coming up, so lets see if we can raise those bonus hours a bit higher.  First up, the donation requests:

Rubber Tigress Pet: There's a poor kitty running around at State Fair in need of a friend.  If you be nice to her, maybe she'll stick around.  This is part one of what will be a growing project, but there's already a good amount of fun to be had with her.

Hadiya: The rough hyena herm is ready for a lot more fun with the guys if they're brave and slutty enough to submit to her tender, loving care.  Annoyed hyena to first find her. :>

Satyr: Victorious Satyrs are now willing to undertake some M/M fun with a Submissive/MPreg/More Anal player from time to time.  The more of those you have, the more likely it'll happen.

Those aside, it's on to the other updates we've got other additions and expansions to the game:
Your Charisma now boosts the likelihood of your children attacking as well, if they're scrappers.
Anime Babe: Normal player victory sex scenes.
Fire Elemental: Promoted to lvl 15 and given the fire breath alt attack.  The Flaming Lynx also has this attack now.
Corota: This strange hybrid with a bifurcating face is roaming on the Dry Plains.  She's a fairly powerful foe that plays rough.
Thomas: A new NPC from Wahn.  This black-skinned centaur has something a little extra under his tail after being on the receiving end of a centaur gangbang out on the Dry Plains.  Loads of dialog and sex options available with this one.

Event Consolidation: In an attempt to improve your chances of finding interesting content during exploration, a bunch of the minor and background events from the Outside area and the Park have been consolidated into centralized events.  There's still lots of events around, but this should up the odds of finding stuff of greater significance a little more often.

Writer For Hire:  Empty queue - get your requests in now!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Busy Day 2

Another busy burst of work followed the last one and there's a second batch of new critters for everyone to enjoy ported over from Multiplayer:

Quilled Tousky: That wacky, messed-up, husky-hedgehog-toucan thing.  Marp!  Find him at the Junkyard.
Bird of Paradise: A beautifully captivating female bird flying around at the Zoo!
Giraffe: Converted into a herm for Stables, she's heavily hung and ready for action, win or lose.
Fire Elemental: This fiery woman's smoking hot and burning things up out on the Dry Plains.
Xeno: Due to fan demand and with Nuku's okay, this has been releases as something reminiscent of an Alien xenomorph, partially altered/imported from one already in Multiplayer, but considerably souped up.  It's stalking the Capitol Building area (Government Assistance event).  Warning: Eggses.

The Snake out on the Dry Plains has now an appetite for PCs, so be careful... unless you're into that. ;)

Also added is another pair of books you can obtain and unlock at the Central Library (in the High Rise District).  Both are quite useful and should be worth the risks involved.

GentlemanB's content for Rex and Karen has been touched up and streamlined in preparation of more improvements to come.  They'll be saved soon as well.

This leaves my Writer for Hire to do list completely empty, so if you've got any ideas, projects, critters or NPCs you'd liked worked on, new or old, toss in a donation and lets make it happen while I'm on a roll.

Also, don't forget that Larissa needs more forms.  If you donate towards her, you get to pick some of the infections that will come in that batch.  A donation of an hour should get a handful of new forms for this multitastic, transforming NPC.  Alternatively, she can also be souped up with more sex, either scenes specific for certain traits or more general ones that can go across the board.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Busy Day

I've had a very productive day over the last 24 hours, adding quite a bit to the game.  Added to the other stuff I've done since my last post, we've got a pretty sweet update ready for you guys.

First up, there's been a lot of smaller additions and add-ons to existing critters and content:
- Several Felinoid player submission scenes and some general improvements to its other scenes.
- More scenes for Tiger Cop victory over the player, both M/F and M/M.
- The Latex Wolf's got an M/M scene for submissive players and an engulfing goo scene.
- Optional M/M player victory sex with the Hawkman.
- MPreg endings for Chase the tiger.
- An M/M loss scene for submissive players against the Centaur Stallion.
- Size adjustments for Flaming Lynx player victory scenes.
- The Teddy Bear's got a cuddly vore scene.

More content's been added to Alexandra the Doberman, two more sex scenes (titty-fuck and 69) and lingering signs of your recent fun with her persisting in her appearance and next sex scene.

