Thursday, August 30, 2012

Christy's Back(side)

We've got another batch of updates to announce.  Chief of which is that Christy (the stuck dragoness) is back with more fun for the player.  Once she starts to relax a little about sex, you'll start getting occasional offers for oral sex with the dragoness, which could lead to even more fun.  On top of that, several of her scenes have been slightly enhanced.  As well, Trixie's save code will now save the dragoness as well, tracking her general progress.

We also have more updated MPreg tracking.  We're almost done now.  Maybe an hour more to check the last files and do a quick review to make sure.

The Demon Brute's been given an alt attack where he bashes you around quite roughly.  It's nothing really exceptional, but it'd be best to warn you since his stats have also been adjusted a little to make him a little more likely to hit as well.  Overall, he should be a somewhat more dangerous now.

Darthan's created a new set of creatures, the Gels.  They're humanoid jelly-people walking around the Red Light District.  They come in three fruity flavours full of fun.  Go out their and grab those jelly jigglers.

Kaleem's also added a bit more content and some fixes.  Report to Kenaz to get things rolling now.

EDIT: I should also mention that today is the last chance to top up the bonus hours for the month.

Writer For Hire update:
  • MPreg (2/2) - one more hour needed?
  • Christy / Athanasia (8/8) - time split between the two
  • Wolf Rescue (0/6)