Monday, August 27, 2012

Sex of Mythic Proportions

The main thing on the docket this time are some existing, mythical NPCs getting more sexy fun times with the player.

Harold the Unicorn is now open to considering some M/M fun with you if you're willing to show a little persistence, though the mostly-straight uni'll have to endure some teasing for it.  You'll still have to help him out with his problem first, though.

As well, Athanasia the Pheonix got a whole new set of sexy scenes with the player to be unlocked as well as a male variation on a previously female-only set.  As with her other scenes, you'll need to see some other scenes to unlock the next ones, but once they're unlocked, they'll remain unlocked even across Trixie saves.

Aside from that, we have a new Wolfman creature from Wahn.  This could be your opportunity to make some new friends and learn what happened to that busload of cheerleaders.  There's still more to come, but there's a sizable amount of content already there for you to enjoy.

We sadly didn't get much response for ideas about possible alt combat upgrades for other critters, but I was able to do the few suggestions that were made.  The Naga and Snake will join the others trying to put the squeeze on you, with their own variation of the bear hug attack where they try to constrict you.  The Messy Pig has gotten a special attack where she tries to get some action before the fight's even over as well as a short defeat scene for males.

Writer For Hire update:
  • MPreg (1/2) - more activation time needed
  • Christy / Athanasia (4.25/8) - time split between the two
  • Wolf Rescue (0/6)