Saturday, August 18, 2012

Slavetiger for Hire

As you can see below, I've managed to clear out the queue for the Writer for Hire requests, making this an excellent time for you to donate and make a request.  As well, since we're low on bonus hours for this month, donations are also needed to boost that up.

How it works:
For every $15 donated to support Flexible Survival will result in an hour of writing/coding towards an idea or project you'd like to see worked on.  As well, we're low for bonus hours this month, so donating will also go to helping boost that up.  For bonus hours, every $100 donated over the course of the month by everyone earns a bonus hour of coding towards a project collectively voted for.

What you can get:
It takes only a few hours to make a simple creature.  Want more fun with creature X or NPC Y?  We can make it happen.  Did your favourite choice from the bonus hours not win?  You can always donate to get it worked on.  Looking for more M/F fun, F/F hanky-panky or M/M shenanigans?  Sure thing!  Longing to play with Rod, Ronda or a Mall Rat of your own?  We fix that too.  Looking for something kinky or exotic.  Make a request and we'll do what we can for you.

And remember, even small donations can build into something big.  All of Fang's content was built from lots of donations from lots of people all wanting to make the sexy wolf the biggest and best alpha around.  The creation and partial implementation of the MPreg's come along from similar small donations and still needs further help.

Your donations help:
Flexible Survival is provided to you to enjoy, with the Single Player game being completely free as well.  But there are expenses, server fees, etc.. that have to be covered to keep the game alive and your donations really help with this, which is why we want to give you something back in return.  As well, a portion will also keep this otherwise unemployed code-tiger fed.  I like food.

So please help support the game and hire your own slavetiger to satisfy your kinky, FS needs. :)

Writer For Hire update:
  • MPreg (0/1) - more activation time needed
  • M/M Wolf (0/3)