Thursday, May 31, 2012

Sandra makes the hop

Well she is part rabbit. She made the leap to the new engine, where you can find, befriend, and then play with whenever the urge overtakes you. She'll even provide rabbit infection pills for you if you don't meet her exacting needs in a breeding partner.

Elven Hunter by Wahn

We have a new creature running around in the park, an Elven Hunter courtesy of Wahn.  He's a bit more powerful than the elf maiden you've seen around, so be careful... or not, if that's more to your liking. :)  There's both victory and loss scenes available with him.

I've been working on some larger Writer for Hire requests so that's why there's not been much of late.  I hope to have the first of these up within a day, if not sooner.  We didn't quite make our target for the month, but we still did rather well and there'll be several bonus hours coming up for voting soon.

Writer For Hire update:
  • Insect (4/7) - still in development
  • Big Bunny (0/10)

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

New Engine Hacking

If you haven't heard, I've been hacking at the new engine, getting it up to snuff to handle all the madness we like to hurl its way.
New features:
  • Can handle combat mid-situation and react to victory or loss.
  • No longer panics or shows buttons in odd places in a billion different conditions(yay!)
  • Editor for code made more awesome and easier for content writers(which could be you!) to add stuff.
  • Exploring downtown works, and has several events in it that you won't find doing generic(open) explores.
If you check out the livestream and click videos, you can see the demo I made of the new engine.

Thoughts, comments, post below.

Also, have a hyena, done by dbd as commissioned by a flexible player(Shailai).

Monday, May 28, 2012

Stream Update

The content that I added during the stream has been sent and added to the game.  It's mostly little things scattered around, but should add some additional flair to the game.  The Anthro Shaft Beast, the Latex Fox, Susan and Tristian have received adjustments to make their sex scenes a little more personalized to the player's current form.  At audience suggestion, a new alternate attack was created and given to the Herm Gryphon, the Latex Fox, the Alpha Husky, the Feral Wolf and the Shemale Collie.  It will activate randomly and only if you share their infection on your body.

Streaming Stripes

Bumping up the reminder of tonight's stream.
  • Time: Monday (May 28) at ~7:30pm EST.
  • Content: Recent Upgrades
Tonight's stream has been completed.  Thanks again to those who attended and put up with listening to me ramble on about stuff during my first stream ever.  I hope everyone enjoys the new stuff I've demonstrated and are looking forward to seeing it put into service in the game.  I made a bunch of tweaks as demos as part of the stream which I'll be making live shortly.

Sunday, May 27, 2012


It is now possible to get a gameover with Timothy, the breeder Griffon, also, sneak preview given of the new interface in the totally unannounced stream.


Surprise Stream!

Head over to here.

Candy Coon and the Big, Bad Wolf

We've got another extension completed.  This time, Candy pokes his head out of the bunker to go visit Alpha Fang.  Having pumped Sandra for details, he wants to give the big, bad wolf a whirl.  This is just a one-time scene with the two of them, though you should get a chance to see it on each playthrough if the conditions are met.  It should also be available if you have Alpha Fang w/o Sandra.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Work Work

Alright, so I've been working on some stuff. I'm not quite ready for the big reveal, but it is essentially a redoing of flexible on a whole new platform(Way to ruin the surprise, sheesh). So I wanted to ask, what, existing, situations would you like to see ported over to nuFS? I'd prefer to start with the simpler things. One off scenes first. They can branch, but no companion/bunker mates yet.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Corruption of Champions and Flexible Futures

As has been floating about recently, I have approached Fenoxo about making a multiplayer version of his game. Details pending on that.

But how does it affect you? Well, not a lot, immediately, but it does make me reevaluate how I present FSes multiplayer a great deal, and I've been hard at work refining things even as negotiations proceed.

To start, multiplayer now has a new flaw, Feral Mode. Think of it as simple mode. You take it, and you don't need to stress nearly so much on finding that 'ideal build', or knowing how everything works to not suck horribly. You also gain xp faster. Enjoy the game without confusion and as much grinding. Everyone wins! Playtesting is still in progress, but I've gotten glowing feedback from feral mode players so far.

Speaking of feedback, I like it. If something's confusing to approach, let me know. Ideally, toss in how you'd improve it. Flexible's all about change. We can make it better.

Another thing on the horizon that's of immediate care for you guys. I'm taking a whack at making the multiplayer have a singleplayer mode. That is, being able to log into our web site, than play a session much like the flexible on this blog.

Without slow javascript.

With persistence.

Without the need for damn save words.

Sound fun? Let me know.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Story of the Month Competition

Renewing this post to remind folks, we have a few entries. We would love to see more!:
Come one, come all, to the Story of the Month competition!

