Tuesday, July 2, 2013

June Bonus Hours

We want to start off by thanking you guys very much for your continued support of the game.  Your generosity has earned you a whopping 12 bonus hours during the last month.  The donations ended up evenly split between Wahn and myself, so we'll each be doing a separate poll for 6 hours.  Each poll will cover a different category of content, resulting in both a new critter and in expanded content.

As with the last poll, they will be handled in the forums.  Links are provided directly to them by clicking on the poll titles below.

New Critters - by Stripes
- Corgi - Diminutive female dog.  Fear the cuteness.
- Crystaloid - A crystal-infused humanoid herm.
- Dark Rogue - A sneaky, evil scoundrel of a woman dressed in black.
- Dragonfly - An herm insect with a fun-filled tail.
- Elk - A large male deer looking to rut.
- Erectitan - Quadrupedal big brother to the Cock Cannons.

Content Expansion - by Wahn
- Endings (for those who don't have any, or just basic ones)
- Infection Overhaul (some have no victory/defeat sex - zoo inhabitants mostly)
- Pet Expansion (Felinoid, maybe Denise+Elijah)
- Under Trevor Labs (lets populate those deep, dark corners some more - the master of the guy in cell four...)
- Sacristy Scenes (other visitors for Lilith / incubus sex)
- Build a Farm (location and cowboy infection/npc for a start)