Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Critter Stuff and Dual-Taur Update

We've got some more fun stuff for you guys, gals and all shades in between.  Most of the updates this time deal with creatures.
- Fennec: Having dealt with the large set of requests, I've done the Fennec creature selected for the bonus hours.  No endings yet and there's room for more victory sex options, but he's got a considerable variety of player defeat scenes to make up in part for that.  You can find him out on the Dry Plains.
- Spidertaur: A new creature unleashed in the Warehouse District by Wahn.  Bearing similarities to the Spidergirl, this male creature's much stronger and should be approached with caution and a very large can of Raid.
- Mannequin: These creatures now actively steal a player's gender along with their form, working to turn the player neuter.  Be advised that a lot of the content, especially older content, does not react accurately to the player being genderless, so anticipate getting male/female scenes if you allow them to fully rob you of your genitals.  As a reminder, they unleashed upon the Warehouse District by the Harbor Breakin event.
- Sam the Dual-Taur: You now may find yourself presented with the option to give Sam the Dragontaur the other vial you didn't use after you've had several romps with the dragon.  This will result in a new, third form for Sam.  Currently, this is only available from the direction of Sam being the dragontaur.  Trying this, regardless of outcome, also unleashes a new Dragontaur creature into the game.

Writer For Hire update:
And now that I've cleared out most of the queue before the end of the month, it's time again to remind you to donate ($15 = 1 hr of writing).  With the list short and the end of the month coming fast, now's the time to get your requests in to boost the bonus hours and get a quicker turnaround on your request.  As well, I'll remind you that a little more time's needed to get the Multi project started.  Even if you can only give an hour or two, it'll be a big help.  Also, those donating to Multi can add a few suggestions for creatures to come in the first batch of forms.
  • Leonard (0/0.25 remainder) 
  • Multi (0/1.5)
  • unassigned Dual/Multi (0/2)
  • Wereraptor Pt 3 (0/6)

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Bouncy Castle 2.0B

After a frustrating delay and rewrite, I have managed to complete the update on sexifying the traps in the new Bouncy Castle.  The octopus guardian is now interested in more fun than just some tickling.  As well, the orca has been replaced with a new and much more detailed foe.  Beware - the Comfy Chair!

As well, I've completed the rest of the work on Mack for now with him moving to the bunker to join the player there so he can stash his nuts there.  He'll give one of his two sex scenes and maybe even have an extra treat for the player for a bit.  Endings have been written as well.

As a note, more work will be coming soon on Sam the Dual-Taur, but we could use a little more onto the Multi request to get it off the ground as well.  Even an hour or two would bump it up to the point that starting's viable.

Update 11/23:
We've got some more (predominantly M/M) stuff that's been added:
- Flaming Lynx: Player victory scenes so you can have more fun with the hot kitty.
- Philip: Revisiting the game's first male NPC, he's got a second possible M/M variation, this one randomly appearing for Submissive males.
- Steven: The stallion might push for more than just a blow job if you're a Submissive or MPreg character.

There's also been another small addition to the events with Leonard's pride for the matron characters, letting you have some sexy fun with the work group if you bump into them in the park.

Writer For Hire update:
  • Leonard (8.25/8.5) 
  • Multi (0/1.5)
  • unassigned Dual/Multi (0/2)
  • Sam the Dual-Taur (0/8)
  • Bonus Hours: Fennec + Victory/Defeat (7/11)

Sunday, November 18, 2012


And here it is, making its debut with the awesome new beach content (see the previous post) is a mechanic loads of you have been requesting for a long time.  There is now a means for players to set their desired level of anal play content.  You can access this by typing adjust anal (or one of several variations thereof) or by accessing it via Trixie's cheat menu (iwannacheat) if you forget the direct command.  You can toggle this value freely during the course of the game between:
- Less Anal: In scenes designed to detect it, you may skip or receive an alternate scene instead of anal sex or anal play.
- Standard: The normal level of anal sex and only some scenes of other forms of anal play.
- More Anal: Recieve anal sex scenes more often or even special anal sex scenes where ones normally don't occur.  Also, scenes may have portions with added anal play elements or greater detail added to them.

