Saturday, August 4, 2012

Ronda's Plan and Doberwoman Cop

We've got two more Writer for Hire pieces in and done, ladies, gentleman and others.

First, Ronda's got plans of her own when you try to rescue her from her Slut Rat fate.  The sex is rather limited after it's all over, but if people want more fun, there's plenty of room for it.  That goes for both the Mall Rat and Slut Rat outcomes.

Second, we have a new creature running around.  There's a Doberman policewoman out fighting against the chaos in the city.  She's got some new mechanics and the donator responsible has provided me with more ideas, so if people donate time to her, you can get her fleshed out more as well.

And just as a reminder for how the Writer for Hire works, if you want to donate towards supporting the game, we would greatly appreciate that.  To show this appreciation (the game needs servers and we need food), we will provide an hour of work on an idea/project of your choice for every $15 donated.  The overall donations as also what's used to figure out the month's bonus hours.  So: $15/hour to get something added to the game.

Want more fun with foxes/kitties/whatever?  Want another sex scene for an NPC?  Want to have sex with the restored Ronda or with Rod?  Want to see an option for M-Preg added to the game?  Any other sexy fun ideas you may have?  You donate, and we'll work towards it.  Now's the time, since the docket's almost cleared.  Some restrictions apply.  Not recommended for players under the age of i.  Offer not valid in the Prussia, Scythia and Atlantis.  A skill testing question is required.

Writer For Hire update:
  • Bottlenose Toy Quest (0/10) 
  • MPreg (3/3) - more activation time needed
  • Doberman Cop - (0/3)
  • More Leonard (0/5) 
  • no-girl Elijah (1/1)
  • Bonus Hours (0/6) - TBD