Friday, August 17, 2012


Again, we've got lots of new stuff since our last update.  General stuff include more MPreg activation, saving for Diego and Eric, and loads of typos and little fixes.  Larger items include:

Leonard now has a task for you to help him with.  If you and he get well enough acquainted, he'll ask you bring up a small request.  EDIT: This portion should be working properly now and I've put in a proper new sex scene for your special reward.

Defeat sex:  M/M with the Wrestling Wolf is now possible, but may take a few attempts before it randomly starts up.  Also added a small bit to the City Sprites for the MPreg guys while working on something else.

EDIT: Victory Sex:  We've got some proper player victory scenes for the Satyr and the Greek Nymph at the Museum.  These scenes could start to show up randomly (with an increasing likelihood) from your third victory onward, with your libido as a factor.  The Satyr one even uses the selection table method you've seen before since it comes with numerous options.

Kaleem's got a bunch of new stuff and more repairs made to his content from Omio and more content dealing with his other stuff.  It seems there are some sexy firemen to help, now.

And last but not least, we've got an old, dear friend back at the Mall.  It's waiting to feel your warm hands on it once more so you both can do what you do best together - knock heads!

Writer For Hire update:
  • MPreg (3/3) - more activation time needed
  • More Leonard (5/5) 
  • More M/M (3/3) - unspecified
  • Bonus Hours (6/6) - Victory/Loss Sex