Just to emphasize it, these are More and Less (not Always and Never) and the other party involved may have their own preferences and say in the matter.  Context will also affect whether and how these may take influence scenes.  Certainly don't expect a straight or gay NPC to act out of character if you solicit them for sex, for example.

Currently, only a little content in addition to stuff added during the new mega beach update uses this mechanic.  Some of the recent content from the past week or so secretly already includes features using it in preparation of the announcement, so go back and try them again too!  A few other bits will show up from time to time as work progresses as the game continues to get better and better week by week.

NOTE: For the sanity and continued good will of the dev team, we please ask you NOT to make posts with requests/complaints about any given scene/creature/NPC lacking these features.  I do plan on asking for your requests periodically in the future, but until then, we instead hope you will enjoy the shifts when and where they come as an overall gradual improvement to your experience with us.  At 24+ MB of game and growing, we will provide these updates as we will between our other projects.  Newer content is more likely to take these into account, at the dev's discretion.

If you do want work done towards implementing this further, you may put a donation to the Writer for Hire program towards this. You may ask for work to be added towards your preferred setting if you'd like.  You might also ask that the update be applied to specific content or in general.  Some restrictions in what can be done may apply in certain cases, but we will be happy to do what we can.

Mega Beach Party

Mega Beach Party!!!

Blue Bishop, a new writer for the game has been working with me in secret on a big surprise update and it's finally done.  Here you go guys!  An update to nearly every creature in the beach area all at once!  Time for a righteous beach party with all the wet and wild creatures.  Break out your tanning lotion and get yourselves oiled up for some fun times.
- The feral sea dragons are wild and making waves with lots of new and improved player defeat scenes as well as fresh, new and varied succumb endings.  Definitely the stars of the show, they've got lots of new fun for you to explore after having received an almost complete rewrite and expansion.
- The moth girl, in need of major retooling for a long while, came in for a fresh coat of mind-affecting dust.  She's traded in her old, feat-ignoring abilities and has gotten new and improved sexy times.  But be careful, she's still hung on to a few of those blue pills for herself and is more than willing to show you that this little girl's hiding a big (and sometimes hard) dominant streak.
- The pirate sharks are now willing and able to plunder a man's booty, if they are so inclined.
- Not to be out done by sharks, the killer whales have an anal option as well as new and improved scenes for both victory (for Killer Whale players) and defeat sex.  There's also a new ending for a dominant female.
- The cute and playful squid girl has gotten a major rewrite, with her sexy fun expanded with lots more detail on all those fun things she does with her many tentacles to defeated players.
- The otters, already having lots of playful fun they can do, have added one more, rimming the player if they're so inclined.

Other additions:
- And while strictly not at the Beach area, but instead by the waterfront at the Warehouse District, Mike the Stag is now infectious.
- The Bear, always fond of fish, has received a promotion and is now level 7.
- And now, straining my ability to tie it back in, those late night (party) animals - the Wereraptors - have received another update with a wild, feral rampage mechanic, wereraptor on wereraptor sex scenes and conversation tie-ins for Dr. Moffatt and Nermine.

Writer For Hire update:
  • Male Squirrel (8.5/10)
  • Leonard (7.5/8.5) 
  • Multi (0/1.5)
  • unassigned Dual/Multi (0/2)
  • Bouncy Castle expansion (9/16) 
  • More M/M Fun (0/3)
  • Bonus Hours: Fennec + Victory/Defeat (7/11)

