Sunday, September 2, 2012

August Bonus

It was looking rather short earlier in the month, but you guys have come through again and we have another 6 bonus hours for this past month.  This time we're going with a shorter list of options, focusing on the items which have ranked high on the recent polls.  As a reminder, here's a short summary of these:

Creature: Komodo Dragon: Strong male.  Toxic bite. 
Dual form NPC: An NPC with two disparate infections and the player then chooses which final form (and thereby gender) they'll have.  The time would account largely for creating the NPC and its mechanics, and maybe a little fun, but it'd then be available to be expanded upon. 
Stables Quest repair: Time spent repairing and updating the Stables content.  This will not fix everything, but work can be started at least. 
Expand Main Storyline: More content for the main storyline, Dr. Matt and his tasks for you.
Expand Hyena Gang: More content for the Hyena Gang, with priority to completing the quest I have with Grant and the previous matriarch.
Victory/Defeat sex: Consolidated and spread between improvements to player victory/defeat scenes for several creatures, adding them where missing, new variations and enhancing existing ones.

These bonus hours are our way of saying thanks for all the donations that help keep the game up and evolving, just like the nanite infection.  Please continue to donate generously to the Writer for Hire program to subsidize even more of your kinky desires.