You have now until the June 20th to submit a mission through the link below( It can be long or short, and will be judged by public vote at the end of the contest.

1st prize: Torchlight 2
2nd and 3rd prize: Torchlight 1
All three places get a badge.
Submitting any mission that gets approved gets a special badge.

You may enter multiple times.

Games will be handed out via Steam.


Expansion #4, Felinoid companion.

If you have a felinoid companion and are entirely felinoid yourself, he will start getting ideas. Works for male, female, and neuter!(Herms get female response)

Single Sexed Fixup

When you're single sexed, you should more reliably switch genders instead of going hermaphroditic.

Also, stream! I will be streaming at noon again and see if we can't knock out one of these extensions.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Multiplayer Gives Love

The multiplayers have responded to the new offer in force! We have a pack of new extensions ordered. I'll be streaming tomorrow as I start to hack away at this new flood of work. Look forward to more content.

Husky Packs

Extension #3: Husky packs! Live. Bring the alpha husky something to help his fertility and lose to him(the hard or easy way) and you may be surprised...

More (Hidden) Progress

I've been hard at work and made more progress on our improvements to the core systems and critters.  Most of these should still be invisible, but it's important for you guys to keep a watch on things to ensure everything's still working.
- Improvements to combat seem functional, but keep an eye on it breaking or behaving badly.  Also, try the Bear and the Hermaphrodite Dolphin to see a small example of what can be done.
- Some of the new variables are being saved on the player during infection.  Please keep an eye on infection sources, especially those that force a specific infection upon the player, like Nermine's quests or Philip.

All of this should result, eventually, in a much richer game experience by allowing for more varied combat, the creation of more personalized scenes with monsters and NPCs, more varied enemies and much more.

Update 5/22: Combat's gotten another improvement, allowing the Peacock to have his mental whammy improved.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Multiplayer Hookup

I've extended the offer for Singleplayer extensions to the multiplayer game, using its currency. This means those playing the multiplayer could, if they get the urge, throw some coins around and get you guys more content, and it'd count towards bonus hours. Everyone wins.

If you play the multi( or port 2222), it's 100 mako in the elite shop.


As a reminder, we've gotten two extensions ordered, and up and ready to go. Eager to do more for you. 30$ gets you the scene of choice with an existing character/monstser. Pick a trigger, I'll make it interesting.

Use the donate button on the right, or just paypal it over(

Much obliged in advance.

Sunday, May 20, 2012


Put in a possible fix for the bug people are reporting with scavenging not actually giving up the goods. Let me know if it works.

Alpha Husky Dom

As part of the extension drive, the alpha husky now has interest in you as a male. You need to show you want to play first though.

Also includes an ending if you lose yourself in the middle of the fun.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

As requested

There is now a 'Single Sexed' perk to take that stops you from going futa/herm. Try it out, let us know if it's broken in any way.

Stripes has done some terrible voodoo magic in combat, can you find it?


After chatting it up with Stripes, it was decided that the previous donations of the month should count for something for the new bonus plan, so I cut it half way. We are now at 3 bonus hours for next month, and about half way to getting the fourth.

Also fixed butterfly's ability to reproduce.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Solstice and Combat

I've put in some endings for Solstice, including a nod to something players have been asking about for a while when the conditions are right.

I've also put in some more combat flavour by increasing the variety of attack messages you'll see.  The game now recognizes if you used the Weaponsmaster, Natural Armaments or Martial Artist/Black Belt feats with different text for the different fighting styles.  As these only cause damage increase to your base hit, the text will appear instead of the usual 'you attack with your <weapon>' text, adding more flair.  They're still rather generic to accept different weapon/infection types, but should help you feel that you're doing something different.  Let us know what you think.

Good Morning

I woke up to many posts about excited people posting their ideas. That's fantastic. I also saw a donation for 105$, never a bad way to start things either. I added a 'Bonus Hours' to the right hand side, counting up the bonuses as they build up. When the month ends, we'll put together the poll of what to use the hours on, and the magic will commence.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Joanna and Ronda

Joanna has a little present for you, if you're willing to take it.  It should come shortly the content you get upon visiting her with plant-like features.  Just keep enjoying her company and she'll ask soon enough.  Currently, there's only been a small adjustment  to the endings, but more will come with the next phase of the work.

Helping Ronda's been advanced further.  All that remains to do is the sexy success and failure, as well as improving some of the dialog.

Writer for Hire update:
<clean queue - get your request in!>

Monthly Bonus

We've just cleared out the queue, making this the perfect time to announce this.