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Pile o' Stuff

We've got another content announcement for you guys with lots more new stuff for you to enjoy:
- Flaming Lynx: First off, for those you missed it added to the last message, we have a new M/M creature living down in the sewers beneath the Mall.  No victory sex or endings yet, but those will come in time.
- Latex Mistress: Latex dominatrix women roaming around in the Red Light District.  They're a variant of the Leather Mistress found in the multiplayer game.
- Sam the Dual Taur now has endings for both forms.  Look for another researcher to find him.
- The Doberwoman Cop now has a third stage of increased lust the player can build her up to.
- Upon request, junking items (J) has been added to the inventory menu, so remember to be careful with what you click.  If you accidentally junk something you need, use undo to back up an action.
- Leonard: More mate sex for Leonard such that you should not see any of the old scenes any longer as the feline matron.  As well, some random events in the park will allow you to interact briefly with other girls from the pride.  Just some basics to start with more to come later.
- Mushroom Men: GentlemanB's back with another addition, this time a band of crude little mushroom dudes out to have some fun in the Park.  While weak, they've got a couple of new alt attacks, so expect a few surprises from the little guys.
- Mike the Stag: Wahn's added more to the content relating to Mike the Stag and his unusual 'dogs' down in the Warehouse District.  You should now be able to get one of his dogs for your very own, complete with your choice of a male or a female.
- Mannequin: Also from Wahn, we have a new creature you can unleash upon the Warehouse District upon encountering the Harbor Breakin event.  They're incomplete at the moment, lacking post-combat sex and some mechanics, but it's a preview of what's to come.
- Update: The trash/junk command as well as a new trashall/junkall command have been added to the inventory screen.  Use with caution.

Writer For Hire update:
  • Male Squirrel (8.5/10)
  • Leonard (7.5/8.5) 
  • Multi (0/1.5)
  • unassigned Dual/Multi (0/2)
  • More Wereraptors (0/6)
  • Bouncy Castle expansion (9/16) 
  • More M/M Fun (0/3)
  • Bonus Hours: Fennec + Victory/Defeat (4/11)

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Fun Times

More progress has been made on the various commissions received, mostly focused on M/F content this time.

Bouncy Castle 2.0A: The big update for this time is a giant expansion upon the Bouncy Castle adventure.  The inflatable castle's been expanded considerably with several hazards and delays added to get in your way as well as some improved functionality.  These traps are fairly simple right now, but will be expanded to have more sexy fun once version 2.0B comes along.  For those who need a reminder or haven't done this quest before, you need to begin by proceeding to the Beach and witnessing the Snared Vixen event.

Feline Matron sex: Several sex scenes for players successfully completing Leonard's quest have been added.  There will be more to come in future, but I'll be adding those intermittently between working on the other requests.

M/F NPC Fun: Three female NPCs have been given a new sex scene to enrich their fun.  Lucy the Mall Rat and Solstice the Vulpogryph will each have a new scene which will alternate with their other scenes and female Diego now has a third random variation for sex.

Mall Rat Endings: I've completed a set of endings for Mall Rat players, including one that sheds a little light onto something those familiar with the Multiplayer world or with the FS novel may have noticed.  I hope to add a little more to this if people request more fun with the various Mall Rats.

EDIT - midnight: I've completed another request and added a new M/M-oriented creature, the Flaming Lynx, which you can find beneath the Mall.  I had to forego victory sex and endings for the moment, but the next scheduled donation will cover those.

Writer For Hire update:
  • Dual-Taur (11/12)
  • Male Squirrel (8.5/10)
  • Leonard (3/8.5) 
  • M/F NPC fun (1/1)
  • Multi (0/1.5)
  • unassigned Dual/Multi (0/2)
  • Doberwoman Cop (0/6)
  • More M/M fun (3/3)
  • Creature Import (0/3) 
  • More Wereraptors (0/6)
  • Bouncy Castle expansion (9/16) 
  • Bonus Hours: Fennec + Victory/Defeat (4/11)

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Side Topic

I'm doing another novel this year. Help cheer me on, and get a sneak preview of it. Note, won't be edited/spellchecked until December, but you get all updates up until it's a completely revised and completed book from the time of purchase, promise.

Special pre order pricing here.

Hugs and well wishes ahead of time, and here's to another month of literary abandon!

Oh, some story details. It's a furry adventure, with magic and daggers, shadowy enemies and world spanning good times in the world of Rusted Promises.

Update: The coupon I was using liked to self expire with every update, so I just lowered the price for everyone. No coupon code required! Price remains until book is finished.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Content Swarm

Work has been proceeding apace here as FS, with several of the large commissions completed or partially completed while new ones line up to take their place.  Here's some info on the stuff that's come out.

