Saturday, June 30, 2012


We're getting close to the end of the month and the cut off for the next set of bonus time.  We've already got 6 hours of time and are close to getting more than that.  Please keep up your generous support and get your requests in soon.

There's some new content that's been put in recently.  I've finished off the Phoenix time by adding two more sex scenes that can randomly come up with her.  These will only appear after you've had sex with her at least twice before.  I've also added some two new events in the Hospital.  These are both rather basic, but they'll let you get a new item, the libido suppressant... a quick shot to drop your libido, usable in combat.  Dr. Mouse will also give you one after completing the first part of the Hospital quest.

Writer For Hire update:
  • Joanna (7/9)
  • Husky+Skunk (skunk endings still to come) 
  • Ronda (0/2)
  • Ferret (0/8)

Friday, June 29, 2012

Skunkbeast Lord

Finding a large group of skunks in conflict with some armed men, the player has the opportunity to face down a giant skunkbeast: the Skunkbeast Lord.  Can our hero prevail against the monster?  Can the player rid the park of this menace?  Will you be able to finally rid the park of the black menace of skunkdom?

Come on, this Flexible Survival: Of course not... but there'll be loads of sex.

The skunk update's in and done.  High level stuff this one.  You probably want to be at least 10+ before going at it... unless you'd prefer to see what happens when you lose.  The numerous endings for a victorious player still remain to be written out, but all the content and how it interconnects will all other existing skunk content is functional (hopefully).  Lots of stuff in this one has connections and adaptations of the existing content, big and small, so try it with the other skunk stuff out there.  This one's elaborate, so keep an eye out for bugs that I may have missed.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Fan Art Sequence

He strikes again! More amazing work from Anymouse_68.

Monday, June 25, 2012

More Phoenix + Main Storyline FULL!

More work was done on the new Phoenix character, giving her several possible sex scenes with the player as well as some rather simple endings.  She will push the player towards being male unless you have one of the gender preferred feats.

EDIT 6/26 - We now have the next addition to the Main Storyline quest up and completed.  Dr. Matt has another task for you that will get you out and exploring.  After that, he'll send you off to do grunt work for the people at Zephyr, who also send you tromping all across the city.  Writing for this second half went really well, so I decided to do a little extra and complete it in its entirety.  There's even some Easter eggs in there for clever players.  There's room to spice it up further or potentially change the creatures involved once we have more stronger ones or I'm willing to rework some stats, but it'll do nicely for now.

Writer For Hire update:
  • Joanna (7/9)
  • Phoenix (9/10)
  • Husky+Skunk (3.75/12) 
  • Monthly Bonus (6/6)

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Trixie + Artwork

While correcting a potential glitch with Trixie saving, I decided to add a few others to her mystical recitations.  Trixie should now save and restore: Elijah (and his interactions), the Latex Husky mode, the insect parasite, Leonard and Solstice.  Please let us know if there's any glitches with these.

Update: Sharei, who did the original Tigress Hooker piece for me at FE, redid the artwork and coloured it:

Friday, June 22, 2012


We've got another batch of new stuff rolling out for you guys:

Retriever: GentlemanB's completed a project he's been working on for a while.  There is now a Retriever creature running around the High Rise District.  As well, there's a new NPC you can meet and interact with in the area as well.

Feline upgrades: Completing this donation request, I've made some improvements to the Felines in the park.  Changes include:
- Slightly description tweaks, including a 'first time' description as well for the feline girls.
- A few more variations on the attacks made.
- Alt-combat update for the male lion, dropping his damage somewhat in trade for a special ability.
- Victory sex against the male lion.
- Endings.  Finally.
- Another sex scene w/Leonard that may come up if you're pure Feline.

Game Start: Some more adjustments and improvements were made to the game start system, coming with three main points:
- Random starting stats: You'll still have the same total number of points, but your 6 stats could be anything from 10 to 18.  Roll them bones!
- Feat Awards: There are now assigned via the existing feats system, but in an automated manner.  This will ensure you gain any immediate effects from your chosen feat.
- Feat Reselection: Should you not qualify for your chosen feat after starting the game, you will be asked for input to select another.  This would only occur if you changed your primary stats away from the one needed to qualify for a given feat or if your random stat was too low to qualify for it.  Otherwise, your feats will be activated automatically w/o further player input.

