Friday, August 24, 2012

Alt Combat

After taking several of creatures off into the back room for some 'personal attention' that left us all rather sticky, I'm sending them out even better than ever.  I've added several new alt-combat abilities spread across eight creatures.  This should make things a little more interesting and harrowing with these critters:
Vixen Nurse, Cerberus, all three Centaur types, Panther Taur, Tigertaur, Wolftaur

EDIT: It's now nine creatures, with the Margay getting one as well.  I have also nerfed the bear hug attack a little, as testing proved it to be too OP.

If you have ideas for other abilities/attacks for creatures (either in specific or in general) please suggest them in the comments.  Keep in mind that stuff that affects a player's ability to fight back is dicey and would be difficult to implement, as it would require renovations to the player side of combat.  These are messy because they would also need to be designed not to accidentally linger after the fight or worse, permanently affect your stats.

Aside from that, MPreg activation's been implemented further, with more of the males out there able to help you get preggers.  I've even added a responses for Orthas and her eggies.  Please let me know if they're working right.

Writer For Hire update:
  • MPreg (1/2) - more activation time needed
  • More M/M content (0/2)
  • Christy / Athanasia (0/8) - time split between the two