From this point forward, every 100$ in commissioned stuff, be it for extensions or writer for hire, the COMMUNITY gets a free hour. At the end of the month, we'll count up how many hours have built up, and put up a poll with some popular requests. The winner(s) get time worked on them, as a thank you to the community as a whole.

Like? Thoughts? Post below.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Moar Fang!

Alpha Fang is back and pushier than ever in his attempt to be the top dog around here.  This request update comes with three new chunks and has been made to work with Nuku's new dominant demand for sex.
- Fang can now become Alpha Fang in a game that has 'girl' content banned (no Sandra possible).  If Sandra exists, you'll need her, but if not, the option will come if you ignore Fang for too long.
- There is now visible animosity between Fang and the Felinoid companion, culminating in:
- 6 new endings for Alpha Fang + Felinoid combinations.
Writer For Hire update:
  • Joanna (4/6)
  • Ronda (4/6)

Targeted Scavenging

By popular request, you can now target your scavenges. Type scavenge (thing). Works for food, water bottle, chips, and soda.

Increases your odds of the item by a separate 33% chance(It rolls randomly, if it's not what you want, 33% chance to make it what you wanted).

Don't bring a knife to a gun fight

I've added some basic ranged code.

  • Ranged weapons use your perception instead of strength for bonus damage.
  • If you succeed a perception check(vs 15), you can squeeze off a shot before a fight begins.
    • This is entirely separate of the ambush check, you could end up being hit and getting a shot at the same time. Pre-combat exchange!
  • There's only one ranged weapon so far(pistol), currently sold by Zephyr. Give it a whirl. Like it? We could add others, and some supporting feats.

Thoughts on Combat

A second post for a second thought. Combat trails far behind in the votes. Why do you feel that is? Share and discuss below.

Thoughts on survival

If you haven't already seen, the vote over to the side there is showing survival coming far beyond most other results. Why is that? I'd say more, but I want your thoughts, not mine. Please share below.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


I removed the javascript, and game, from the front page and put them on their own pages. Easier to navigate? Less prone to crashing? Let me know.

Monday, May 14, 2012


I need monies. Bills outside my control are mounting due to the other bread winner of the house losing their income. So! It's time for me to work, and work I will!

Here's the deal. 30$ You name an existing character and a trigger(which should involve things already in the game), and they get a new scene.

Example, Sandra should react to you if you enter the room with an extremely high lust as a male or herm, automatically, and ride you to satiation.

Pick a character and a place, and I'll weave the words, and we'll make things more detailed and interesting for everyone. You can donate via the button here, or via paypal. Send a desperate email with what you desire.

Email is ( Also acceptable for paypal)


As a special thanks to Wahn for his hard work and assistance with typo correction, we decided to do up a surprise gift to say thanks.  Taking his most recent suggestion (at the time), I've created a new Incubus creature that incorporates several of his ideas.  This has been coupled with the Succubus (who got a few tweaks) and is placed in the High Rise District.  They will use their lustful bodies to tempt and arouse the player, who can lose from lack of hp or excessive libido.  You'll find several similarities between these two infernal creatures as well as some small connections, as I took some inspiration from SarokCat's creation to help make them feel like they belong together.

Woo!  Also creature number 125!

Nuku's also put in an additional feature: All yes/no prompts can also be answered with a 1 (yes) or 2 (no) response, making selections using the various numerical options easier if you're using the number pad.

Writer for Hire Update

With a new month rapidly approaching, I figure I should put this down here. There are things to be written, and bills to be paid. Together, we can make it all happen at the same time. The going rate is 15$ per hour towards the topic or scenario, old or new, you want written about.

All donations go a long way to keep us jazzed up and writing full speed, and it is both of our(Stripes and I) full time job, making people on the interwebs happy. So reach in, and show us the love! You can donate with credit card by clicking that button below. Or use the email to send paypals.

Do NOT include what you want written in the donation itself, send a separate email for that.

Thanks in advance for supporting the project and helping to make Flexible Survival even better.