Missing Scenes

There are a lot of placeholder or minimal scenes in the game. For instance, if you are the wrong gender, a given mutant may just brush you off instead of responding in any meaningful way, or perhaps a mutant that should care that you have a horsecock doesn't react any differently at all.

Here's your chance to fix that!

Find a mutant/gender/species combo(pixie, when you're a male), then write up a scene. It can be on submit, or defeat, or both. Send your awesome scene over to me at I review the scene and code it into the game. Everyone wins.

Note, if you don't know how to code in references, use all caps. For example:

You thrust your COCK SIZE COCK TYPE dick into the....

I'll look for all cap things and figure out the code to make it work properly. Coding experience not required.

  • Ash Drakenoid, Male/Neuter
    • Entered
  • Yamato Dragon, Male/Neuter
    • Entered
  • Yamato Dragon, Female, Size Based
    • Entered
  • Dolphin, Male/Neuter
    • Entered
  • City Sprites, Victory, male
    • Entered
  • Sea Dragon, Male/Neuter, Size Based
    • Entered
  • Dolphin, Female, Size Based
    • Entered
  • Snake, Surprise
    • In Progress
  • City Sprites, Victory, Female
    • Entered

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Phoenix + Latex Husky Mode

There's a Phoenix character you can encounter in a couple of events.  There is more to come with it, but I wanted to put out the short quest that starts it off.  More content on it still to come.  For now, it's on to starting the next request.

Update: A new event out there will let you gain a new Latex variant on the existing husky forms.  Be aware that once you open the shipping container, this will effectively replace the old husky infections with this new one for the rest of your game.  It does not interfere with NPC content or alter the endings, so those should all still work fine.

Writer For Hire update:
  • Joanna (5/9)
  • Feline (4.5/7)
  • Phoenix (5.5/10)
  • Husky+Skunk (3.75/12) 
  • Monthly Bonus (0/6)

Saturday, June 16, 2012


There's a new feline you can meet in the Park who's managed some rather comfortable lodgings in an rather unlikely place.  He hopes you stay and enjoy his charming company.  There's still a bit more work to be done on him (including endings), but I'd rather not have him keep waiting.

My apologies for the delay in getting the requests done.  Between a bit of writer's block on this guy and all my efforts helping the people giving coding a try, there's been less forward movement than I'd like.  Things have been rather busy here as you can see.  I  hope my efforts helping all the people giving coding a try a hand will make up for the added delay when they start providing more content with less assistance.

Writer For Hire update:
  • Monthly Bonus (0/6) 
  • Joanna (5/9)
  • Feline (4.5/7)
  • Phoenix (0/10)
  • Husky+Skunk (0/12)

Friday, June 15, 2012

New Content and New Game Start System

Another person's decided to try their hand at creating content for the game.  Kaleem's come along and brought us three additions: a Gargoyle monster, a Kitsune encounter set and an old boombox you can find for the bunker.

Some crazypsychopath's been at work again, creating a new start method for the game.  It will permit you to select and adjust within a Game Options area before starting up the game.  But don't worry, the regular method still exists.  As it comes with pre-selected options, you can choose to start the game faster by taking the basic build.  I expect we'll be adding more features and options to this setup area.  Please put it through its paces so we can be sure it's working properly.

EDIT 6/17: A big batch of events scattered around the game have been added by Kaleem.  Some are longer chained events but most are single-shot background stuff.

EDIT 6/18: A few more miscellaneous events by Kaleem have been prepped and added.  These are more background ones again.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


We've got another of Wahn's projects ready to go.  This time it's some Hulking Cheerleaders for the college campus.  Be careful, these big girls are packing something a little extra under the hood.  There's an event to unlock them.