Sam: Another researcher you can find out in the city.  He's working away gathering samples and running whatever strange tests his bosses want him to do.  But he needs your help finding a few things from critters for testing.  Sam now comes with two times the fun. :)

Mack: This energetic squirrel's got big plans, but needs the player's help to pull them off.  If you're interested, try finding Mack off in the Park.  He's got some fun times available now as well.
EDIT Nov 7: Mack's infection is now sent and active.  Sorry for the delay.

Wereraptors: Due to the nature of these creatures, they're unleashed by finding the paleontology professor on the College Campus. Since they've got some unique mechanics, be on the look out for bugs, but don't be surprised if things don't quite happen as you'd normally expect either.  You might just have to wait a while to see what happens to you.

The Wereraptor content itself is not currently being saved by Trixie's code.  For the moment, this means you can enjoy it and not to worry about it the next time you restore in a fresh game.  Trixie is prepared and it should not interfere with her regular saving and restoration via the magic word.

Mike: Wahn's got another project he's put out for you to enjoy.  There is a stag down in the Warehouse District doing some dog walking his rather unusual dog.

Inventory: EDIT Nov 7: Inventory updating continues completed.  Please be on the look out for continued bugs.  The combat item system has been updated to show the number of a given item in your inventory.

Writer For Hire update:
  • Dual-Taur (11/12)
  • Male Squirrel (8.5/10)
  • Wereraptors (6/6)
  • Multi (0/1.5)
  • unassigned Dual/Multi (0/2)
  • Leonard (0/8.5) 
  • M/F NPC fun (0/1)
  • Bouncy Castle expansion (0/10)
  • Doberwoman Cop (0/6)
  • More M/M fun (0/3)
  • Creature Import (0/3)

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Inventory Report

Stripes and I have been busy retrofitting things to work properly(And there's more to do, no doubt), but I'm curious to hear about how effective it is. That is, is the game running faster? Give thoughts below!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Major Inventory Change

I was struck with inspiration. The game needs optimization, so I gave it some. Inventory is now handled, internally, much differently than before. I have claimed 2 bonus hours for this madness, but it will make adding storage lockers much easier later too, so there you go.

Will it break things? Probably! Let us know, we'll fix it.

Will it make it faster? Should be faster immediately, especially where it manipulates your inventory(Checking it, dropping things, getting things, equipping and unequipping things), especially as you get more and more stuff.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Content Started & Trixie Cheats

I have gotten a start on two of the major projects and they seem to be proceeding well.  To find the new guys, go look around for another researcher around town or try finding Mack out at the park.  The fun stuff's not really kicked in with either of them yet, but you can get a sneak peek.

Trixie Cheats:
Taking some suggestions from a commenter, Trixie's been given a iwannacheat command, with which you can gain access to some minor cheats to boost yourself.  Automatic Survival and Unerring Hunter have been moved here so they no longer take feat slots and a few others have been added.  The playon option can now be managed by Trixie as well.  As well, these cheat abilities can be turned on and off using this menu, though turning them back off will only restore half of their score penalty.

If you have the Unerring Hunter cheat active, you have access to the huntinglist command, which will make a hyperlink list of all creatures in your current area to save you typing.  This is displayed in the command link section as [Hunt].

October Bonus Hours

You guys... Wow!  11 bonus hours for this past month.  I'm going to be a busy tiger, but you guys deserve it.  And to celebrate (and save what little sanity remains in my poor, feline noggin) we'll be giving you the top two choices from this month's bonus poll.  That way you get two things you like and I get a couple quicker of things to break up the work on the big stuff.  We've got a shorter list this time with an emphasis on creatures with three older options that did well and three new ones.

Amazonian: A tough warrior-woman who'll take what she wants.
Fennec: A small male fox with tan fur and large ears.
Okapi: A slender, sultry herm for the Stables.
Penguin: A dapper male bird in a top hat.
Quetzalcoatl: Humanoid snake w/feathered winged.  Herm.
Ringed Seal: A female ringed seal with a bit of pudge to her.

Victory/Defeat Sex: More/improved victory/defeat scenes.
More Special Attacks: New Alt-Combat attacks.
Storage Locker: Creating a storage locker to hold your excess items.