Friday, August 10, 2012

Bonus Poll Closed

With the poll for the bonus hours closed for this month, it looks like it was a very tight race this time.  While several items all pulled in at roughly 12%, the Victory Sex and Defeat Sex were almost tied to win.  As such, we'll be splitting the 6 hours between them more or less equally.  This should provide plenty of sexy times for everyone's satisfaction.  The results have been saved in this forum post.

And to help with this, we'd like to hear back from you on which monsters out there do you think could use some touching up with their victory/defeat sex scenes.  Please understand that this won't be a matter of popular vote, but instead a means for me to see what gaps or needs may exist.  With something like this, its best to follow my inspiration... but nothing says you can't point out spots for me to look for that inspiration.

Stuff you might suggest include:
- Old scenes in need of sprucing up
- Creatures lacking victory/defeat sex
- Creatures lacking M/M, M/F or F/F fun
- An alternative player surrender variation
- A new sex scene with a creature (alternating/randomly/high libido/etc...)
- Special variations based on other conditions (infection/item/time of day, etc...)
and so on...

Put forth your ideas in the comments.  Please keep the comments short though, just a few words to say which creature(s) and what you'd like to see done.  As well, please don't ask for anything too elaborate or lengthy, as we're looking to add simple improvements to several creatures instead of making a fancy improvement on just one or two.  We also saw some people submitting creature scenes last month, so perhaps someone else will be inspired to write something suitable for an idea you put forth even if Nuku and I don't write one up based on it.