Monday, June 11, 2012


Wahn's created a new NPC for people to meet and save: an angel named Elijah.  He can be found via an event in the Red Light District, but he'll need some help.  Lots of options and bonus scenes with this guy once you save/corrupt him.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Mall Reno

It seems that there's a mouse making renovations at the MallAnon E Mouse has expanded the area and a new location's been added to it.  The main difference for those trying to find their way around is that the sewer entrance has been moved to a bathroom east of the food court.  The rats have helpfully put up a sign to direct you to it.

Also, the tally is in for May's bonus hours, with an expansion to the main storyline being chosen.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Joanna Update

More Joanna content has been created.  The commissioner thought people might be missing out on Joanna because she appears later in the game, so I've added some content for her before going to the garden.  You can meet her either through an event or by finding her enjoying the city's nightlife.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Fluffy Art

From Min:

College Campus

I've got another update ready for you guys.  There's still a bit more to come, but I wanted to send off what I had prepared.  This one's from another donation request, giving you a new area to enjoy, the College Campus.  This will be a tougher area, with monsters being at least level 5 or more.  Hint: hunt college to find the event leading to it.
- The big thing you'll find is a new bunny critter who's a sports-loving, hyper-muscled rabbit out for some fun.  He's got some variation for player gender in his reactions to you, affecting his description, attacks and victory sex most noticeably.  He's also got a special attack that will come up rarely, so watch out for it.
- Also for the campus, the Incubus has been transplanted here, moving to corrupt the youth at college with decadent temptations.
Update: I've done up some simple events, some for background and some that throw in monsters from other areas for added variety.  They should be live some time in the morning.

I've ported a bunch of the simple events over to the new version of the game and (after a long wrestling match) I was able to port over Frank pretty much completely, too.  (It appears he needs a few repairs though.)

Friday, June 1, 2012


We have another player donation request completed, this one for something a bit more unusual.  If you're not careful, you can pick up an insect parasite while in the High Rise District.  As this content is rather extreme, it is held behind a warning so you may avoid this fate if you so desire.  There's quite a bit of mechanics involved in this one, so please let us know if anything untoward occurs.

I also made some updates to the game mechanics, mostly behind the scenes stuff, but this includes now setting a libido of 110+ as a lose condition for a fight, opening up easier management of libido-driven monster tactics.

Nuku's got the poll up for the monthly bonus reward.  Be sure to vote for what you'd like to see those 6 hours devoted to.  It's also a multiple-choice selection, so you can pick a few you'd like best.  As well, now's the time to get started on this month's donation requests to earn an even bigger monthly bonus for June.

Writer For Hire update:
  • Monthly Bonus (0/6) 
  • Joanna (5/9)
  • Feline (0/7)
  • Phoenix (0/10)
  • Husky+Skunk (0/12)

Bonus Hours

The poll has begun, vote now!

Also, anyone who chips in 25$ or more this month gets the link to the new engine to sneak preview it. Included is access to the monster and encounter editors, if you're feeling creative.

May Report

What time is it? Report time.

We gave away the FS novel and over 200 copies of it went flying out into cyberspace at an almost alarming rate. If you haven't yet gotten it:
Also still available from Smashwords:

Writer for hire is starting fresh this month. Get your singleplayer content at 15$/hr, and everyone benefits. Extensions for specific, already existing, characters available at a flat 30$(Must supply desired trigger and scene to be added).

The super sekret new engine is proceeding well. It lacks mostly for content. In this line, I am offering work on it for half the price of the current engine. So if you want some new awesome thing on it, 7.5/hr, and the new engine gets more content. It's a win for all involved.

Speaking of singleplayer, you guys came through solidly, donating $840 and earning  6 bonus hours. Expect the poll for how those hours will be spent shortly. The counter is reset, and a new month of creativity can now begin!

May Donations: 4,055
April Donations: 3,677
March Donations: 4,855
February Donations: 3,122
January Donations: 2,786

April Donations: 2,274
May Donations: 1,806
June Donations: 2,245
July Donations: 3,267
August Donations: 2,648
September Donations: 2663.90
October Donations: 3,162
November Donations: 3,090
December Donations: 2,711