Three more humanoid creatures have been imported from the multiplayer game, adding to the fun available to those looking for some less furry affection.
- Amazonian: A powerful herm out to prove she's better than any man.  Find her at the Museum.
- Anime Babe: A sexy girl with a vulnerability to tentacle fun.  EDIT: She's been updated to be vulnerable to the Parasitic Plant, Tentacle Horror, Cerberus and Squid forms.  She's wandering the Campus.
- Automaton: Remade into a metal-skinned person, these men and women only desire sex.  They're roaming at the Capitol Bldg area.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Clean Up

*kaffkaff*  We have some new updates for you, mainly filling out lingering requests and dealing with the leftovers from my being sick.  I'm doing better *fingers crossed* and you've gotten more content to enjoy.  The stuff I've done since the last notice include:
- More content for the matronly player w/Leonard, both new sex scenes and new special events.
- Wereraptor endings
- Sex w/Equinoid pet
- Pet combat now improved w/Charisma.

Writer For Hire update:
  • More M/M (0/3)
  • Doberman (0/6)
  • Felinoid (0/2)
  • Bonus Hours: Xeno (0/6)

Thursday, January 10, 2013

More Stuff

This wave is now focused on NPCs for the most part.

Alexandra: The Doberwoman, if obtained, now has new scenes and can get preggers. 
Lindsey: New scenes for non-Wolftaur taurs during the second phase of his attempts to make you his bitch.
Rod: A little added variation to the scenes you can have with Rod the Slut Rat.
Sally: A new variation for fucking the huskybunny pet.
Eric: This guy will react if the player's got the new Furling form (see below).

As well, Mike the Stag (and his duo of human dogs) can now be saved and restored with Trixie.

As mentioned above, there's a new creature (from Wahn) called the Furling.  It is roaming around the Campus and is responsible for the state you find Eric in.

Writer For Hire update:
  • Wereraptor Pt 4 (7.5/9)
  • Equinoids (5/6)
  • Leonard (0/6)
  • Bonus Hours: Xeno (0/6)

Monday, January 7, 2013

Critter Updates

There have been some scattered updates since the last announcement.  There's a few noteworthy things to mention, so I wanted to give you guys a head's up on that.

First off, I've done some additions and tweaking to several of the creatures in the game, adding a scene here or there to them.  Those affected are:
Bottlenose Toy (creature victory - oral variant)
Incubus (player victory - oral)
Werewolf Costume (player victory - oral)
Parasitic Plant (creature victory - new variant)

Next, a new technique's being tried out where the game will stop asking you if you want to partake in victory sex if you keep refusing it with a given creature.  While only active on a few creatures, it will spare you from having to refuse constantly if you have no interest in those critters.  This state can be undone by losing to that creature.  Those with this feature at present are: Bald Eagle, Bottlenose Toy, Bunny Jock, Incubus, Mothgirl and Raccoon.

The groundwork for the Equinoid Camp has been started up, allowing you to meet with their leader and possibly gain access to the tribe.  While the content after that point is not yet ready, you can preview the task to join, the scene inducting you into the herd and one of its benefits.  To reach the new content, just confront and defeat several of the Black Equinoids in the Park and it should start up on its own.  I have a lot of ideas for this, so I hope people enjoy it and want more.

Also, the Tree Nymph in the Red Light District has been renamed into the Dryad to reduce confusion and better suit the creature.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

December Bonus Hours

Now that the holiday delay's over, we're back to dishing out bonus hours.  Thanks to Nuku's gift of an extra hour, we've got 6 hours this month for voting.  Because I fail at counting, we've got five creature options this month as well as three others.

Nuku should have the poll up soon, but here are the options in advance of that:

critters options:
- Vampire: A sexy traditional male vampire - no sparkles!
- Wallaby: A small and sexy male also able to access the Down Under pub.
- Xeno: An alien critter of uncertain gender and strange genitalia.
- Yeti: The abominable snow woman looking for a mate.
- Zodiac: A herm hybrid creature with a zodiac theme and powers.
non-critter options:
- New companion: A genital creature with sex attacks and a lust for the player.
- Powerhouse Clash: Event fight between the Wrestling Wolf and several other big critters of the game.
- Special Attacks: New sexy attacks for existing critters to spice things up.

I expect there'll be a lot of interest in several of these and am interested in seeing how the voting goes.  Also, with the queue mostly clear, now's the time to get your new requests in.

