Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Content Blast

Here's another blast of hot content from us to keep you all wet and sticky with fun.

- Tweaks and repairs to both the core heat mechanics and several individual heats have been made, which should result in improved and more accurate performance.
- Characters with the MPreg feat can now go into heat, not unlike females.  Most of the critters with specific female heats now have an MPreg version.  More MPreg-heats can be added upon request, as can a means to block heats.

- The random pet sex scenes now have a minimum delay of four turns to cut down on spamming.
- The Lovers Bench at the Park has been updated to allow each pet to trigger it once.
- The equinoid warrior now has a scene at the Lovers Bench.
- There's more pet content to come from the bonus hours.  Please make suggestions for what you'd like done with the remaining time to enhance the pets.

Honey: A new random scene between her and a Queen Bee player now exists.  Expect to see it pop up if you've successfully avenged the Smashed Hive. 
Tehuantl: On top of two new scenes for you with the sexy jaguaress, Snow can also go up to visit the heat-stricken feline.  There's even threesome action available with them.  This was done by GentlemanB for a donation request.
Artemis: Two more kinky mods are now available for your rubber tigress pet, increasing your options for twisted fun with her.
Combat: The random submission during combat resulting from the Submissive feat has been moved to a new Weak-Willed flaw you can set on yourself via Trixie's menu.

The Writer for Hire queue's almost completely empty, so if you'd like to see more content added to the game, click on the donate button and let Nuku know what you've got in mind.  Every $15 gets you an hour of writing/coding by myself, or Wahn or GentlemanB if you ask for them.  A rough outline of my time-to-content rates can be found HERE.  And remember, every $100 a month in collective donations results in another bonus hour of content.

Writer For Hire update:
  • Bonus Hrs: Pet Scenes (1.5/4) - Stripes