Monday, December 2, 2013

Update Report

We're overdue for another content report, as there's been more added to the game than just the graphics updates.  Since I'm back from MFF (had a great time) and getting back into the swing of things, it's time to report on what we've got for you guys.

Settings/Cheat Menu: This menu's been expanded with a few updates.  There's now an option for:
- Booster Feats: Cheat to gain an extra feat slot of both types.
- Vore/UB Settings: Options to adjust your desired levels for vore and ub scenes.  These are not fully implemented across the game, but exist and will be applied soon.
Feats: Three new feats have been added to expand your range of options.
- Dominant: In opposition to Submissive, this feat rewards your victory with a morale, xp or libido increase.  In the future, it may be used to open up more dominant scenes or make those outcomes more likely.
- Always A Pussy: Another gender control feat, this one ensures you always have a pussy, restricting your gender to F/H.
- Always Cocky: Similar to the above, it ensures you always have a cock, restricting your gender to M/H.
-  Size limits have also slightly been adjusted for Modest Organs and the Preferred feats.
Horny Doctor: A new player loss scene in the form of a kinky examination.
Hyena Gang: Gang members WS scene for the gang bitch, if More WS is set.

Blue Bishop:
Cute Chinchilla Girl: Given a complete overhaul to her content, she's also been renamed to just 'Chinchilla' and moved to the Dry Plains.
EDIT: Elf: Given an overhaul to player loss and endings, she's also been renamed to 'Wood Elf'.

Eric: Content's been added between him and the Felinoid and some adjustments were made to his content with David.
Captive Breeding: This Underground Lab event now contains a male breeding captive option that may appear.
Shemale Smooth Collie: Victory sex is now optional.

Christy: Added by a fan, a count is now given on the number of clutches the trapped dragoness has had.
Lilith: There's a conversation option to discuss your offspring with the succubus, thereby getting a count on them.

Bonus Hours:
As we've only got two bonus hours last month, I'll continue by adding more from the previously suggested list.

Writer For Hire update:
  • Leonard/Artemis updates (1.5/6) - Stripes
  • Hayato (0/3) - Stripes
  • Vanessa/Meredith (0/6) - Stripes