NOTE: It's come to my attention that I need to clarify the Xeno a bit more.  I do not yet have a fixed idea on its final form, but it will have some unusual biology and will have strange sexual organs.  I'd be tempted to give it very strange morphology, but I'm uncertain how much appeal it would then have.  It will not be based on the creatures from 'Aliens'.

Writer For Hire update:
  • Wereraptor Pt 4 (7.5/9) 
  • Equinoids (0/6) (partial)
  • Bonus Hours: TBD (0/6)

Returning with Prezzies

You hear a thump outside, followed by the sound of the door knob being rattled before the key finally finds its way into the lock.  With a grunt, Stripes opens the door and stumbles in.  His fur is rather ruffled and the party hat on his head is askew and the champagne bottle is empty, but he's back.  With a groan, he tosses his leather suitcase onto you, knocking you down beneath its surprising weight.

"It's good that you're here.  I've got some late presents for you," he says with a bit of a rasp in his voice, as if still recovering from a cold.  "Here, let me get them out."  You, having been left struggling to push your way out from under his large suitcase, have the lid slapped open into your face.  He then flips it back up to look at you funny.  "What're you still doing under there?  Don't you want your presents?" he asks, to which you can only groan and feebly try to push up the crushingly heavy case.

"Right then.  Let's get the heaviest one out first then," the tiger says with a grin.  Here we go, a new scene for the Margay.  Give me your paw, my lady," he says as he assists the rotund feline out of the suitcase.  She grins down at you laying helpless there, as if considering showing you the new scene right then and there since you can't get away, but is shooed off by the tiger.

"Speaking of feline ladies, I spent some lovely time with Valerie the Sphinx over at the Museum and we *ahem* worked out a new oral scene for her and the gentleman to enjoy together for added variety," he says with a cough before slamming down a swig of what you hope is cough syrup.

"I also sat down and had tea with two others from the game.  They didn't have much in common, but we managed to find a few things to chat about once Kara the hyena's dialog was spruced up.  Alex the ferret has promised to add a little more anal foreplay with the guys, especially those who're into it.  And while Kara's not quite worked out her sex scenes yet, she hopes to have some for you guys soon."

Hearing you grunt from under the heavy bag, he turns his attention back to it.  "Oh, sorry.  Let's see.  There's some more creature fun.  The Bald Eagle's gotten it's M/M scene as well as scenes for the victorious player after your first couple of wins.  The Leopardman and Plush Lion have both gained new M/M creature victory scenes as well which may occur."  You can feel him pushing something heavy aside moments before the bald eagle takes flight with the leopardman in his talons while the fierce feline holds his plush brethren in his arms.  They fly off together to look for players to enjoy sharing their new tricks with.

"Oh, here are a couple of little things.  Stocking stuffers, really.  One's a new event at the Hospital and is mostly for background atmosphere.  The next is mainly to help the newer players, but veterans will appreciate the shortcut.  Larissa will now give directions to Trevor Labs if you've not been there before, making it much easier to start getting feats and to start the main quest.  The last one are the endings for Sam's various tauric infections.  There's small variations between these depending on which form you have and Sam has.

"Now onto the big gifts.  This one's from myself and Blue Bishop," he says with a grunt, hefting out the large, black stallion from the suitcase, which is now starting to feel lighter, if not quite movable.  "I was sick for half of my time away, so he offered to help me with this one.  We've got content for Onyx the horse while at the bunker.  Just the oral and M/M parts for now, but the M/F fun should be coming along soon as well.  After that, we'll try to tackle the second variation.

"Now this last one isn't from me, but is from Wahn instead.  He's put together a bunch of new goodies for you.  He's reworked and souped up the threesome events between your pet human dog and Fang or the Felinoid with more of this to come later.  You'll even be able to get the female one preggers.  And speaking of females, he's added a female Naiad creature to the Campus area.  This water sprite has left the college's pool to seek some fun among the sexy mortals.  Lastly, the Football Wolfman has been let loose as a regular monster and lots more content has been created for Septus, the team's talent scout once you start interacting with them."

Once he's removed the two barking humans, the dripping sprite and the muscled wolfman from the bag, you're finally able to pull yourself free from under the bag to look over all the new content that the tiger's brought you.