Raised for May: 370$/1000$

I should probably note, email is ( Also acceptable for paypal)

Outstanding Orders: 
  • Expansion: Auto Alpha(0/2)
  • Joanna(0/2)
  • Ronda(0/2)
  • Alpha(0/6)
  • Total (0/12)

Psychopathic Additions

A crazedpsychopath (that's their handle) has been making some additions and tweaks to the game, allowing some customization of the game mechanics.  This has resulted in:
- Adjustments to the top status bar.  Your libido now shows up there and your freecreds have been moved up to replace the spot where the potential exits were listed previously.
- A 'I hate to wait' command which will automatically bypass numerous of the 'more' pauses.
- A 'I love to wait' command to reverse that setting back to normal.
- Two new fun feats: updated, see below.
Update 5/8: The Submissive feat now will have you randomly submit from time to time since you love it so much.
Update 5/14:
The new feats have been consolidated into one called Instinctive Combat.  With it, you can choose the command auto attack berserk (attack always), auto attack normal (normal combat) or auto attack coward (flee always) until you select a new combat mode.
- A 'the clears are gone' command which will automatically numerous screen clears, allowing more text to build up if you like that.  Use 'the clears are back' to restore it to normal.  Some screen clears are necessary for proper game function and will remain, but there will be a few less.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

New Stuff!

After facing some hardware issues, I've managed to get back up and running.  I've completed three projects for you guys.
- First up, I've got the rest of the request for Solstice completed.  I'll add the endings and set her up to be saved as a later date, but I didn't want to let the content wait on that.  There's room for more ideas with Solstice, should someone request it.
- Secondly, I've gotten as much as I can for the Ronda request done in the time allowed.  Just go about your business and Rod should come see you a few days after the slut rats are created.
- Third, there are now some Psycho Weasels running around in the Hospital.

With most queued tasks done, we're looking for more donation requests to meet this month's goal.

Writer For Hire update:
  • Joanna (4/6)
  • More Alpha Fang (0/4)

Monday, May 7, 2012

Libido and Masturbate

Fulfilling another donation request, this time we have an update to the game mechanics.  Firstly, the mechanics relating to libido have been reworked to provide some added flair:
- A more descriptive state of your increasing arousal.
- Your state of arousal is added to your groin's description.
- That stray period that occasionally came up in the groin description should (hopefully) be resolved.
- Scaled growth of libido from the Horny Bastard feat.
- All of this builds towards: A libido of 100 results in a messy, spontaneous orgasm that gives a little relief.

Secondly, to help you manage your libido a little better, there's something new lying around at Lisa's Porn Store.  She doesn't have any interest in it, so you can snag them.

Lastly, ground-draggingly huge balls are now possible.  They're so big, they make it harder for you to get around.

As the libido description is new, there may be some discrepancy between the infection description and the arousal state.  Let us know if this comes up and we may adjust some of them.  Consider the infection to supersede the general arousal description.  Also, let us know how the 100-libido overload works out, as various mechanics already exist to push your libido up.  If you're struck turn after turn with this, we'll look at the libido increase from those sources and may adjust them.

Update 5/8:  Customized versions of NPC action lists have been created.  They also will only appear within hyperlinked play.  For most characters, the added options won't appear until you talk to them or those abilities are otherwise made available.  Let me know if any problems occur.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Combat Tweak

New code allows us to snag one key at a time.

Result: You can do combat with one keystroke!

For those who don't like the hyperlinks, give it a shot.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Donation Request Content

We have another batch of Writer for Hire content, folks.

To start off, the Hellhound content's gotten a much needed face lift.  The text has been reformatted, edited and grammarated.  There's also a little tidbit for Hellhound players who try to step on hallowed ground.

Second up is a new short quest for a new character running around.  There's a vulpine adventurer who's taken an interest in the Museum who wants your help.  There is more content for her to come, but I wanted to get some of it out for you to enjoy.  Hint: You have to visit the Museum before its possible to find her.

Update 5/2: Endings for the Parasitic Plant and for Joanna.  Joanna's also had her sex table updated for hyperlink/numerical selection.

Flexible Survival Novel, Free


For today and tomorrow, from Smashwords.

Use the following coupon code: KW29M

Grab it here.

Edit: Last coupon canceled itself, oops, here's a new one!

April Report

What time is it? Report time.

Flexible Survival novel sold over 80 copies!
Also still available from Smashwords:

Writer for hire is starting fresh this month. Get your singleplayer content at 15$/hr, and everyone benefits.

Single and Multi are going well, with a host of code optimizations for both to make the games run better for our loyal players. Donations from both mingled together to produce the second best month that Flexible's had. Your awesome contributions are appreciated, and help us continue to provide a great place to have a good time, alone or with friends.

April Donations: 3,677
March Donations: 4,855
February Donations: 3,122
January Donations: 2,786

April Donations: 2,274
May Donations: 1,806
June Donations: 2,245
July Donations: 3,267
August Donations: 2,648
September Donations: 2663.90
October Donations: 3,162
November Donations: 3,090
December Donations: 2,711


Heading to bed, but thought I'd note that the new quest is now less luck based. If you don't succeed, you can try again, until fatigue, hunger, or thirst drives you off.